Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 Agosto 2012

Hey family!!!
How´s it going? I can´t believe I am going to have another sobrino!! I can´t wait! While I have been gone, our family has gotten huge! And counting. Felicidades Aaron and Lynze. I can´t believe you went to Monterey!! Dad, Mark, and Bree look like studs in their wet gear. Haha. I remember the last time we went there the Mexican restaurant got me really sick. That was just the beginning of things to come.  Shayla, you never told me if Jeff knows Orrin Bunn. 
This week was a lot of fun. Last tuesday, Elder Bunker and I were in a mall while Mexico was playing soccer. Every store had their TV on and a ton of people were gathered around. When Mexico scored a goal, it sounded liked we were in a stadium. People are pretty pumped here that they won.  Chilangos.
We saw a lot of progress in some of the people that we are teaching this week. One of them, Rosalía, has gone from smoking 7 cigarrettes a day, to like half of one and is already in first Nephi 17. But her sister, who was one of our best investigators, left us. She moved back in with her husband in San Pedro. We were pretty bummed about that. Another, person that we are teaching, Tanía, is the daughter in law of a member here. She is really smart, and captures everything that we teach her, and then teaches it to her husband. He doesn´t want to let her go to church but she is convincing him little by little.  She read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and was asking us about the Urim and Thummim.  We also found a new family to teach this week. I love teaching families. We were walking down the ciclopista one day and I contacted them. They accepted really easily and then we went to the appointment like a week later. The mom´s name is Monica, and she told us that she and her husband had been walking along and her husband, Genaro, said that he wanted to get closer to God. Two blocks later, and we contacted them. They think that is the answer to their prayer and we have another appointment with them to go back. The work has been harder in this area than in any of the others, and I don´t know why. Maybe it´s because we spend so much time in micros and meetings.
I have been studying and practicing spanish a lot more lately. All of the sudden it is more interesting to me. I have practiced the pronounciation a lot more and it is actually really cool. I don´t want to sound like a gavacho any more.  The Chilangos talk so funny and use some really goofy phrases. Elder Bunker and I have a lot of fun mimicking them. I´ll be bummed when he goes home in 3 weeks. 
Today we went to the Dinamos that are in our area. I don´t know if that is a word in english but it also means rapids. It is the Rio Magdalena and is in our area. It was awesome. We went with Elder Paxman and Elder Sanabria.  It was nice to get out of the city and enjoy nature. There was a path and a park along the river and we just walked around for a while and afterwards ate quesadillas. Here, if you want a quesadilla that has queso inside, you have to ask for it. Weird huh? If you just ask for a quesadilla, they won´t understand. You have to ask for a quesadilla de queso. 
So that´s about all she wrote. The zone was pretty relaxed this week, not much happening. I have been learning a lot these past few weeks, and the Ensign of this month was sweet.  It helped me a lot.  I sent Travis Marker a letter like a week ago, but I forgot he would be leaving soon. Just let him know. Bueno, I love you all a ton!! Thanks for everything and I pray for you each by name every day!! 
Elder Hubbard