Monday, January 23, 2012

23 Enero 2012

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was so sweet! Elder Perea and I tore it up. We made a goal to work with members more so people can come to church with us. Every day we were able to have a different member go with us to different lessons. We ended up having more than one every day. Hermana Lulu went with us to a lesson with her godchild who is like 50 years old. I was standing on the street corner and new I had to contact her for some reason. We had such a good lesson with them and they felt the Spirit a lot. It was perfect to have Hermana Lulu there because she made everybody comfortable and relaxed. Her godchild, Nicolasa, said that she is not going to change but she already has a lot. Haha.
On Wednesday we had interviews with Presidente Chávez. We can go with questions that we have or problems that we have. I asked him to teach me how he studies and marks his scriptures and he did. It is so sweet. I wish I had some newer english scriptures. Presidente Chávez is the best teacher ever. I am convinced that we will listen to him in General Conferance some day.
I had interchanges with an Elder from Ajusco this week named Elder Malpica. It was so much fun. He knows a ton about the scriptures and the gospel and I just talked to him the whole day about questions that I had. I learned a ton. Plus we taught six lessons that day and found some great new people.
On Saturday we visited some people with our new mission leader. We went to some inactives house and read Alma 36 with them. It was such a good lesson and they are going to start coming to church again. Their kids already have came.
Yesterday at church a girl from Parres came that we have tried to visit her. We kind of thought she was already baptized and a member. She is 15 years old and named Daniela. After church we find out that she isn´t a member of our church but she wants to be baptized. Her mom and gramma are already members. It is a good blessing and we are going to teach her this week.
Today is Elder Garcia´s birthday and Hermana Katia and I made him pancakes and bacon. No numbers or candles though, sorry dad. Some people here want me to ask you for the pancake recipe and chocolate chip cookies too. The church and the members here are getting so much stronger and I have seen so much progress here. The church is now looking for land to by for their church here in Topilejo. I can not wait to see that.
I know that this work is real, and that Jesus is the Christ. Through Him and nobody else can we return to the presence of Our Heavenly Father and live with our families forever in unending happiness. And that´s how the cookie crumbles.
I love you all! Have a great week. Thank you for you prayers and your letters.
Elder Hubbard
p.s. Respect to Max Magill and Ecuador. I love you bro.
 Tyler and Elder Perea

 Who knows, somebodies home?

 Flippin' pancakes. Look at the concentration!

Barbwire face. Ouch!