Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 marzo 2013

Hola hola!!
It has been another really fast week. A year ago today I left my first area in Topilejo! I am glad that Lucy Mae is still doing well.  She is a cute little girl. I feel like I haven´t heard anything about Shayla in about 6 months! What ever happened to her?
This week was full of baptismal interviews. The zone had 11 baptisms to start the month off, which is really good. I think I interviewed about 5 people for their baptisms, and one of them I had to do twice.  One of them was for a family of five, so me and my companion did all of them. It´s been a while since I haven´t had a baptism. I don´t know what I am doing wrong but I am still trying. Our goal for April is 3 baptisms which means that I will have to find about 36 people this month if I want to reach the goal. It´s stressful sometimes. My plan is to contact like crazy whenever we are in the streets.
As we were on our way in a micro bus to some baptismal interviews, the police stopped us and told all of the men to get off. They made us all put our hands on the bus and they searched us. Luckily, the only thing that I had was my daily planner and some chapstick. Haha. Mexico is the best.
One of my favorite parts of this week was on Saturday night. We had invited some members to go with us to an appointment but it fell through. Elder Lee thought we should visit a less active sister and her husband who isn´t a member. When we got there we found that they were moving from their apartment to another one in the same building. So for the first time in my mission, I got to help someone move! Down two flights of stairs and then up one. We said a prayer with them too to bless their new home. I have been so sore afterwards. I am seriously weak sauce. Elder Lee and I always go running every morning but that just doesn´t make me ripped. I have stick arms.
We visited our bishop this week and had a lot of fun with his family. He has two little kids and we practiced giving a BM away with them. It was so funny. Little kids are so blunt. The 10 year old took a BM and is going to give it to a friend at school. I want to know what will happen.
Oh, we passed by Aztec Stadium this week when they were about to have a soccer game! That place was nuts!!! América vs. Cruz Azul. It brought back FIFA memories at BYU. And the train that we took was packed. There was no "Book of Mormon space between you and other people" rule. Awkward.
So I hope yall have a good week! Thinks are great here, as long as I find my 36 new investigators. It´s game time. I love you!
Elder Hubbard