Friday, December 16, 2011

More Hub Pictures~

 What a handsome missionary!! Notice the poinsettia's?

A LEGO Nativity!

I found these pictures in my email this evening. What a GREAT surprise!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Deciembre 2011

Hey family!
This was another good week in Mexico City. Time doesn`t really feel like it exists here. It still feels like it`s June and no time has passed in my mission. Topilejo is getting better but it`s seems like we haven`t been able to make any progress in the last couple of weeks. We have taught good lessons and found new people but we can`t seem to get them to go to church. I don`t know what we should do differently.
On Tuesday we were teaching Juana, Mauro`s aunt about the Restoration. It was going pretty rough and very effective. Then I said a prayer in my head to help us get better and help her feel our message. It got way better almost instantly. I think she felt the Spirit and committed to baptism on the 17th. But she didn`t come to church yesterday so that will have to change. She has only came one time. My stomach started feeling weird on Tuesday and I still don`t think it is back to normal. I ate salsa verde I think that messed it up. Mexico is rough on the stomach.
On Thursday we taught Mauro`s parents. His dad can`t read and his mom has already prayed and feels that the Church is right. When people can`t read we have to explain very simpily with pictures and we will use videos this week too. So the thing is they have to get married so they are going to talk about it and we are going back this week. Mauro`s dad looks way different than the first time I saw him. There is more light in his face and in his eyes. It`s the weirdest thing.  We also had a really good lesson with a lady named Alejandra. Ale-alejandra.  She told us about how she doesn`t think the cross is right to wear and worship because Christ died there. Her son was so pumped when we told them that Christ is going to come again. Haha. I love so many people here.  Then we found an old investigator that has already read the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. He knows and believes them but we asked them to pray to know if they are true and if he should be baptized. I think he could be bishop here one day.
On Friday we went to the temple! I love that place more than any other place in the world. I was walking up the stairs inside and felt just a relief come over me. It is so peaceful, I love it.  It was so beautiful too, inside and outside. Presidente Chàvez went with us and his wife along with like 70 missionaries. Elder Herman and Elder Reid were there too. It was a little different having it all in spanish but I understood all of it and went through for a guy from Spain born in 1660. Afterwards we took pictures and went to the temple store. I bought a bible for Mauro but on the metro some guy started begging me for it and I gave it to him and took his name and direction.  When we got back to Topi Town we taught Alvaro and Taide-the parents of the huge family. We taught them about how we can tell something is good if it has good fruits. We talked about the Book of Mormon and they are  going to read and pray about it. Alvaro went to church yesterday and for the first time ever our branch did well in fellowshipping them. I hope thinks go good with them this week.
On Saturday we taught a guy named Fransisco about the Word of Wisdom. He is the one who had open heart surgery and wants to get baptized. He said I used to be an alcohilic but I quit because of my pride. I used to smoke 20 cigarrettes a day but I quit because I my lungs started working. I used to drink tea but I quit because it makes my blood too thin. I used to drink 5 cups of coffee a day but I quit because I had to have heart surgery. Haha. He knows all the hard ships of not taking care of his body but now will see the blessings the Lord will give him by taking care of it. I am suprised he is still alive.  That night we were at Paula and Irais`s house when everything started moving. It wasn`t a ton because Topilejo is up high but there was definitely a temblor. I guess it was like 6.4 in some parts of Mexico City.  We heard the music stop during it next door and then start again right after, like nothing happened. The world will be in for a wake up call when Christ comes again.
This morning we went to a huge mall called Perisur. I found a backpack finally but no pillow. We went to walmart too for some shampoo. Thanks for all of your letters. I miss everyone a ton. I love you all and Merry Christmas!

Elder Hubbard

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Hubbard's!! What's going on with us.....

Tyler finished up his first year at BYU. He absolutely loved it. He received his mission call to serve in the Mexico City South Mission. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on June 22. He has been in a small town called Topelijo since August 22. He is having a fantastic time. 

Shayla graduated with her Associates of Science Degree in Nursing in April. She passed her Registered Nurse licensing Exam in May and worked at a nursing home in Fallon for the summer. She returned to BYU-Idaho in September where she is finishing her Bachelors degree and will graduate in April 2012.

Mark and Bree were married on August 7 at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno. We are very happy to have her in our family. Mark is finishing up his PhD. He will hopefully graduate in May. Bree is working on her Master’s degree. They work in the same lab at UNR.

Aaron, Lynze and Oliver are still living in Las Vegas. On June 23 our sweet Oliver Samuel entered this world. Aaron is still working for Outdoor Promotions as the director of sales and marketing and is starting graduate school in January at UNLV. Lynze loves being a stay at home mom!!

Sam and Shelly are still working at the junior high and are still adjusting to having no children at home. Shelly had to have her appendix out the end of March. That was not a lot of fun. We started serving in the Reno Temple on Saturday mornings and absolutely love our time there. Life is good! We are richly blessed by the Lord. We are grateful for our sweet little family.