Monday, February 13, 2012

13 Febrero 2012

How´s it going?
I have now had my mission call for over a year. That could have been the fastet year of my life.  I am so glad I have been able to come to the beautiful clean, relaxed, and peaceful Mexico City for two years.  It´s going by way to fast.
This Wednesday we had a meeting in Taxqueña for the instructors and their companions. Once again, we learned a lot from the legend, President Chávez.  He talked to us about the importance of us recieving revelation, investigators and members too. Without revelation we will never recieve eternal life. We have to have our own testimonies given to us from our Heavenly Father and then we won´t be lost. That is the rock that Peter was instructed to build the church on and it still applies to us.
On Friday Elder Reid came to Topilejo with me for interchanges. It was so much fun. We contacted so many people and got rejected so many times. I almost got my first door slammed in my face! Almost.We just did work. We went to Alvaro and Taide´s house, I don´t know if you remember them. They were about to tell us that they weren´t interested any more but we saved it. We used the Spirit a lot. Taide told us that she was really depressed once and she opened the Book of Mormon and felt a peace and tranquility. I told her that that was the Holy Ghost telling her it was true and that she already knows that it is true. She agreed but says that she is still too shy to come to Church and that one day she will just go without thinking.  It is cool to see the power of the Book of Mormon in conversion. She has recieved some of that revelation that we cannot live without.  Then Elder Reid were contacting at night with no luck. We knew that there was somebody we had to find but didn´t know who. We knocked on every door of the street with no luck. We started going home and saw a couple with umbrellas. We just knew it was them, contacted them, and are going to visit them this week.
On Saturday we went to Esmeralda´s house again for service. She is still reading and progressing. We helped her fix a water container on top of her roof. It was so hard and awkward.  It´s all good though. And our branch president´s family visited her too! Always good to see the members do work.  That night we taught Mauro and his mom. She is going to be baptized but just has to get married first. She is a great friend and I hope she keeps progressing.
On Sunday, Nicolasa came to church! It was sweet. She just showed up there by herself.  She sat with Hermana Lulu and she was asking a ton of questions. Last night we had a meeting with the other district leaders and the zone leaders. I actually didn´t really enjoy it that much and just feel like we talk about numbers too much.  That is one thing I have to do as district leader and I have to take care of the elders in Ajusco. Should be easy. I have to do baptismal interviews and teach the other missionaries every monday night. Tonight is my first one so I hope it goes good.  I am so tired of not baptising and sometimes I feel like I am not making a difference here. I am being obedient and trying my hardest. I will just learn some patience and keep inviting others to come to Christ.
Have a great week and thanks for your letters and your prayers. I love you!
Elder Hubbard