Monday, April 29, 2013

29 abril 2013

Happy Birthday dad!!! Biggest stud I know. I meant to tell you last week but at the last second I forgot. Sorry.  So my last transfer of the mission has officially begun. I didn´t get transferred but sadly, Elder Lee did. The goods news is that Fallon and Lovelock Nevada are now united here in Iztapalapa! My new companion is Elder Shirley from Lovelock. The Lord likes to do funny things like that.  It will be his first time being a zone leader so I´ll show him what we have to do. It will be tons of fun to be with him because he is normal and obedient.
I had a really good week. Elder Lee had to go to the doctors at the temple and there I bought a bible, triple and hymnbook for Laura. Better said, Mom and Dad bought it for her and she says thank you. Haha.
On Friday we didn´t work because we were puking. Elder Lee in the bathroom and I right on some plants that are outside the house. It was fun though. We don´t know why we got sick.
Socorro and Marisol are still going to church. Socorro said that one night she prayed to know if the church was true and she woke up in the morning with a train of thoughts. First-I´m gonna die. Second-God. Third- I need forgiveness. Fourth- I need to be baptized. And fifth- The elders. Haha. That´s a great way to start a day off. We invited them to a baptismal service of a little girl in the ward and they went and liked it but they still don´t want to do it. I have faith though. It has been such a fun project teaching them.
We have been teaching a lot of active members of the church and we find interesting things and have great lessons. For example, one marriage told us that they were sealed 7 years ago and haven´t gone back to the temple since. What are you people doing?! Go to the temple! It´s the best place in the world! Finally, an inactive family that we have been teaching for 2 months came to church on Sunday  It´s such a sweet feeling to see them back at the Lord´s Table. Well, actually only half of them went. But it´s alright for now.
Yesterday I had to take care of a problem of a missionary using his own cell phone to watch an ab workout video. What are you doing?! Haha. He´d better have a six pack.
Elder Lee and I played basketball at church today. It is the only church that I have seen here that as an indoor court. They´re ballers on budgets here in DF. Oh well.
I love every one of you almost as much as my investigators. Haha. JK. Love you.
Elder Hubbard

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