Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Shayla and Bree!!

Just wanted to share that today is Shayla's 21st birthday!! Can you believe it!! I can't!! Today she is "legal." It is also Bree's birthday. Very cool! We spent the night Friday at Mark and Bree's and took the girl's to dinner and shopping. It was a great time!!

In the air!!

Sam and I were able to visit with Tyler for a while this morning. It was GREAT to hear his voice. When I answered the phone he said, "This is your son." I cried, several times. So did he though. He sounded good. He felt sad leaving the MTC knowing he will not return there, but he was also happy to be out of there. There are 95 missionaries flying to Mexico City with him. It is the largest group they have ever had leave for one city. His flight is direct and he will land in Mexico City around 3 p.m. their time. He is two hours ahead of us here in Fallon. He said he mailed some pictures home so I will be posting those for all to see. It was a Burger King breakfast morning. It felt strange to him to be among "normal" people and eat fast food.