Monday, April 2, 2012

2 Abril 2012

This week was pretty uneventful.  We watched conference this weekend in the Oriental stake which is pretty close to my house. A ton of investigators came which is always good to see. A lady named Clara and her two daughters came. She is a single mom and divourced. Elder Baxter talked to the single moms and Clara ended up crying, she felt so good. On Sunday we had a little family of four come to the morning session. Fabiola, Rodrigo, Osneli, and Ana. They really enjoyed it and are still preparing for their baptism on April 24th. They were even able to see a baptismal service after conference. General Conference is so good for the investigators. The general authorities teach about a million times better than I ever will. Always nice to have Elder Holland just hitting your investigators with the Spirit. I watched the Conference in English in the high council room with like 5 other Elders. One of them was Elder Call for the second time in a row. 
Besides that for this week, I got nothing. We went to the pyramids this morning in Teotihaucan! That was sweet. They are probably the biggest pyramids on this continent but I am not sure. Ever time I see them I just have a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon. We went with my district and with Elder Call. A couple of members took us in their car.  I am so sunburned and worn out. Next week I will send pictures. Right now, my camera stopped working. Actually it hasn`t work for  a week. That`s a little depressing. 
So, sorry this letter was so boring. I know that there are prophets and apostles on the earth today. That Jesus Christ directs His Church. I know that His Church is living and I know that He speaks today. What the apostles and prophets said this weekend was true. We have to study their words and live them if we ever want to be truly happy. 
I love you all a ton. You should especially listen to the advice about hand written letters;) 
Love from gangster`s paradise,
Elder Hubbard