Monday, April 9, 2012

9 Abril 2012

This was another weird week for me. I don´t even know what to write about. It feels like I am doing something wrong because nothing has been working out right. I just have to figure out what it is. We just haven´t been having any experience and not a lot of progress in the area. I know it´s just something that I am going to learn from and it´s nothing that you should worry about. The baptismal dates that we had fell this week. They said that they want to be more sure and don´t want to be married until July. I really think they will get their answer faster and still be baptized before then. The worst part of the mission is definitely when you feel like you aren´t making a difference. But the one thing that get´s me over any problem is that I believe in Christ.  And His work will go on.
We had an instruction from President Chávez this week for the leaders of the mission. He talked to us about following the Spirit and never going to extremes. He also taught us about the organization of the church a lot and how we should never want to be leaders in the church. I agree. Haha. I always feel pumped after the instructions but the trick is applying it to the area and to my life.  After the instruction, a missionary named Elder Stringham came to my area with my companion too. Trio. Tons of swag. We taught to lessons. One to Clara, Karen, and Regina. They are the ones who went to church the last two weeks. They are progressing and Clara said that she will be baptized when she knows the Book of Mormon is true.
This whole week in Mexico was the "semana santa" or holy week. They celebrate and have parties that focus on the death of Christ. I never saw anything that had to do with the resurrected Christ. They also walk around in suits and they look like death eaters. The streets were pretty empty and there aren´t a lot of people in town. It was pretty weird. I never want to see an image of Christ on a cross again.
We also found another family this church. The single mom contacted us and brought her two boys to church on sunday. Her boy of 15 years old is a little depressed. They loved church though. We are going to start teaching them this week.
Today we did a lot of cleaning, washed the clothes, and Clara gave us La Comida. Right now we are getting ready for our district meeting. I am getting a lot better at doing them.
So I promise you all in my next letter I am going to have some experience for you and I will sound a lot happier. I am going to dominate this week and win every day.   I hope you enjoy the pictures! I love you all and have no doubt in my mind that I am where I am supposed to be. And because Christ lives, I can be a better person every single day. Have a great week!
Elder Hubbard