Wednesday, May 29, 2013

28 mayo 2013

That means Hubbards in Spanish. How was your week? It sounds like Mom and Dad are having fun in the land of the pápas.  I can´t believe you met Spencer Call! I let him live with us when he was homeless for a few months. Haha. Happy Birthday this week to Don Marcos!
We had a good week here in Churubusco. It seemed like it was a water park with all of the rain, but it was fun. We taught 25 lessons this week and now we want to go for 30. Teaching a lot is so much fun.
This week Stefano was baptized! It was a good day. The baptismal service was probably the simplest one that I have ever seen. Stefano was born in Chicago so we baptized a fellow American. This week we are going to work on getting him prepared to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood.
We taught the Ramirez Flores family this week about the law of the fast and the mom did it this weekend. She loved it and recieved a huge testimony of it. As a result, we are now teaching their daughter, who didn´t want to listen to us before.
Things are also going well with Mitzy. Elder Jeffery R. Holland did us a favor this week, and visited Mexico City. Mitzy went with the YSA and she loved it. Obviously. We are now teaching Mitzy´s mom and sisters and they went to church on Sunday. So we have a lot of work in Churubusco.
This week I woke up in the middle of the night and heard that Elder Shirley was making a lot of noise. I looked down at him and all of the sudden he rolled over and fell right off the bed onto the floor. Hahaha. Poor kid. He was alright though.
Next Tuesday I am going to go to try to find some souvenirs for all of you. I´ll see if I can find something but it´s not going to be as cool as the scripture case that Aaron got us. Ni modo.
I love you all a ton! It feels good to be an elder. (Oh, and somebody yelled nefitas at my companion and I this week on the subway.) Have a good week!
Elder Hubbs