Monday, October 10, 2011

Hola Familia!!!

I am soooo excited. For the past two Mondays I have been able to "chat" with Tyler via email while he is writing his weekly letter. It is wonderful to know that he is sitting at the other end actually talking to me. It definitely lifts my spirits! I love technology!!

My first Cambio ended this week!! On monday we had our last Junta as a district. We played basketball (amatuer hour) and fútbol afterwards. It was a lot of fun. Cambios were on Tuesday in an area called Texqueña. An investigator gave us a ride there. We had just started leaving when he said that we didn´t have any gas. I listened and the motor wasn´t on. We cruised down the mountain for a good ten miles without any gas. I don´t care who you are, that´s impressive. I got a little scared at some points but I couldn´t stop laughing because, ¿who drives without gas? Apparently here there are no rules.  When we finally stopped Elder Leyva and I took a can and ran and got some.  After Cambios we went and helped the new missionaries move into Ajusco. They are Elder Garcia from St. George and Elder Garca from here. Afterwards we taught some lessons, one of them in the Alchoholicos Anonimo group building. There were two drunks passed out outside. Fail. The power went out that night and it was weird to see no lights anywhere. On Wednesday, we had a lesson with a nonactive Hermana. She said something about not feeling that great spiritually. During the whole lesson there was screamo music blaring in the background and I got the most horrible feeling. Right before we left I told her if she wanted to feel good she would need to shut the music off because the Holy Ghost can dwell with it. She probably hates me now but I hate to see the home being attacked from the inside out like that. Bad music is just an environment for sin.  We then had a lesson in which we helped an investigator decide to quit drinking but its gonna be tough.  When we were walking back we were in this yard that we always cut through and it was dark. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the biggest dog I have ever seen about to jump me. It was as big as a horse! Actually it was a horse. Haha. It scared me just a little bit. Dang caballos.  On Thursday we had some intercambios. Elder Garza came to Topilejo with me. He just got here on Tuesday and I got here seven weeks ago so we were two seasoned veterans going into it. We ended up having some powerful lessons about prayer. One man we taught to pray and kneeled downed and he talked to his Heavenly Father. He didn´t even know how to do it before hand but now he has a guide and comfort for the rest of his life. Elder Garza was pretty tired by the end of the day and I am pretty sure has a bad case of shin splints. Poor kid.  He was a way fun companion.  We both have an addiction to the bread here and the song Mas Cerca Dios de Ti.  We committed a man to baptism this weeked named Alvaro. He is really humble. We taught him and I bought a drink afterwards and some maybe drunk guy asked me if he could have it. I drank as much as I could and then handed it to him. Loser.  Saturday and Sunday weren´t very eventful. We had three investigators come to church. This morning we went to Estadio Azteca and bowled too. I dominated the 4 game series as a black horse. Two turkeys. The song Living the Vida Loca was playing and I felt like it was appropriate.  I started the Old Testament this week because of Elder Scotts talk and it is way interesting. I am learning so much every day. I know that this church is true. I wish everybody in the world knew it is true so they could be happy. I have to go, but I will write a better email next week!! We should have a baptism this Saturday!!
Elder Hubbard