Tuesday, March 12, 2013

12 marzo 2013

This was my best week so far in Churubusco! For the first time since I have gotten here, we have investigators that are progressing! There are five of them.  I don´t know if you´ve noticed, but I haven´t had almost any baptisms since I left Contreras and I am not really liking that. I have hope for this month though. We have the goal of three baptisms and we are on track to get it. We are teaching an awesome family named the Ramirez Flores family. The mom, Lourdes, is the motor of the family and her husband is kind of along for the ride, but also a good man.  We were at church on Sunday after ward council waiting for church to start and I told Elder Lee that I just wanted the Ramirez Flores family to come. We walked outside and they were coming into the entrance. It was a tender mercy of the Lord.  They paid attention in church and in the family history class were really interested. Lourdes´ mom passed away a little bit ago and when she found out that she will be with her again she started crying. Our plan is to visit them every day even if it´s just for a few minutes and baptize them on March 30th.  That was the best part of my week but I know that this week will be even better.
The other good part about this area is that I eat really well. A lot of the members give us money to eat with instead of inviting us to their house. I don´t like that too much but at the same time, we can always choose what we want to eat.  Last night Sister Mares gave us some empanadas and I thought of Aaron and how much he likes them.  And mom, I have never in my life eaten chimichangas in DF but I have eaten a ton of rice and beans. Mexicans also love jello and abc soup. Who would have thought?
We gave another Zone Training this week, this time with the Book of Mormon. I think that will be my last one of the mission because more than likely I will end as a junior companion, normal missionary. All of the missionaries in our zone trained the ward councils in all of the Churubusco stake. My assignation was to work with the stake president and the bishoprics. So we practiced how to give a BM away, how to invite someone to a family home evening, and how to fellowship someone in sacrament meeting. I know that the members are blessed when they do their missionary work. It is so easy to do. Just do it. You´ll love it.
Anyways, I am doing good. Elder Lee is a stud. We learned how to "bailar el trompo" this week. I´ll show you what that means when I get back. I am a little disappointed with my family because it is March Madness and they haven´t mentioned one thing about it. But I still love you! Have a sweet week.
Elder Hubbard

Sister Mares and family