Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18 Diciembre 2012- Feliz Navidad

Dear family,
I got the little package you sent me and the Christmas cards. I can totally tell that Bree made the card since she was always a stud in that area. I love to get things from you and all of the pictures are really good too. Thanks a ton. I still haven`t opened the big package that you sent. Tell Kristi gracias for the jerkey.
This week we had a Zone Training with a Christmas Activity.  It was actually combined with two other zones here in Iztapalapa. Elder Herrera and I trained them for two hours about asking inspired questions. We had the idea that the people we teach should mark the most important things as we read with them during the lessons. I really like doing it because they can recieve their own revelations that way. You have to watch out though, because if you aren`t looking, they`ll steal your twistable! Haha. After the training was the Christmas Program. President and Hermana Valadez spoke a little bit about Christmas and then there was a talent show combined with the three zones. There were some really funny sketches. Even los Valadez danced in costumes around the stage. They are really fun.  We then ate (half of the zone woke up with diarea the next day. Haha.) and President Valadez let us play futbol for a couple of hours! It was the first time that we were allowed to play in about a year. My team lost a bunch but I did get one goal in. I`m not going to be catching Messi any time soon.
Numbers wise, we had a pretty rough week. It felt like it went by so fast that we didn`t have time for everything. There was one lesson that I liked thought. On exchanges we read Alma 36 with Raymundo and his mom, Luz. We gave a twistable to Raymundo and as we read, he marked every time that it mentioned Christ`s name. Luz marked something else that I can`t remember. But as we finished the lesson, I gave them a pen and paper and told them to write down all of the things in their life that they want to change as we sang a hymn. We could feel a lot of peace in the room and I hope that they really do make those changes in their lives.
Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. I love all of the traditions we have at home of reading the Christmas story and eating clam chowder. I love being with my family. But the most important part to remember is that without Christ there is no Christmas. Without the Atonement and an empty tomb, we would have nothing to be happy about. I am glad that I can be a representative of Him. I invite you all to come unto Him and believe. I know that He is my Savior.  He is yours too. Merry Christmas!!!! I love you.
Elder Hubbard