Monday, February 6, 2012

6 Febrero 2012

This week was so sick. We had some really cool experiences. We went to teach one of our best investigators, Uriel. We were talking about his questions and he asked us how we know that Jesus Christ is Jehovah. We tried to explain it to him with some scriptures from the bible but he was using a different version so it didn´t really work.  We just decided to move on and started talking about how through Christ´s Atonement we can be clean from sin. I felt like I should share Isaiah 1:18 with him so I did. He read it and then said. There is my answer, Christ is Jehovoh. It was so sweet! I didn´t even mean to explain that but he learned by the Spirit. I know that when we have the Spirit with us as we teach we will not be confounded before men.
We taught another lady a bunch this week. She is Esmirald- the one who speaks english and lived in England. The problem is that she thinks way too much. Haha. But she was telling us about her testimony of prayer and how that when we prayed in her house she saw lots of blessings come. On Saturday we went and did some service for her. We fixed her pump that takes her water up to her house. It took about three hours and we were baking in the sun but it was worth it. She came to church yesterday and really liked it. 
On Wednesday we went to San Pedro to get our monthly money. I got off the bus when it was moving a little bit. I looked behind to my side and the bus driver shut the door with my companion still on the bus! I took off running, actually sprinting to keep up with it and like 2 blocks later it stopped again. It was pretty funny and we laughed pretty hard. The people hear probably thought I was some secret agent doing work. 
There is a family we teach named the Garcia family. Every time we teach them more people show up. There were like 20 there the last time. And they love me a ton. I don´t know I why. They get mad when I don´t come to teach them when we have interchanges. Haha. It is a sweet family and I love going there.
On Friday we had an FHE in Parres with an inactive hermana and her family and then some members too. Then they all went to church yesterday. We are going to baptize her kids sometime this month. The church was so full of people yesterday that we have helped go there. It feels so good to see and I know I am helping the branch here.
Last night we had a three hour long lesson with Nicolasa and her familia. It was so good. They had a ton of doubts and we answered every single one of them and with the Bible. They will be going to church soon and they are progressing really well. Longest lesson of my life.
Tomorrow is the start of a new transfer, which means I think I only have six weeks left in Topilejo. How sad is that? I love it here. I found out too that I am going to be the district leader here. It will be a big responsibilit and I am a little nervous. The coolest part is that Elder Reid is going to be in Ajusco! That´s my boy. It´s going to be a ton of fun. Thank you so much for everything. I love you all and pray for most of you! Haha. Just kidding all of you. Have a good week!
Elder Hubbard

Micro bus in San Pedro

Me inside a micro

 Me at Perisur. You can see six flags in the background.




 making some Mexi food


Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Treasure in the Mail!

When Sam checked the mail yesterday, we had a letter from Tyler's mission president. I thought I would share it with you. It was dated 27 December 2011. Mail takes a little while!!

Dear Hubbard Family;

I have enjoyed working with your son Elder Hubbard. It has been a joy and a blessing to see him progress into an exceptional missionary and trusted representative of the Lord.

Due to his commendable example and this trust, it pleases me to inform you that your son has been selected to become a Missionary Instructor. This calling brings with it many new responsibilities. Your son will be receiving a new companion (Elder Perea). He will show him how to successfully apply the methods learned in the Missionary Training Center in the mission field. He will be a righteous and positive companion that will guide, teach, love and motivate.

I consider the calling of a trainer as the most important in this mission. As does the Lord, I love your son, and have confidence in his ability to fulfill these new responsibilities. I thank you for your love and support for Elder Hubbard.


President Aaron Chavez Carpio
Mexico City South Mission