Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 Diciembre 2012-Happy Christmas!

Hello once again Hubbard family!
It was really good to talk to you all on Saturday.  I miss you all a tonnn. It was good to meet Jeff and almost to say hi to Oliver. I was glad to hear that everybody was together having fun. I have a great family and I am so grateful to be able to know that it can be a forever family. I love every one of you. I hope that Christmas goes well for you in Fallon, Reno, Boise, and Washington.  Christmas is definitely the best when you are with your family.
We had a few Christmas activities this week. One of them was a ward dinner and a ton of investigators went. They set up about 5 piñatas and I thought that some little kid was going to loose an eye. It was so nuts but really fun to watch. It might be a good Christmas tradition to add in when I get back. Some of them even put fruit into the piñatas instead of candy, but so dad doesn`t freak out, we can just put some gobstoppers in there. Haha. 
Yesterday, we ate two huge meals. One of the was La Comida. La hermana made us tacos al pastor, and tacos de longaniza. It was straight cash. Each taco had like a pound of meat on it. With our ward mission leader we ate pierna and pasta, with an apple salad and tamales. I didn`t really enjoy it as much I could of due to the full stomach. We ended up getting to the house early and we just watched some Christmas movies.
Today we didn`t do much. We have p-day the entire day. I ate some Subway for the first time since the Land Before Time. It reminded me of high school basketball gams. Glory days. I put it on the tab.  My companion talked to his family and I read a lot in the Book of Mormon.
We lost Cristina this week. She is going to move to another state along with her daughter, Lupita who asked the million dollar question this week, "Què tengo que hacer para bautizarme?" It is always a bummer when they just escape to another area.
I opened up my presents that you sent me today and I really like all of it! Thanks a ton. Thanks for the sweatshirts, the usb, the twistables, the dry fits, and the good candy. I was thinking of all of the things that I have to be thankful for and there are a ton. I am greatful for my mission, my family, and my Savior.
Okay, I want to ask a favor to mom, or Bree, or Shayla, or the three of them. I want a calender for 2013 with pictures of the family on it. Could anyone hook a Hubbs up? Gracias.
Merry Christmas! Be safe traveling and Prospèro Año! I love you!
Elder Hubbard

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18 Diciembre 2012- Feliz Navidad

Dear family,
I got the little package you sent me and the Christmas cards. I can totally tell that Bree made the card since she was always a stud in that area. I love to get things from you and all of the pictures are really good too. Thanks a ton. I still haven`t opened the big package that you sent. Tell Kristi gracias for the jerkey.
This week we had a Zone Training with a Christmas Activity.  It was actually combined with two other zones here in Iztapalapa. Elder Herrera and I trained them for two hours about asking inspired questions. We had the idea that the people we teach should mark the most important things as we read with them during the lessons. I really like doing it because they can recieve their own revelations that way. You have to watch out though, because if you aren`t looking, they`ll steal your twistable! Haha. After the training was the Christmas Program. President and Hermana Valadez spoke a little bit about Christmas and then there was a talent show combined with the three zones. There were some really funny sketches. Even los Valadez danced in costumes around the stage. They are really fun.  We then ate (half of the zone woke up with diarea the next day. Haha.) and President Valadez let us play futbol for a couple of hours! It was the first time that we were allowed to play in about a year. My team lost a bunch but I did get one goal in. I`m not going to be catching Messi any time soon.
Numbers wise, we had a pretty rough week. It felt like it went by so fast that we didn`t have time for everything. There was one lesson that I liked thought. On exchanges we read Alma 36 with Raymundo and his mom, Luz. We gave a twistable to Raymundo and as we read, he marked every time that it mentioned Christ`s name. Luz marked something else that I can`t remember. But as we finished the lesson, I gave them a pen and paper and told them to write down all of the things in their life that they want to change as we sang a hymn. We could feel a lot of peace in the room and I hope that they really do make those changes in their lives.
Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. I love all of the traditions we have at home of reading the Christmas story and eating clam chowder. I love being with my family. But the most important part to remember is that without Christ there is no Christmas. Without the Atonement and an empty tomb, we would have nothing to be happy about. I am glad that I can be a representative of Him. I invite you all to come unto Him and believe. I know that He is my Savior.  He is yours too. Merry Christmas!!!! I love you.
Elder Hubbard

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

11 Diciembre 2012

Buenas tardes!
How is everybody?! I am doing good down here. I am glad that everything is well at home and that you are getting ready for Christmas.  It doesn`t feel like it`s Christmas time here but a few people have put some lights up.
This week we had the baptism of Cristina. It was impressive because she had only been an investigator for about a month and a half. My companion and I saw that she has repented a ton, and had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, so that she was ready for her baptism. We had to teach her almost all of the commandments and the Plan of Salvation, and the Restoration this week so we went on splits quite a few times. I went every time to go teach her with our ward mission leader, Marcario. They weren`t the greatest lessons I have ever had but she learned what she needed too. On Sunday after church Marcario baptized her. You gotta love that trademark green Iztapalapa water. The Xalpa ward isn`t quite as sharp as Contreras in their missionary work, but they do give us a ton of referrals.
We actually taught a ton of lessons this week, including twelve with a member there with us. Elder Herrera got a lot better in our lessons and set like 9 baptismal dates with our investigators. One of them was a nine year old kid who`s mom is less active. His name his Raymundo. He actually was just baptized by immersion in another church. We wanted to help him see that he would need to be baptized by somebody who has the authority to do so. We taught him all about the priesthood, how it was given to the apostles and how it was lost when they died. Then we explained how Joseph Smith recieved the same authority from the same apostles. We used some good examples and then at the end invited him to ask Heavenly Father in that moment if the church is true. He did it and when he said Amen, my comp and I didn`t say anything. He told us that he felt something in his heart, and then said it feels like "Dios esta en mi corazòn." It was amazing to see a 9 year old boy feel an answer to his prayers and now he has a stronger testimony than anyone in his family.   We had a lot of experiences like that as we taught this week. We should all have a testimony from the Spirit that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the kingdom of God on the earth. If you don`t know, ask Him. If you do know, keep asking Him. If there is an answer that we haven`t recieved, we just have to want it more.
Right now I feel like I am in a weird stage in my mission. I really want to keep getting better and not stop progressing. I am trying to stay focused on my purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ and to become more like him. I love to read how my friends our doing in the other missions. Elder Stockard is running the streets in Tampico as an assistant. I got a letter from Elder Christiansen this week and he is a great example to me. I am glad I have such great friends and family as examples because I need it.
Thanks for your letters and I can`t wait to talk to you! I don`t know if you`ll me in Boise or Fallon, or walmart, but we`ll talk!  I`ll practice my english so that you can understand me well.
Elder Hubbard

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Decimiembre 2012

Que hay. That was a long week!! So many things happened that I probably
won´t be able to tell you about to much. Reading mom´s letter, I think she
thought I would have to travel a long ways to my new area. But our mission
is one of the most tiny ones in all of the world and we never leave the
city. We took a taxi from Contreras to a huge stake center named
Churubusco, and then from there went in micro, or a little bus, to my area
in Xalpa, Iztapalapa. I am pretty close to where I was in my second area,
Leandro Valle. My new companion is Elder Herrera from Jalisco. He is a good
guy, a little dramatic, but a good guy. To each his own. He goes home in
June too.
The first few days I didn´t really feel too comfortable in my area. I think
sometimes my shyness comes back to me. The house we live in was super messy
when I got there, which doesn´t help either. But as I was with a new
companion, in a new area, with new investigators, and new super chilango
members, I remembered that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is infinite and
unchanging. The same things that have comforted me for my whole mission,
continue to do so now and more than ever.  It´s a good anchor that got me
through this week and now I feel just fine. Mom would be proud of me
because I went and bought cleaning supplies and just did work. It reminded
me of some of those BYU clean checks that Elder Special K and I dominated.
 A clean house always helps.
My area is straight city, except for some huge hills that jet out of
nowhere. There is one of them that has three crosses on top. The people
sing as they talk and use a ton of slang. That´s why I said they are super
chilango. We have some cool yellowish water too, and right now are without
electricity and hot water. There are a lot of upsides too. The stake center
here is the prettiest one that I have seen in DF. The members give us a lot
of referrals.  The area is small too, but with the hills, my legs will be
as big as ever. Haha. Oh and I am pretty sure our bishop is black. That
might be false doctrine though. My zone is really small now. In Contreras I
was in charge of 38 missionaries, and here in Paraíso, 14 missionaries.
Only three districts! I like it because I can focus on them more. I feel
like this zone hasn´t really started working with the members and less
actives very well so we are going to hit that hard.
We are teaching quite a few people here in Xalpa. One of them is Cristina,
who is scheduled to be baptized on Sunday. I shared with her Abraham
3:22-23 in our first lesson, and she started crying a ton. She said that it
was the third time that people have told her that she is escogido.  I am
trying to get to know the rest of the investigators, but we also are
teaching a guy named Xavier who accepted baptism this week.
So a lot more happened this week too. For example, Elder Herrera and I ate
outside yesterday because we couldn´t go inside with the hermana who was by
herself. So we just ate in the shade looking over the great DF. Just eating
some chicken and tortillas. Out of nowhere, about 5 dogs made a suprise
attack on us trying to get our chicken. I stood up and scared them off, but
it was pretty funny. Who do they think they are?! Haha.
Thanks for your letters this week. I love to here from you. Somebody told
me that I have a package in the offices too! So have a good week. Remember
that faith is important but faith in Jesus Christ lets us return to live
with God. Look to become more like him in this Christmas time. I love you!
Elder Hubbard

Monday, November 26, 2012

26 Noviembre 2012 - Cambios!!

Hey Hubbards!!!
So my time is up in Contreras and with Elder Jones. We had a good six weeks together and we could say that Contreras is officially our stomping grounds. Haha.  The APs told us yesterday that I will being going to an area named Xalpa. Pronounced with H like Hahlpa. It´s right in the middle of the city in la delegación Iztapalapa.  It´s gonna be sweet! I am going to a the senior zone leader with Elder Herrera. I already know him a little bit but not too much. So today I have been packing my bags and tomorrow I will be heading out. I am really excited for new challenges and new places.  I didn´t sleep very well last night because I was thinking about it so much. My zone´s name is Paraíso.
This week was a lot of fun. Elder Jones and I decided on Thanksgiving that we wanted to make the box of brownies that I had in my suitcase. The bad part here is that almost nobody uses ovens to cook. If they have an oven, they usually use it as storage. Haha. So we decided to experiment and we ending up cooking them in the microwave. I was shocked to find out that it actually worked and we enjoyed every bite. I forgot how much I love brownies. For Thanksgiving we ate an investigator´s house, Yolanda. She gave us one of my favorites, pozolé and tostadas with creme. I want to learn how to make it. She invited her daughter and her husband to and we taught them for the first time. We shared the last verse of the BM and explained them what our purpose is as a missionary. Jorge, the husband, said, "Oh, so your purpose is to help the judgement bar be pleasing for me." I thought he understood it pretty well.  Yolanda has chosen her baptismal date to be on December 8. She has gone to church a ton of times and there is nothing stopping her from being baptized.
On Friday, we took a suprise trip to Topilejo and got there at about 8:20 am and found some pretty shocked missionaries. Haha. We had to talk to them about being more obedient and focused in the work. They are really good elders with some personal challenges. I think that we were able to help them more. Topilejo is still the same and everybody was excited to see me.
So working with the less actives, we have found a lot of new good investigators. It is always interesting to hear their reason for not going to church. This week I heard a new one, "They changed the cover of the Book of Mormon." Por favor!!  We go to church to be forgiven of our sins and to follow and remember our Savior, not because of the color of the BM, or because our family are members, or for any other reason!! I wish I could get people to understand that. It´s frustrating.
It´s always weird to leave an area behind, knowing that I will probably never come back here. But the work of the Lord will roll on. Nothing can stop it. I love you all!! I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. You all sound crazy with all of the guns you are shooting. Remember that we don´t point potatoe guns at people´s faces. Haha.
Elder Hubbard

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

20 Noviembre 2012 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Hubbardazos!
It was nice to hear that all is well at home. Dad is still the funniest guy I know and Shayla has some Legolas swag going on. And I´m sure that mom will be making some goood food this week. You can always send that in air mail. I had a really good week too. Things are kind of crumbling in our area right now and we are experiencing some growing pains in our new and improved way of working. But we do see little small miracles that keep us hungry for more.
The cool thing about working with menos activos is that it´s not working from 0. I hope that makes since in english. They are already familiar with the church and we can be more bold and direct with them. Elder Jones left the homework to one of them to read the Book of Mormon and mark all of the times that it talks about God, Christ, or the Holy Ghost. After years of not being able to read the BM, she started and is loving it.
We taught Kimberly this week two times. Our ward has done a great job in fellowshipping her. The young women´s president came with us to a lesson with one of Kimberly´s friends from the ward and she loved the Restoration. The last time we taught her was on saturday in the church. When we opened the doors to the baptismal font, we could feel the Spirit gushing out. It was sweet. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted it but afterwards we saw that she is really worried about her family since it is obvious that they don´t want to go back to church.
We are also teaching all of the members the Restoration. We taught our bishop and his family this week and it went really well. We almost recieved some referrals too but we are going to check on them this week. They gave us some churros and hot chocolate after the lessons which is always a nice touch.
One of my favorite experiences this week was that I finished the Book of Mormon once again in Spanish. As I prayed afterwards, I realized that the BM is another testament of Jesus Christ and as a testament, it does the same things that Christ does. Christ frees us from sin, temptation, and pain, and the BM, one of His representatives, works in the exact same way. When we read it we recieve the power and knowledge of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and we can reconcile ourselves with Him.  I know that that book is from a divine origin and we must read it to be able to know Christ.  Say no more.
Elder Jones and I also gave a zone training this week about teaching members of the church and also helping them be able to talk to their friends and family about the church. It went really well and I feel a lot more confident teaching big groups than when I was first a zone leader.  President Valadez himself showed up with his wife, and of course, gave us a doctrinazo. I have know idea how to say that in english, but to be short in writing, he taught us well. He said that when we left to go on our missions we left some things behind that we will never return to. True that.
So when we get text messages, the phone has the same ringtone as are wake up alarm in the morning. To make a long story short, we got some text messages at 11:30 on sunday night, and we got up, said our prayers and almost started doing excerise when we realized that we had only slept for one hour. Who´s the funny kid texting us at 11:30 at night? Haha.
Well, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! I am definitely thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness that comes through Him. I am greatful for all of you too. The old me would have said my peeps. The new me says the same. Have a great week and watch a lot of football. Also read your scriptures. I love you!
Elder Hubb ard

 Ajusco strikes back

 smurf car

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13 Noviembre 2012

Que húbole.
I was reading some of the letters from the boys and read that Elder Stockard was sitting in a small internet café thinking about how fast and well the week went by. I know exactly how that feels. I know that we are going to have some stuff to talk about when we get back. I think I got lucky on how nice my weather is here. It´s a good sixty degrees I would say but people are bundled up. We should snag about 10 chilangos and put them in Rexburg, Idaho for a week. I want to see what they would do.  I can´t believe that Elder Special K Christiansen and I have been out for so long. I hope we some how get on the same flight home.
We had a sweet zone leader meeting this week with Presidente Valadaz. Él se la rifa.  He´s a funny guy. What I liked most is when he taught us about the Plan de Salvación. He said that there are a ton of pictures of the plan but the are all wrong because none of them have the Atonement of Jesus Christ at it´s center.  I also had an interview with Presidente Valadez yesterday and he taught me even more.  He also got a little off subject talking about snow chains, iPads (does anyone in our family have one of those things?), and when he met Elder Richard G. Scott. 
This week I really tried to help one of the elders that has been struggling that´s in our zone. I went on exchanges with him to his area. He is from Brasil and kind of dificult to understand since he spoke portuguese for all of his life. I saw some things that I thought would help him so we put some goals.  He is going to memorize the missionary purpose in English and Spanish, study the missionary lessons every day, and learn how to speak in Usted form better. The tu form doesn´t cut it as a missionary.
We looked for a lot of menos activos this week. One day we had been looking for some all morning when we decided to hike up our hill to San Nicolas (Saint Nick) to look for a family. We looked for the address and didn´t find anything so like the resourceful kid that I am, I asked a little girl in the street if she knew the family. She told us to go into a little alley way and look there. So we followed her advice and started banging on some doors looking for them. Before long, two people came by and we asked them about the family. They told us that they were that family. They let us into their house (that we would have never found on our own) and we started talking to them. The mom hasn´t gone to church for 11 years and her daughter now is 15 years old. A few days before she had been asking her mom about a picture of the temple that they have in their house and had been thinking about reading the Book of Mormon. She even has a friend in our ward that has told her about the church activities.  I know that the Lord prepares the hearts of the people that he put 2 lost white boy´s right where he needed them to find his children.  I can tell that we are going to have a lot of experiences working in La Obra de Salvacion (the work of Salvation).  We found one family that hasn´t gone to church in about thirty years. Right before leaving their house, I gave him a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation. He looked at the picture of Christ on the cover and just started bawling. He said that he had a dream when he saw Christ in the exact same way.
So things are going pretty slow in our area. As for the baptisms, we are also in a little bit of a slump but the beat goes on.  We have one planned for this saturday which is a possibility. I love the things that I have been learning and living. Elder Jones is one of my best friends and we are tearing the zone up. We have a mini zone conference this week where we are going to be training them a lot about teaching active members of the church and getting referrals. So if any of you knows anybody that lives in DF, more especifically Tlalpan and Contreras, you should definitely hit us up. And be missionaries yourselves! Just open your mouths and share the joy of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
So times up, but thanks for all of your letters. I got some pictures this week, and a letter from Mr. Elder Bunn.  Oh, and I got shots this morning so I don´t catch any diseases. I love you with all of my corazoncito. 
Elder Hubbard

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Noviembre 2012

Sup familia,
So I can´t believe that Nevada Day is already past and gone.  Best holiday of the year.  Here they don´t celebrate it though. Weird huh? For three days starting with October 31st, they celebrate Día de los Muertos. They put a food offering with candles out for all of their dead relatives.  It´s a little bit weird and I think temple work is a lot better. One of the things that I do like is this one kind of bread called pan de muerto, or in english dead bread. It´s some good stuff.
This week really flew by especially because we had to prepare everything for the zone conference that was on Friday. On Thursday night we went to clean the stake center but when we got there, the primary was having an activity in the cultural hall and we had to wait for a while. We cleaned as much as we could and got rid of all of the extra chairs that were there too. The churches are a lot cheaper here in Mexico, that´s for sure.  In the zone conference, I learned more than any other day on my mission I think. I conducted the meeting and all went well, even my spanish. Elder de Hoyos is definitely a special witness of Christ. And his voice is really soothing to top it all of. The whole time that he talked, I understood things that I never knew that I didn´t understand before.  Most of the conference was focused in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I learned that if people don´t understand the Atonement, it is impossible for them to have faith in Christ. The Book of Mormon is so important  because it explains clearly the Atonement while in the Bible, it has been taken out almost completely.  I really know that Christ is the Savior and that every time that I have truly repented in my life, he has forgiven me. I know that I still have a long ways to go. La hermana de Hoyos invited us to read the Book of Mormon in 85 days because that´s how long it took for Joseph Smith to translate it. As we read it in a blue BM, we are going to mark all of the names of Christ so that we can show it to the people we teach.  You can all do it with me too, it will be fun.  I am really excited to read it once again.  I am so grateful to be able to learn more about the Plan of Salvation. It is really the coolest thing that anybody can learn.
I made a return trip to Ajusco this week that was part of my first area. I forgot how high the altitude is there. It was freezing. But not really.  I didn´t see anyone I knew but I did remember a lot of experiences with Elder Leyva.  I was just a boy back then. We didn´t have any time to work in our area really this week. But we were still blessed to be able to set a baptismal date with Yolanda.  She really wants to follow Christ but doesn´t understand why a true church is of any importance. We have got some explaining to do. Teaching is also the power of God unto salvation.
Yesterday after church, our bishop gave us a list of 40 menos activos to visit in our area and he wants it all done this month. We are going to be very busy.  Contreras is a really good ward and they just do work.
So that´s about all I have for this week. I am happier every day that I am here and I know that I am learning what the Lord wants me to.  I am really grateful for President Valadez because he has helped me a ton.  I love every one of you. You are a great family and I love it when you write me. Have a good week and I hope all is well.
Elder Hubbard

Presidente Valadez
Elder Hubbard muchas gracias por todo lo que está haciendo le amo mucho, y le agradezco lo que hizo para que la Conferencia de Zona fuera muy exitosa muchas gracias todo salio muy bien gracias al trabajo de ustedes, animo!!!

Translation:  Elder Hubbard thank you very much for everything you are doing. I love him very much, and
I appreciate what he did for the  Zone Conference was very successful. Thank you very much all went very well thanks to the work of you, I encourage!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 Octubre 2012

I am one tired kid. Yesterday morning I woke up really sick. It was because the day before an hermana gave us mole to eat. I don`t know if you are familiar with mole but it is probably definitely worth googling. I say probably because I have never done it. But seriously. Some aztec like 200 years ago had the cool idea of throwing whatever ingredient he wanted into a bowl, grinding it up, and putting it on chicken. Some of those ingredients are chocolate, chile, and nuts I think. It`s not sanitary, that`s all I am say. So I got that out of my system yesterday and all is well now. This morning we went to play basketball once again at the church. We were a lot better than we were a week ago. I love having Elder Jones as a companion. He eats corn flehh.
We looked for a lot of menos activos this week and active members of the church too. Some days we had a really hard time finding anybody but we trust in the Lord`s plan, and we won`t be doing anything else.  What I realized as we taught the members of the church is that sometimes people stop coming to church because they don`t have a reason. When people don`t understand what comes after their baptisms, they don`t know why they keep coming every sunday. But there is a ton to do in the church that is call enduring to the end. I like to think of it as progressing til the end. To help us with that, we have missionary work, callings, temple and family history work, classes, and a million other things.  It is important that we do them and understand why we are doing them. No member of the Church of Jesus Christ should be bored at any point of their life because there are some many opportunities to serve.
Our bishop when with us this week to visit Julian and Eva. It was a sweet lesson, especially when the bishop shared Abraham 3:22-23 with Julian and he started bawling like a baby. He understood the premortal life very well.  The bishop also helped us a lot because he was of the same religion as Julian and Eva before and went through some of the same challenges as them. Julian said that we gained a lot of confidence and at church on sunday, he was answering questions left and right in sunday school.  They`re in Veracruz right now and shortly after their return they will be baptized.
This friday Elder Benjamin de Hoyos is going to visit our zone from the quorum of the 70. President Valadez wants everything perfect.  Elder Jones and I have to get everything ready and I am going to have to conduct the zone conference, so pray for me. I would like to say my spanish is perfect, but I am not going to lie, it`s not. It`s got a longgg ways to go.
I love you all and I miss you a ton. Everything sounds like its good at home. Have a good week.
Elder Hubbard


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23 Octubre 2012

This was such a fun week. This morning I played basketball for the first time in about 10 months. We are only allowed to play sports with no more than 2 people.  So Elder Jones and I shot some hoops and played 21. I might way 16 pounds more that when I started the mish, but I still got some game. Anyways, right now I feel super relaxed and healthy after playing. I think it´s going to be a Tuesday morning tradition. 
Elder Jones is way cool. He´s from Rancho Cucamonga, California, and his dad is the mission president of San Antonio. That´s where Elder Cousineau is right now. I have one more transfer than Elder Jones and I really hope that we will be here till new years together.  The mission just had a ton of special transfers because we have a new assistant so I think we are going to be safe.
To start off the transfer, we had a baptism. Laura was baptized on Saturday.  I remember that when I got to Contreras, she didn´t want to talk to us at all. We always going to her house because her mom lets us use her washing machine.  So in about september, out of nowhere she asked if she could learn the gospel.  Of course! She is 26 years old I think. Her baptismal service was awesome and seh was crying a ton afterwards. Of happiness I think.
Also this week, we had the great idea to go to the bishops house. His wife, la hermana Sanchez is a family search missionary. So she showed us how we can help investigators find their anscestors. I really really liked it. I felt something really cool and I am pretty sure that I am going to help a lot doing our family history after the mission.
I also went to sign my visa for the last time this week.  I went with Elder Reid and it took all day. But the fed us Burger King afterwards so no complaints.
Yesterday, President Valadez explained to us something new that we are going to be doing. We are going to visit inactive and active members and teach them the missionary lessons. Their responsibility is to give us referrals and the ward´s responsibility is to help them progress in church with callings, ordinances, and feeling loved. We are no longer going to be knocking doors or contacting in the streets. We are going to rely on the ward and they will give us people to teach. I can´t wait and I am excited to help people return to church and help them have eternal families.  You all need to help the missionaries at home. Take them to visit your friends and family, I know they can help. 
Elder Stockard sounds like he is dominating in Ciudad Victoria. Sorry this letter isn´t so spiritual. I am still mortal. I love you all. Do work.
Happy Birthday Travis!!
Elder Hubard

 Zona Contreras district leaders

Laura´s baptism

Monday, October 15, 2012

15 Octubre 2012

Sorry about that. Once again I forgot to tell you that transfers were coming up. Just so you know, the next transfers are the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Conste. So Elder Rios and I lasted a good six weeks together. I can say that in those six weeks we had 0 problems with each other. That is always good.  He will be returning to a ward that he has already been in and will be a good old normal missionary with no extra leadership responsibilities. He is a good companion and I am going to miss the little guy.  I am now going to be the senior companion here in Contreras.  It`s not a big change because we are both zone leaders and do equal work. My new companion is going to be Elder Jones. I know him a little bit but not a ton. I am really excited to work with him. His dad is a mission president in Texas and I think that he is from California. I`ll tell you more this next week.  The zone had a ton of transfers too and I am excited to be here. 
We had a good week here.  We were able to work in our area for four days straight which was a miracle. And I got to contact in the rain which is always fun. We started knocking doors because the missionary who I was with didn`t plan anything to do. So it started raining and we just kept on contacting. We were soaked when a nice lady let us in and we taught her and her daughter. It made me feel good.
Julian went to church again this week. He got there before we did and in Priesthood taught the whole quorum the doctrine of receiving Priesthood blessings. The guy is such a spiritual giant.  In Priesthood he also asked the procedures of a correct baptism. And he is already at the end of 2 Nephi.  To top it all off, out of nowhere he decided to quit drinking coke. I have never taught a man like him before. 
I`m not going to lie, that`s all I got for this week. Today I cleaned the house and wrote a few letters. (Heads up Mom and dad)  Oh and we found a Carl`s Junior so I put it on the tab. Sorry this letter is so short and that I couldn`t send pictures today. Thanks for writing to me. Hopefully the next letter will be more interesting!! Have a great week!!
con cariño,
Elder Hubbard

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

9 octubre 2012

I hope that everybody had as good of a week as I did!!! I am a pretty happy kid. I loved General Conference this weekend. We were able to listened to special witnesses of Jesus Christ that receive guidance for us. Elder Uchtdorf`s first talk might have changed my life forever even though I had to listen to it in Spanish. I am pretty sure that he wrote it just for me. I was thinking about it a lot this weekend. Here in DF, we often have to take taxis if we don`t have very much time to get somewhere. They take a large effect on me because inside they have taximeters. I think that`s what they are called. But anyways, growing up in Falabama, I didn`t really know much about taxis. The taximeters show how much the ride is going to cost and go up every now and then. I really don`t like them. Now when I get into any normal car I feel anxious too. I just want to get to where we are going to so we don`t have to pay more. Elder Uchtdorf`s talk made me realize that I live my whole life like I am riding in a taxi sometimes and I just want to get things finished. Over these past few days I have changed that mentality and am enjoying every single part, even if it`s hard. I am just going to to enjoy life, not always waiting for something.
One of the sisters talked in general conference also about, "First observe, then act." As we were on our way home last night we were chilling in a bus just waiting to get to the next place. Then Elder Rios said to me, "First observe, then act." I looked around but didn`t see anything. Then he told me that the girl across the aisle was crying. I looked over and it was true. It`s always pretty awkward when a young woman is crying and even more when it is in Spanish. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked what was wrong. She said that nothing and that she would fix it. We started talking about God`s plan for us and she told us that a boy hadn`t treated her very well. We told her that she was a daughter of God and that she is worth a lot to Him. At the end we had to go but she was smiling and said that she would go visit mormon.org. I felt really good to be able to help her and help her know that God loves her.
I am pretty sure that Elder Holland`s talk blew everyone`s mind as well. I imagined Christ asking me, "Elder Hubbard, Do you love me?" It has been in my mind a lot since then. On our way home another night, I kept thinking about that and felt that I do. It is a question that makes us have to act. I decided to contact the whole bus like I did a couple of months ago. This time it went a lot better and at least some people accepted pass along cards. Elder Rios had my back too, testifying with me. I really want to show the Lord that I love him.
Our friends also had a good experience at Conference. 10 of them went in total. Julian and Eva went to the first session on Saturday. After hearing Elder Nelsons talk about missionary work, Julian told us that he felt exactly the same way that the man did that found the missionaries on the bikes. He said that he respected us before the conference, but now he really admires us. I am sure that he felt the same way about the church too. It`s always nice when an apostle is throwing all of the missionaries on the bus. Julian and Eva accepted a baptismal date and seem really happy.
We had to cross the city to the temple this week because my companion had to go to the doctor. On the way back, we went with some sister missionaries from our mission in the metro. We decided to sing "I am a Child of God" to all of the people in the metro and invite them to listen to our message. It was a really cool experience even though only one person was kind of interested.
This week was so sick that I really did love every dad. I know that my Savior loves me and that I can be happy at whatever point in my life. I invite all of you to watch conference http://www.lds.org/general-conference/watch/2012/10?lang=eng&vid=1882749069001&cid=12, make some goals and plans, and let it change your life. My name is Elder Hubbard, I`m a chilango, I`m a güero, and I`m a mormon.
one love,
Elder Hubbard
 Nacho Libre??



 Elder Paxman

Zone leaders and the Oillataguerre`s and president

President Valadez Alvara

Confié no solamente en el Señor sino en usted mismo, las evidencias del Espíritu del Señor trabajando por medio de usted son claras y eso demuestra también lo mucho que confía el Señor en usted porque es fiel y diligente y además competente, así que regocijese en esas evidencias y en esa confianza que el Señor le tiene y confié en usted mismo animo!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Octubre 2012

This was a great week here in Magdalena Contreras. I`ve been having a pretty hard time thinking in English in these emails.  The only time I ever speak English is if I want to say something funny. English is about ten times funnier. Congratulations to Aaron and Lynze because I am going to have a sobrina!!! I can`t wait.
So this week I had some really good experiences. We weren`t able to spend much time working in our area, we are so busy helping the other missionaries and going to meetings. Today, we sacrificed a bunch of our preparation day to train two districts. So we still have a ton of things to do including washing our clothes by hand and getting to our first appointment at 5.  One of the coolest things that happened was with our friends Julian and his wife Eva. Julian has now read the entire spanish guide to reading the scriptures at the back of the Book of Mormon which is like the topical guide and bible dictionary combined. He read it all and highlighted what he liked. He also read until 1 Nefi 13 and saw the Restoration video, and took notes. I`m pretty sure this guy is going to be a bishop in about a year. Haha.   He`s got the swagger of an escogido. From the notes he took, he decided that he needed to repent and change is life more. Without change, we can`t progress. So he put his own goals of not saying any more swear words and to live the word of wisdom. Might I add that they gave us breakfast, and gifted us some ties. Pretty impressive.  It just shows how much power the Book of Mormon has in helping us repent, change, and make our life a little bit better.  In Mosiah 5:2, it says that we can stop even wanting to sin. I know that that is true and I love when our friends can see it too.
Yesterday, we went to visit one of our friends who we hadn`t seen in a while. She had been reading the Book of Mormon, and said that she prayed and received her answer. She said that she dreamed that two young men came to her house and told her that our message was false. That woke us up a little bit. Haha. I am used to hearing them saying that they received an answer that it is true. We knew that she messed up in the process somewhere and started asking her some questions.  It turns out that she never asked God, but she did ask a santo, San Judas. He is really popular down here.  So that explained everything. We found out that she doesn`t believe that God answers her prayers because she lost two kids. Now we know how to teach her and she committed herself to going to General Conference this weekend.
Speaking of General Conference, I can`t wait. It is when the prophet today and the 12 apostles speak to the whole world. It is the best to be able to let our friends go to see if really they are servants of God or if they are just crazy old men that know how to trick millions of people. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today. Invite all of your friends to go listen to him. I know that the Lord will answers your doubts and your fears. He always has and he always will.
I`m not going to lie, I had a lot more to write this week than I had time for.  It feels good to be a missionary.
Love you all,
Elder Hubbs
p.s. If you want to pass me big game Elder Faught`s mail down there in Viña del Mar, I want to write him a little note.

You might think that all I do is eat. Not true.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 septiembre 2012

Hey family,
¿Què hay?  I can`t believe that another week has already gone by. My life is disappearing before my eyes. I balding, getting fat, haven`t played basketball in about a year, or any other sport for that matter, and I have to stretch out every morning or I can`t walk. Haha. That was all sort of a half joke. But seriously.
This week it was time to have our interviews with President Valadez. He always helps me out a ton and always teaches me something too. Yesterday he asked me if I was ready to take over the zone and have a brand new zone leader as a companion. I told him that if that`s what the Lord wants, then I would be ready no matter what. So Elder Rios and I think that we will have transfers in three weeks. It would be a bummer because Elder Rios has all kinds of swagger and we get along really well. Today we went to the only IHOP that I have ever seen in DF. It was really good. We both bought unlimited pancakes but only at 6 each.  They`re not quite as good as Sam Hubbard`s pancakes, made with love. I have been writing down everything I eat every day in my daily planner and I realized that I eat a ton!! I am going to be making some ajustments in that area.
This week we found 14 new investigators. The area is getting along really well.  My favorite part this week was seeing how the Book of Mormon changed so many people. We have been trying to give them the Book of Mormon in the first appointment. Since it is another testament of Jesus Christ that no other religion uses, it is the thing that helps the most when people try to get closer to God. We gave a copy to a teacher named Julian who works in organic chemistry and has a ton of other talents. I will never forget that when we went back to the second appointment with him, he pulled out his copy of the Book of Mormon. He had taken off the soft cover and put on a hard cover. I opened the book and saw that with a highlighter, he had marked the important parts to him in 1 Nephi and also in the guide in the back. They we some of the same things that I have marked. When he prayed, he asked God to help him find the truth. I was really touched by the love that this man showed for the book that has changed my own life. I know that it contains the words of Christ and that it really can help a man come closer to God than any other book. I know it from experience. Every person should be able to read it.
We had Luz`s baptism this week too. Her family all came and were really happy. The Contreras ward is so strong and is already helping them get back in the groove of going to church. I have seen so many people go back to church in my mission. One inactive family that Elder Bunker and I taught spoke in church on sunday and the dad blessed the sacrament. I was so happy to see it.
The zone is improving a ton too.  In total we found 77 investigators which is good compared to the 25 that we normally find. I really love the missionaries that I work with. This week we had exchanges 2 times. I worked with my old friend from Ajusco Elder Garza and then with Elder Smith from Arizona. We can do exchanges with anybody that we want in the zone and afterwards we also put goals. I am supposed to help them learn but I think that I always learn more. They are really good missionaries.
So there`s just a little bit of my week. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I sent. I enjoy reading Elder Sotckard`s, Elder Christiansen`s, Elder Faught`s and Elder Adam`s email every week. It gives me something to do on the bus. I was wonder when Elder Johnston is going to get home? According to my calculation, he should be finishing in a couple of weeks. Aaron and Lynze went to Disneyland once again. I think that they should just buy the castle and live there. My new shoes fit like nike`s. Hey, if anybody that you know needs any of the mountain of clothes that I have at home, feel free to give them what they need. I am not using them much right now.
That`s all I have time for this week. I love you all. I got Travis`s letter this week and one from Dalene. Just to let them know.
Elder Hubbard


 Lucìa- 82 years old. Stud. She was baptized a few weeks ago.

 The one and only magnificent Distrito Federal.

Luz`s baptism

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

18 septiembre 2012

Que hubolé escuincles? It was a great week here in La Magdalena Contreras! Elder Rios and I are having a lot of fun together.  We have gotten used to getting drenched at least once a day. I think that is the reason that I have a little bit of a cold right now. At least I have some new shoes to show off!!! Thanks a ton for that package by the way. You don´t have to send any more now. Just save the money and retire early please. I don´t know which made me happier, the shoes or the twizzler.  One day this week, we got soaked liked three times. Once, we were waiting under an overhang to let the rain calm down a little bit but it just kept going. So I just starting playing some theme music from that John Tanner church video and we walked out into the rain. Haha. That music can make any trial sound cool. We walked to our appointment and the family-Julia and Eva- let us right in. Even though we drenched their couch, it was a really cool lesson. Julian is really looking for the truth and has found out for himself that not all of the churches lead us to God.
Elder Rios and I only have 4 days to work every week in our own area so it is really difficult to help a lot of people progress. What we have been doing is contacting a ton and spending the most time with the people that seem escogido.  Sorry, I really don´t know how we say that it english.  The rest of the days we go to the mission offices and give trainings to the other missionaries. Tonight we have to go to San Pedro where we are going to train two districts in planning for there lessons better. I feel like I am getting to be a little bit better as a leader but I still want to be able to help the other missionaries better.  We gave a training to the whole zone-34 missionaries not including us- on Thursday and it went really well. Elder Rios is a really good teacher and is good at being in front of big groups.
Another thing that happened that was really cool this week was with an inactive family. A few weeks ago, el hermano Bunker and I visited them and found that they worship the Santa Muerte. It could be one of the weirdest things that exist here in Mexico. They worship death. Who knows why. But hermana Bunker and I invited them to throw it into the garbage. They were afraid to do it because they thought something bad would happen to them. Well, we visited them this week and found that they actually did it! And their family has changed completely. They went to a church activity this week, no longer do they hear voices screaming in their house (which is always good), and finished winning another challenge that they had as a family.  It was awesome to see the difference.  Repentance is always a good move.
One night this week, we were in an area named Hidalgo and we waited for the bus for like an hour. It was already 9:30 so we just asked President Valadez if we could sleep there with the missionaries.  I feel like a vagabond sometimes. 
So that´s about it for the week. All that I can remember anyways. I really think that I will be in this area until Christmas so I am thinking about bying an acre of land to live on. Haha.  I learned a lot about repentence this week. I decided that the Atonement is for the bad, the good, and the mediocre.  It really is for everybody and we have to share it with everybody. If you want to get started being good missionaries, just study Preach My Gospel everyday as if it were the Book of Mormon, and go with the missionaries to appointments. Going with the missionaries helps you see how other people respond to the message and lets you share your testimony.
Les amo un buen y que les vaya bien bonita!
Elder Hubbard

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 septiembre 2012

First week with the new companion down!!! Elder Rios is such a stud. Too much swag. He is about 5 foot 2, fighting out of Jalapa, Veracruz and has been on the mission for like 21 months. This should be his last area too. We have had a lot of fun so far and I have learned a lot. In the first 4 days with him we contacted about 90 people and a ton of them accepted. We also invited a lot of people that we have been teaching to be baptized and many of them accepted baptismal dates.
Lucìa was baptized this week at the young age of 82. Almost the age of President Monson. I think her parents were born before the Restoration. The crazy this is that Lucìa had 18 children!! What?!! Sadly, Elder Rios and I could not go to her baptismal service. We had a zone leaders meeting, so we left the ward mission leader in charge along with the two other missionaries that are serving in Barrio Contreras. They said that they baptized her sitting down in a chair and that she was crying with emotion. I wish I could have been there.  She is such a sweet old lady and I am glad that she accepted the Gospel.
What I have loved about my mission is seeing how much I learn and grow. I was such a bum before my mission sometimes and still am but getting better. I want to be a better leader and help all of the other elders better. I have all sorts of opportunities to learn. Good companions, leadership meetings, exchanges with the assistants, and a ton of experiences.  In our meeting with President Valadez this week he talked to us about developing leaders in the mission. He wants everybody to be able to be a strong leader.  I really felt like I had a wake up call this week and that I need to do better.  I am going to focus as much as possible in trying to help the district leaders and their companions. Elder Black told me if they are good, their district will be fine.  Speaking of Elder Black, I have had so many good examples to me as I have been here. Mom and dad are temple workers, my mission presidents, companions.  The Lord has definitely put a lot of time and effort into me so I hope that I can make them worth it.  I am really excited for this transfer and I already know that it is going to fly by.
Today we went to Perisur to buy Elderazo Rios some new shoes and to got to Gwalmarrr. (That´s how they say Wally world). Hehe. No pop tarts. Sad day. I am in about a 6 month slump.  That´s about all that I can put into words for this week. I love you all! And not to be rude, but it would be nice if SHAYLA, MARK, BREE, and ZZZZ would write me!!!!! Over and out.  
Elder Hubbard

Monday, September 3, 2012

3 septiembre 2012

Hey güeros,
So my time with Elder Bunker has finished up. He will be flying home on Wednesday morning. I am going to miss him. The assistants called us with all of the transfers in the whole zone last night. I am staying here and will now have Elder Rios as my companion. I already know him a little bit because he has been a zone leader for a little while so we see each other every Monday. So we`ll go to the stake center in Taxqueña tomorrow to dump off Elder Bunker and pick up Elder Rios.  It`s about an hour and half or an hour forty five away and we  haven`t found a ride yet so somebody is going to have to come in clutch. There were a lot of transfers in our zone too and I am excited for this month. I love this area here but the only problem is that we never have any money because we have to pay for the buses so much. It`s like 5 dollars every day that we spend just in transportation.
We dominated this last week that Elder Bunker and I were together. We had Rosalìa`s baptismal service and she asked me to baptize her. She was really happy and was smiling a ton. She has made a lot of changes in her life this past month.  A lot of members attended the service too and even brought some tostadas and pastel.
We also had exchanges with the assistants this week. It is one of my favorite parts about being a zone leader because I learn so much from them. I went with Elder Bodine to his area in Coyoacàn. In one square mile, supposedly live 3 million people there in Santo Domingo. That`s nuts!!  Elder Bodine contacts a ton he is really loving. I have been able to work with him ever since I was in Leandro Valle. When I was there I did four baptismal interviews to see if the people they are teaching are ready for baptism. All of them went well and my favorite was with a young man that has cancer. He was really smart and sure of himself. While we were at the church, a lady came by trying to find out what church it was and what we believe in. I was able to give her a tour and we passed the referral along.
I also had exchanges this week with Elder Shirley from Lovelock, Nevada. Haha. I love him, he is really nice. We went to one appointment and nobody was there so we climbed a mountain to the next appointment. Elder Shirley realized that he forgot his backpack down below and we went back to get it. When we did, someday came outside that asked if we were looking for somebody and we contacted her. She accepted immediately and looks like she`s is one of the people that the Lord prepares. I have learned in my mission that things always happen for a reason.
So that`s about all that is happening right now. We are going to have to go to the airport today to figure out how Elder Bunker is going to get home since his visa expired. I am getting really good at washing my clothes by hand now. I already did it this morning.  You can just start calling me Kenmore if you want. I am really hungry too so we are going to go find some food before spending all day in the bus and airport.  Oh, I ate a fig this week. That could have been one of the best fruits that I have ever tried. Happy birthday this week Lynze!!!
Something that President Valadez said to me that I liked a lot was, that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the whole world, but it isn`t important if he isn`t my Saviour. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he lives. He has put his church on the earth once again and he will come again. I know that he suffered our pains and sins and through his stripes we are healed.
Thanks for all that you do for me!! I love you all and miss you a ton.  DF is gearing up for Independance Day on the 16th. Haha. Talk to you next week.
Elder Hubbard
p.s. I`ll send pictures next week because today I wasn`t smarter than the computer and couldn`t send them. Sorry.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 agosto 2012

Hey familia,
First of all, when I was writing last week, I wanted to tell Bree and Shayla Happy Birthday, but I totally  spaced it.  So Happy Birthday, Shayla and Bree! I hope it was a good one. I´ll have to sing you the mañanitas when I get back. It´s what the Mexicans sing when it´s someone´s birthday.
So I had a pretty good week here in la Magdalena Contreras. Lot´s of rain and lightning. But the weather here is perfect. It is never hot or cold. I just wear the short sleeve gamer shirts every day.  I love it. But I do miss it being cold.
I am trying to remember what happened this week. On Thursday we had Ivan´s baptism. As you can tell from the pictures, he is tiny. The baptismal service didn´t go to great because the ward mission leader didn´t plan it and everything was unorganized. We also had Diego´s baptism on Saturday. I liked it a lot because his cousin came from Cuernavaca to baptize him.   Cooler than the other side of the pillow.
Before every baptism, the people have to have an interview to see if they are ready for it. I interviewed a 17 year old this week for another area in our zone. It is always cool to see how the people have changed their lives and their hearts, and have the desire to be a better person.  It still is weird that I am the one doing the interview and not the one being interviewed. Haha.
The people here are gearing up for Independence Day once again. It feels like I was just in Topilejo and had to endure that. There are going to be pachanga´s like it´s going out of style.  There will be fireworks, annoying music, and a lot of borrachos. But oh well. My new slogan is When In Rome.
Our hardest person to teach right now is Lucía. She is 82 years old and it is kind of hard to get the message of the Restored Gospel in her noggin. But she is really sweet and wants to be baptized. She goes to church even though she can´t hear a thing.    
The zone is doing pretty good. We always have problems with Elders not getting along with their companions or not wanting to follow all of the mission rules and we do what we can to help them.  This will be my last week  with my good friend Elder Bunker and then he´s going back to Chicago. I am going to miss him a lot.  So this Monday I will write to you and tell you who my new companion is.
Rosalía has her baptism this saturday!! I am really excited because she has changed a lot of things in her life. I have learned a lot about repentance while I have been a missionary. I have learned that it is really  a change in direction of our lives. Instead of always being focused on worldly problems, we turn to the Saviour and he helps us out. I know that we find peace and happiness in our lives when we follow him. One of the best ways to follow him is to pray every day. I have noticed that some people pray just because it is what we do. But we should really learn how to talk to Heavenly Father and spill our guts out to him. I am still learning how to use prayer better in my own life, and I know that he listens. I invite all of you to pay close attention to your prayers and try to get closer to God as you do. And if you don´t pray, then make it a habit.
Love you all and I am glad to hear that all is well in the motherland.
Vote for Pedro.
Elder Hubbard

 Diego´s baptism

 And his family

Ivan´s baptism

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21 agosto 2012

Querida familia,
¿Cómo estaís vosotros? So just to remind you, I will be writing on the first monday of september instead of tuesday because of transfers. I don´t want to have to call an audible like I did the last time. I was Payton Manning back there.  This week was sweet. Especially right now because I am taking pills to flush all of the parasites out of me. I don´t want to go home with friends in my stomach like my friend Chavo. Haha. Probably still has those. But he deserves it because he didn´t right me today. Slacker.
When I said that this week was sweet, I meant it. Straight up miracles going on.  We taught a ton of lessons last week and they were all with people that are really interested and prepared to recieve the gospel. Rosalía has completely stopped smoking and should have her baptism this saturday. There is also another kid who is like 11 years old that is going to be baptized on sunday named Diego. He is not that same Diego that is the friend of Dora the Explorer known as Go Diego Go.  All of his family are members of the Church, but they hadn´t gone for a while. Meaning a few years. But they are now active again and Elder Bunker and his last companion taught him everything. So Elder Hubbard just has to smile and show up to the baptism enjoying the fruits of other people. Also, Ivan who we have been teaching is going to be baptized this thursday. It should be a pretty fun week.  Oh, and Tanía prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Church to know if they are everything that we say they are. She said that the first time she prayed and asked Heavenly Father if it was true, that she felt the coolest, most peaceful feeling that she has ever had in her life. She thought she was going crazy or something so she decided to ask again. The same thing happened. Heavenly Father answered her prayer and now she knows that the true church of Jesus Christ has  been restored once again to the earth and today we have a prophet and apostles.  It is something that nobody will ever be able to take away for her. I was so excited to hear that she recieved her answer. I wish everybody could do the same, including members of the church. Everybody as the right to know the truth through prayer.
Elder Bunker and I had to teach another Zone Conference this week. We talked about contacting and verifying with the members about the homework that we have given them.  President Valadez only came for a few minutes to talk but told us that he could feel the Spirit when he walked in the room. I thought it went really well too, but it could always be better. We spent most of the time doing practices. After the zone conference I went to Topilejo to work for the day. It reminded me a lot of when the hobbits all return to the Shire. It was nice but at the same time totally different. The best part was seeing Juana who is super strong in the church now. Some of her children and grandchildren are going to be baptized soon too. 
So that´s all I have time for this week!! I am feeling really good. I´m happy. I have a testimony. I am trying to be better. Life´s good.  Thanks for all of your letters. I think about you a lot, some more than others. Haha. Just kidding. Have a great week!! I love you.
Elder Hubbard
p.s. Chavo came in clutch and redeemed himself.

 la Hermana Juana that I found in Topilejo and taught. She is now a member and many of her family members are about to be baptized too.

 los dinamos with Elder Paxman y Elder Sanabria

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 Agosto 2012

Hey family!!!
How´s it going? I can´t believe I am going to have another sobrino!! I can´t wait! While I have been gone, our family has gotten huge! And counting. Felicidades Aaron and Lynze. I can´t believe you went to Monterey!! Dad, Mark, and Bree look like studs in their wet gear. Haha. I remember the last time we went there the Mexican restaurant got me really sick. That was just the beginning of things to come.  Shayla, you never told me if Jeff knows Orrin Bunn. 
This week was a lot of fun. Last tuesday, Elder Bunker and I were in a mall while Mexico was playing soccer. Every store had their TV on and a ton of people were gathered around. When Mexico scored a goal, it sounded liked we were in a stadium. People are pretty pumped here that they won.  Chilangos.
We saw a lot of progress in some of the people that we are teaching this week. One of them, Rosalía, has gone from smoking 7 cigarrettes a day, to like half of one and is already in first Nephi 17. But her sister, who was one of our best investigators, left us. She moved back in with her husband in San Pedro. We were pretty bummed about that. Another, person that we are teaching, Tanía, is the daughter in law of a member here. She is really smart, and captures everything that we teach her, and then teaches it to her husband. He doesn´t want to let her go to church but she is convincing him little by little.  She read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and was asking us about the Urim and Thummim.  We also found a new family to teach this week. I love teaching families. We were walking down the ciclopista one day and I contacted them. They accepted really easily and then we went to the appointment like a week later. The mom´s name is Monica, and she told us that she and her husband had been walking along and her husband, Genaro, said that he wanted to get closer to God. Two blocks later, and we contacted them. They think that is the answer to their prayer and we have another appointment with them to go back. The work has been harder in this area than in any of the others, and I don´t know why. Maybe it´s because we spend so much time in micros and meetings.
I have been studying and practicing spanish a lot more lately. All of the sudden it is more interesting to me. I have practiced the pronounciation a lot more and it is actually really cool. I don´t want to sound like a gavacho any more.  The Chilangos talk so funny and use some really goofy phrases. Elder Bunker and I have a lot of fun mimicking them. I´ll be bummed when he goes home in 3 weeks. 
Today we went to the Dinamos that are in our area. I don´t know if that is a word in english but it also means rapids. It is the Rio Magdalena and is in our area. It was awesome. We went with Elder Paxman and Elder Sanabria.  It was nice to get out of the city and enjoy nature. There was a path and a park along the river and we just walked around for a while and afterwards ate quesadillas. Here, if you want a quesadilla that has queso inside, you have to ask for it. Weird huh? If you just ask for a quesadilla, they won´t understand. You have to ask for a quesadilla de queso. 
So that´s about all she wrote. The zone was pretty relaxed this week, not much happening. I have been learning a lot these past few weeks, and the Ensign of this month was sweet.  It helped me a lot.  I sent Travis Marker a letter like a week ago, but I forgot he would be leaving soon. Just let him know. Bueno, I love you all a ton!! Thanks for everything and I pray for you each by name every day!! 
Elder Hubbard

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 Agosto 2012

Hellooooo family!!!
How is everybody? I had a great week here in Mexico City.  I have decided that it is sometimes like time doesn´t exist here because the weather never really changes. It´s never really hot or cold and about every other day it rains a ton. Last night I ran from the bus stop to my house  in like 20 seconds and got soaking wet.  I have decided that I love Mexico. It´s so different than the US.

One day this week I chilled in the mission offices for a while because Elder Bunker had to go sign for his VISA again. Apparently he was illegal. Haha. I waited for him for most of the day there. I helped Hermana Oillataguerre (she and her husband are a missionary couple). Most of the time I was asigning the referrals on the computers to the right area of the mission using Google Earth. I also made a map for President Valadez of all of the missions here in DF.  It was a nice change working in the offices for a day.  It reminded me of when I used to help mom out at the junior high.  The good old days.

So this week we almost didn´t teach any lessons. We dropped a ton of investigators too. But I don´t feel bad because we are working hard and we contacted a ton of really good families that accepted us. I love teaching families the most because they have the opportunity to some day go to the temple to be an eternal family.  We do have a few investigators that are going along pretty well though. One named Sol, is going to get a prothesys leg pretty soon. We taught her about priesthood blessings and at the end asked if she had any questions. She asked,"When can you give me a blessing?" Haha. We gave her one right there and I know it will help her.

I also had a cool experience on sunday. Every Sunday night Elder Bunker and I have to train the district leaders in whatever we feel like is necessary.  The district leaders also have their companions there. One of them has always had a hard time paying attention, and just acts like he doesn´t want to be there. He has some obedience problems as well. I talked to him and his companion by themselves and starting asking him some simple questions, encouraging him a lot, and showing him his strengths. We saw a complete change in him afterwards. He participated, made good comments, and thanked us at the end for the training. I felt so happy to be able to help him and feel like I have learned a lot about being a better leader this week. All you need is love.

As a zone leader, I have definitely spent less time in my area work and more time in buses and meetings, but I am still learning what the Lord wants me too. I know that here is where He can teach me what He wants me to know for the rest of my life. I love my Father in heaven and I am here to serve Him and His children. It´s really hard but a lot of fun. I have been so healthy here in Mexico too. I don´t know why I brought a whole Pharmacy of medicine because I never use it. I feel bad that Max got sick. I saw some adds for the Bourne Legacy. I think I bought that book for Mark one year. You have see it and tell me how it is. Anyways, I´ll stop rambling now. Have a good week and I love you wall. Choose the right!

Elder Hubbard


 micro that goes to Cristo

 Miguel Angel´s baptism

 tacos de carnitas

 Elder Call´s last day