Tuesday, December 11, 2012

11 Diciembre 2012

Buenas tardes!
How is everybody?! I am doing good down here. I am glad that everything is well at home and that you are getting ready for Christmas.  It doesn`t feel like it`s Christmas time here but a few people have put some lights up.
This week we had the baptism of Cristina. It was impressive because she had only been an investigator for about a month and a half. My companion and I saw that she has repented a ton, and had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, so that she was ready for her baptism. We had to teach her almost all of the commandments and the Plan of Salvation, and the Restoration this week so we went on splits quite a few times. I went every time to go teach her with our ward mission leader, Marcario. They weren`t the greatest lessons I have ever had but she learned what she needed too. On Sunday after church Marcario baptized her. You gotta love that trademark green Iztapalapa water. The Xalpa ward isn`t quite as sharp as Contreras in their missionary work, but they do give us a ton of referrals.
We actually taught a ton of lessons this week, including twelve with a member there with us. Elder Herrera got a lot better in our lessons and set like 9 baptismal dates with our investigators. One of them was a nine year old kid who`s mom is less active. His name his Raymundo. He actually was just baptized by immersion in another church. We wanted to help him see that he would need to be baptized by somebody who has the authority to do so. We taught him all about the priesthood, how it was given to the apostles and how it was lost when they died. Then we explained how Joseph Smith recieved the same authority from the same apostles. We used some good examples and then at the end invited him to ask Heavenly Father in that moment if the church is true. He did it and when he said Amen, my comp and I didn`t say anything. He told us that he felt something in his heart, and then said it feels like "Dios esta en mi corazòn." It was amazing to see a 9 year old boy feel an answer to his prayers and now he has a stronger testimony than anyone in his family.   We had a lot of experiences like that as we taught this week. We should all have a testimony from the Spirit that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the kingdom of God on the earth. If you don`t know, ask Him. If you do know, keep asking Him. If there is an answer that we haven`t recieved, we just have to want it more.
Right now I feel like I am in a weird stage in my mission. I really want to keep getting better and not stop progressing. I am trying to stay focused on my purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ and to become more like him. I love to read how my friends our doing in the other missions. Elder Stockard is running the streets in Tampico as an assistant. I got a letter from Elder Christiansen this week and he is a great example to me. I am glad I have such great friends and family as examples because I need it.
Thanks for your letters and I can`t wait to talk to you! I don`t know if you`ll me in Boise or Fallon, or walmart, but we`ll talk!  I`ll practice my english so that you can understand me well.
Elder Hubbard