Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breaking News at the Hubbard House......

Shayla is ENGAGED!! His name is Jeff Hayes. He is from Boise, ID. She met him at school. Mom and Dad whole heartily approve!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

23 Abril 2012

Buenas Tardes!!!
This was another good week in Leandro Valle. We are now starting week 6 of the change so next Tuesday I or my companion could be going to a new area. But I don´t really think we´ll have changes. I have really liked this area and I hope I don´t get changed for awhile. I like knowing the area, the members and the investigators and it makes me mad to have changes. Haha.
So this Tuesday we were able to talk to a family about the Restoration. They have already gone to church with us and are progressing really quickly. The mom´s name is Marcela and her two kids are Alejandro and Carlos. At the end of the lesson we invited them to be baptized on May 12 and they all accepted. They seem really excited and comitted to doing it. We tried something different this week. We didn´t teach as much, we just testified and tried to ask them inspired questions. It makes it harder but invites the Spirit more.
I had interchanges this week with Elder Bentley in an area called Paseos de Churubusco. He is a really good missionary and really nice. We were able to bring an investigator to give him a tour of the chapel. We started with a prayer and then showed him all of the rooms. I felt the Spirit really strongly two times. The first was when we showed him the big framed picture of the First Vision and the other was when we walked into the sacrament room. We opened the doors and all of us we just hit with a wall of peace and tranquility. I loved it and i didn´t want to leave. The investigator felt it two and said that we would definitely come to church on sunday. I know that I walked into the true church that is on the earth, the only true and living church.
Another day we had a cool experience with an inactive sister that we found a few weeks ago. It was our first time teaching her. She told us about the death of her father in law, how she is mad with God, how she hasn´t prayed, and the regret that she feels. We were able to explain to her the Plan of Salvation and talk about the trials that we have. At the end we sang her the hymn Mas Cerca Dios de Tí. It was one they wanted to sing at the funeral of her father in law but they couldn´t remember it. She cried during the whole lesson. The good thing was that as we were leaving, her visiting teachers were coming up. It is a miracle because nobody does their visiting teaching here. Haha. She came to church yesterday and loved it.
We recieved a referral this week from a taxi driver that said that he had been praying for some missionaries. He sent us to a school teacher´s house named Susana. It was a golden referral. She is so good. We explained a little bit about what we do as missionaries. She really wants her son to be able to have good friends and programs. She told us that she would wait for us to go to church yesterday. The miracle was that when we had been looking for her house, I contacted a lady that was outside. We explained some stuff about the church, invited her to talk to us, and to go to church. She was really nice but said no to everything. So sunday morning we went to bring Susana to church. Outside was the first lady that we contacted and we said hi to her. She just kind of smiled so we went upstairs. Susana told us that she had a friend waiting outside with her two daughters that were going to come with us. It was the lady that rejected us! Haha. But she came and they all enjoyed church.
So that was my week. We went to the Centro today and looked for some cameras. I am going to buy one next week or the week after. When we were there I found Elder Sorenson from my district in the MTC. It was good to see him and he says that all of the other missionaries from my generation are doing good.
I saw many tender mercies of the Lord this week. Every week I try to be a better missionary but it is so hard. Fabiola and Rodrigo should be getting married and baptized this weekend! Pray for me and them! I love you all so much and I miss you too.
Elder Hubbard