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26 Marzo 2012

I have a new companion now named Elder Rosales.  He was baptized about 5 years ago and is from Ciudad Madero, Tampulipas right next to Tampico where Tommy will be. He has been on the mish for 14 months and was also in Topilejo for a little bit of time. Tuesday is when we had the changes. President Chávez talked to us about David and Goliath and how we should let other people have the oportunities that should be ours. It was really cool. We were chillin in the parking lot afterwards, all of the missionaries, waiting for our rides to go back to our areas.  All of the sudden, I thought that I was getting really dizzy and about to fall down. Then I realized the whole earth was shaking. Haha. It was the weirdest feeling. Straight power. Haha. It wasn´t that strong though. I never saw one building damaged or one person hurt. Just the stop lights stopped working so the roads were chaos. But that´s normal too. So stop worry Mom and Dad. Everything is fine. Nothing´s going to happen to 150 missionaries outside of the church with their mission president.
On Tuesday we ate molé for La Comida. I wish you could all understand molé. It is about anything that they feel like mixing, mixed together. Chocolate, chile, car parts, who knows what. But it does not make my stomach too happy. That whole night and part of the next day I was suffering. I had to sleep in a members house for a couple of hours during the next day too. But after that all was good. I just hope that they don´t give me molé to eat again.
I went on interchanges with Elder Bentley this week. He is from Wisconsin and new in our district. It was pretty funny working with him. I think we scared a few people but sometimes that happens.  We got reject so many times. So many. But every time I asked him if he had enough faith to find a person ready to hear the gospel. And he always said yes. We were beating a door down and a lady walked by to go into her house. As she was going in, I stopped her and talked to her. We found out that her in-laws and husband are all members and they just came from Veracruz. She was super nice and I know that she was the person we were looking for. She invited us back easily and we are going on tuesday. Her name is Anayeli.  I love that in any moment we can find a person that is prepared to hear the gospel. President Chávez said that there in any given area there are 400 people ready to be baptized that we have to find.
We had another lesson with Fabiola and Rodrigo and their family this week too. We taught them about the Restoration of the true church of Jesus Christ and they loved it. Fabiola already started reading the Book of Mormon.  We invited them to be baptized on April 28th and they said yes easily. Their mom, Leticia Hernandez went to church yesterday. We are also teaching Carmen, whose daughter was baptized a few months ago and is almost ready herself. We are just working out a few problems.
This morning we all had interviews with President Chávez. I love talking to him.  He just smacks me up side the head with the Spirit. I love it. I brought some questions for him and he answered them perfectly for me. That was my last interview that I´ll have with him and then a new president will come. Bummer. 
So I hope this week was great for you. I got my package and my pictures and I loved them both. All is well in Mexico City. Don´t even question it. I love you a ton and pray for you too.
Elder Hubbard

 Elder Rosales and Elder Hubbard

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