Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Family,

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How`s everything in the motherland this week?  I can`t can`t believe I`m not going to be in Fallon, Nevada for Thanksgiving this year. I`ll be chilling eating tortillas here and crying myself to sleep. That`s okay, I get to show my gratidude by being here. There is no holiday at all here in Mexico.
This week was good in Topilejo. Right now we have 10 people with baptismal dates. 6 of them are teenagers or children and 4 are adults. We have two families that want to be baptized but we`re having a hard time getting them married still so for this reason we only baptize the kids.  Elder Leyva and I didn`t have very many lessons or new investigators this week. We only had ten lessons.  We did find some really good people though. A guy that was taught by the missionaries in Mexico, and another lady who`s kids have drug problems that we are going to help. We have to make sure to finish our area here strong. 3 transfers is a while to be in one area and one of us will be here longer I think.  Once again the best part of my week was teaching a lady how to pray. She started crying afterwards and described the feelings of the Holy Ghost. That is always so cool to see. Another lady we taught named Juana - the aunt of Mauro- committed to being baptized on December 3, she is really good and came to church yesterday.  I have never given so many blessings in my life as I have here in Topilejo. Always for the sick and people can really feel the power and peace that blessings bring. People who aren`t members of our church want blessings all of the time.
My favorite thing to teach about in the mission so far is always the First Vision, and I also like teaching about temples and eternal families.
On Monday we got back from our District meeting at night and Mauro was downstairs with Hermana Lulu`s family. He gave us ties and thank you cards that were way nice. He thought we would both be getting transfered.  I`m having a hard time writing right now because Elder Call is distracting me. Okay I`m gonna pound this letter out now.
On Wednesday something kind of embarrassing happened to me so I`ll just tell Chavo and he can tell who he wants.
We got to have a service project finally. Elder Leyva and I always look for opportunities to serve the people here but most of the time they don`t let us. We sand and painted Paula y Ireis`s little stand to sell food. It was pretty fun and good to help somebody with physical needs.  That night we taught a family of five in their house. Everyone is going to be baptized eventually. I love their little kids, Armando, Sebastian, and Tomas. We have some good times playing fùtbol and learning the gospel.  They are supposed to get baptized this Saturday and the parents in a couple weeks after they get married.
Our house is just a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. We have a mini fridge with no food in it too. In the mornings it is so cold in the apartment during our studies. We only have an hour of personal study and one of companionship now since I finished my three first months. My bed is pretty bad and my pillow is a couch cushion. Tommy should bring a pillow to Mexico for sure, and all long sleeved shirts to block the sun.
My favorite scripture this week was Mosiah 18:30. It talks about how in the land of Mormon the people came to know their Redeemer. I came to know my Redeemer in the BOOK of Mormon and I will always remember it as a beautiful place. I know that it is true without a doubt. And that the Christ of whom it testifies is real.  Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love you a ton and miss you. Watch some football for me please.
Elder Hubbard