Monday, February 27, 2012

27 Febrero 2012

How is everybody?
So we didn´t have our baptism that we were going to have this week. Eduardo´s brother, Fabian decided to quite going to school on sundays so he can be baptized. So he had to go to church one more time before being baptized. We filled out their cédulas this week. I have no idea how to say that in english so just google it. They are going to be baptized this thursday at 5 o´clock with one other little kid named Bryan. He is from a family that we reactivated and come to church now. They live in the middle of nowhere and their house is so humble, it´s sad.
On Wednesday we had our zone conference and President Chávez blew my mind once again. He is such a good teacher. He taught us how to teach better. It starts with learning, understanding, believing, and then applying. We are in charge of helping people learn and understand what they should believe and live.  He taught us how to find doctrine and principles in the scriptures so we can explain them to our investigators. We also talk about connecting the lesson with something that they can relate to like their work. I learned so much and our lessons have already gotten a lot better.  President Chávez was definitely meant to be my mission president and I am so greatful to be able to learn from him.
So one Thursday we practiced some of the teaching skills that President Chávez taught us and the lesson was sweet. We taught Juana and Miguel Garcia. They are my favorite investigators, the ones that took down their huge cross last week.  We started off asking them where they are in the plan of salvation.  They answered that they need to be baptized, confirmed, and keep the commandments. Perfect.  We used an example about electricity to teach them about prayer because Miguel was an electrician his whole life. He really understood it well and prayed at the end of the lesson. They still don´t want to set a baptismal date. 
On Friday I went to Ajusco with Elder Reid. It was so much fun. He is good missionary. We taught a few lessons and contacted some people. 
On Saturday we helped Esmeralda fix her roof. We took off her shingles and cleaned all of the ants and the nests that were inside.  She needs a ton of help in everything. She still is going to be baptized March 10. That night I gave my first blessing in spanish. They asked me to do the sealing so I did. It went really well. I gave it to a little sick baby named Cielo.
Yesterday everything went well. Six people came to church again. It was Fabian, Edaurdo, Bryan, Esmeralda, Juana, and her daughter Marisol.  They all had a really good experience and say that they are going to keep coming back.
I am excited for this week and know that it is going to go by fast once again. We are going to be busy with baptisms and interviews. I am excited. So have a good week and thanks for your letters. I am still trying to hold off to buy new shoes until I have a year on the mission. 
I love you!
Elder Hubbard

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