Monday, November 7, 2011

More Pictures from Xochicalco!!

Good morning!!

This week was crazy!! On Tuesday we had zone conference but it was three zones so a ton of missionaries. Elder Beal, Elder Herman, and Elder Reid were all there. It was so nice to see them and hang out for a while. President Chavez spoke for most of the time- like 3 hours. Every companionship in our mission got cell phones which is going to be so much easier to find people with a lot less walking. He also asked every missionary to prepare an english 2 minute talk for our juntas, pray and sing in english always, and talk in english in our houses. He really wants the spanish speakers to learn english. Praying in english is ridiculously hard, I struggled with it this week. Also, I had to give a two minute talk last night at the District Leaders meeting last night and it was nothing short of embarrassing. Haha.
I`ve had some pretty weird stuff happen to me this week. I was teaching a lady outside her house in the doorway when a truck stopped behind me. I turned around to look who it was and some guy just took a picture of me and drove off. Haha. One day I looked in the area book that has all of the old investigators to find to teach. I found a lady and her address and went to go visit her with Elder Garza on intercambios. What I failed to read is she is pschysophrenic. We got there and things started good and ended ugly. It is an experience I will remember for sure. Haha. I learned that Satan is really destroying families in whatever way possible and almost all of them were being used in the family.  We had tons of blessings after that appointment, I think Heavenly Father felt sorry for us. We had 6 lessons and like 7 new investigators. Elder Leyva was impressed when he came back to Topilejo.
We had some good good lessons this week. I made a goal to start asking people to be baptized whenever possible. We set a date with a family of 5 this week. They came to church yesterday and loved it too. I love teaching families more than anything else. This Sunday we are going to have ask another family too.
The young man that I baptized, Brian, moved to another town here close called San Pedro. I found out where he lived and passed the reference to the missionaries there. They went and found him and like 8 cousins who all want to be baptized! I love it when I feel like I am doing some good.
On Saturday we went to Xochicalco by Cuernava, Morelos, Mèxico. It was one of the coolest things that I have seen in my life. It was just a bunch of pyramids and ruins on the top of a mountain. They were made about 700 dc. There was a part where you could whisper and a person could hear you on the highest pyramid because of the acoustics. There was also a staircase with 33 perfect steps, supposedly to represent the life of Christ. I felt like I was in a Book of Mormon video there. If there was one event I could see in history it would be when Christ came to the Americas.
Yesterday we had an investigator leave church because she thought we were Catholics, I guess we have some fixing up to do. We explained our church and everything to her. Haha.
Dad, there are no toilet seats here, you are right. And it`s really inconvinient when the soap slips from your fingers in the shower and falls into the toilet.  Transfers are a week from tomorrow. I don`t know what will happen but I am kind of ready for a change of scenery.
Sorry this letter is kind of lame but that`s all I can remember. I hope you have a good week, I love you and miss you tons.
Elder Hubbard

Email Chatting! I love it!

 I have been "Chatting" with Tyler this morning via email. I love it!! He emails each week from a borough called San Pedro Martir Tlalpan. I googled to see what information I could find. The following link has some interesting information. In Tyler's own words, "Yeah it`s a town like 30 min from Topilejo. Ghetto like always."