Monday, June 3, 2013

Just wanted to let everyone know that Tyler will be speaking on June 16. Our Sacrament meeting is at 1:00 p.m. Come listen to him!!

3 junio 2013

Que onda!!!
I have learned that I am not capable of watching Mormon Messages and writing a letter to you at the same time. Oprah calls that multi-tasking. That´s one thing that I haven´t learned on my mission. So it was another awesome week! We are taking half of our P-day today and another half tomorrow due to a Leadership Council that we are going to have tomorrow.
Elder Shirley and I are doing great. I watched him chase a nonexistant Chihuahua around the house at about 1 in the morning last night. Haha. Poor guy never sleeps good. It has been awesome having him as a last companion. Definitely a tender mercy of the Lord. And the good news is that I have converted him into a mamey smoothie addict also. 
We taught 23 lessons this week. It´s not as much as we would have liked but we had a few extra things that we had to do too. I went to Chinampas with Elder Beal once again to interview some people. He´s from my generation but won´t be flying home with us because his parents are flying in on Wednesday. I will be flying to L.A. with Elder Reid and Elder Herman though. We also gave a special training to a district in our zone that is struggling with la Obra de la Salvación. Most of them only teach about 12 lessons per week. So we set goals with them to increase the amount they teach every week and to also uplift and strengthen the members more. I love teaching a lot because we are not walking in the street all day, we get better at teaching, we find new people to teach, and we can strengthen whoever is in front of us. 
Mitzy is going great. She is going to be baptized this Friday and she already asked me to perform the ordinance. I am so glad that I could see her be baptized before I go. Her whole family went to church this week and are progressing really well.  Secretly, Elder Shirley and I have our own theme music for Mitzy. Haha.
Last night, our bishop invited his friend Monica and her kid, Gabriel over so we could meet them and teach them. Gabriel is a nine year old genius and Monica is really interested in the Restoration. So the area is running like a well oiled machine.
I love being a missionary and I love teaching. It´s so much fun. Tell the Bishop that I´ll do whatever he asks me when I get back! I´m still not the greatest teacher but I´m better than I was.
I have a ton that I have to do this week. Teach 30 lessons, have a baptism, a Leadership Council, interview some more people, and find new people to teach. It will be awesome. Churubusco has easily been one of my favorite wards. So that´s about all she wrote. I love  you  a ton! I´ll write again on Monday next week.  Paz.
Elder Hubbard

Happy Anniversary Aaron and Lynze.