Monday, May 14, 2012

14 May 2012

It was great to be able to talk to you all last night! I have a great family and friends too. I am really lucky kid. I hope my Momma had a good Mother´s day. I was glad to hear that all is well at home. So I will write a short letter this week since we talk a bunch last night.
The lessons this week were pretty much non existent. It was rough. I think we taught five the entire week. Haha. I have no idea what happened but I didn´t get discouraged. One of the best parts of the week was the two baptisms that we had on Sunday after church. It was a mom named Marcela and her 15 year old son named Alejandro. He has such a good attitude. I still remember how we found Marcela. We had been walking down the street going to look for some house when all of the sudden my nose started bleeding. I looked around fast to find somebody who could give me a napkin and found a ways behind us an a food stand and asked for them. We stood there for a little bit and then started walking. It turned out that Heavenly Father put us in the right place at the right time. Marcela ran into us, crying and asking for help with her sons. We went and since then we could see that she was definitely chosen. I baptized Marcela and our ward mission leader baptized Alejandro. Afterwards Alenjandro asked if he could now go with us to visit people since he is a member now. Stud.
I have find out here that life is what we make of it. If we have the attidude that we are going to win, we will win. If we think we are going to lose we will lose. Just ask Greenwave football. But no matter where we are in life we can turn it around and be the person that we were meant to be. We can chose eternal life. We can choose to follow the Savior. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. I know that that is true. Make some sacrifices this week.
con amor,
Elder Hubbard 

 Relief society president. We wash clothes here and called you from here.

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