Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23 Octubre 2012

This was such a fun week. This morning I played basketball for the first time in about 10 months. We are only allowed to play sports with no more than 2 people.  So Elder Jones and I shot some hoops and played 21. I might way 16 pounds more that when I started the mish, but I still got some game. Anyways, right now I feel super relaxed and healthy after playing. I think it´s going to be a Tuesday morning tradition. 
Elder Jones is way cool. He´s from Rancho Cucamonga, California, and his dad is the mission president of San Antonio. That´s where Elder Cousineau is right now. I have one more transfer than Elder Jones and I really hope that we will be here till new years together.  The mission just had a ton of special transfers because we have a new assistant so I think we are going to be safe.
To start off the transfer, we had a baptism. Laura was baptized on Saturday.  I remember that when I got to Contreras, she didn´t want to talk to us at all. We always going to her house because her mom lets us use her washing machine.  So in about september, out of nowhere she asked if she could learn the gospel.  Of course! She is 26 years old I think. Her baptismal service was awesome and seh was crying a ton afterwards. Of happiness I think.
Also this week, we had the great idea to go to the bishops house. His wife, la hermana Sanchez is a family search missionary. So she showed us how we can help investigators find their anscestors. I really really liked it. I felt something really cool and I am pretty sure that I am going to help a lot doing our family history after the mission.
I also went to sign my visa for the last time this week.  I went with Elder Reid and it took all day. But the fed us Burger King afterwards so no complaints.
Yesterday, President Valadez explained to us something new that we are going to be doing. We are going to visit inactive and active members and teach them the missionary lessons. Their responsibility is to give us referrals and the ward´s responsibility is to help them progress in church with callings, ordinances, and feeling loved. We are no longer going to be knocking doors or contacting in the streets. We are going to rely on the ward and they will give us people to teach. I can´t wait and I am excited to help people return to church and help them have eternal families.  You all need to help the missionaries at home. Take them to visit your friends and family, I know they can help. 
Elder Stockard sounds like he is dominating in Ciudad Victoria. Sorry this letter isn´t so spiritual. I am still mortal. I love you all. Do work.
Happy Birthday Travis!!
Elder Hubard

 Zona Contreras district leaders

Laura´s baptism