Tuesday, September 18, 2012

18 septiembre 2012

Que hubolé escuincles? It was a great week here in La Magdalena Contreras! Elder Rios and I are having a lot of fun together.  We have gotten used to getting drenched at least once a day. I think that is the reason that I have a little bit of a cold right now. At least I have some new shoes to show off!!! Thanks a ton for that package by the way. You don´t have to send any more now. Just save the money and retire early please. I don´t know which made me happier, the shoes or the twizzler.  One day this week, we got soaked liked three times. Once, we were waiting under an overhang to let the rain calm down a little bit but it just kept going. So I just starting playing some theme music from that John Tanner church video and we walked out into the rain. Haha. That music can make any trial sound cool. We walked to our appointment and the family-Julia and Eva- let us right in. Even though we drenched their couch, it was a really cool lesson. Julian is really looking for the truth and has found out for himself that not all of the churches lead us to God.
Elder Rios and I only have 4 days to work every week in our own area so it is really difficult to help a lot of people progress. What we have been doing is contacting a ton and spending the most time with the people that seem escogido.  Sorry, I really don´t know how we say that it english.  The rest of the days we go to the mission offices and give trainings to the other missionaries. Tonight we have to go to San Pedro where we are going to train two districts in planning for there lessons better. I feel like I am getting to be a little bit better as a leader but I still want to be able to help the other missionaries better.  We gave a training to the whole zone-34 missionaries not including us- on Thursday and it went really well. Elder Rios is a really good teacher and is good at being in front of big groups.
Another thing that happened that was really cool this week was with an inactive family. A few weeks ago, el hermano Bunker and I visited them and found that they worship the Santa Muerte. It could be one of the weirdest things that exist here in Mexico. They worship death. Who knows why. But hermana Bunker and I invited them to throw it into the garbage. They were afraid to do it because they thought something bad would happen to them. Well, we visited them this week and found that they actually did it! And their family has changed completely. They went to a church activity this week, no longer do they hear voices screaming in their house (which is always good), and finished winning another challenge that they had as a family.  It was awesome to see the difference.  Repentance is always a good move.
One night this week, we were in an area named Hidalgo and we waited for the bus for like an hour. It was already 9:30 so we just asked President Valadez if we could sleep there with the missionaries.  I feel like a vagabond sometimes. 
So that´s about it for the week. All that I can remember anyways. I really think that I will be in this area until Christmas so I am thinking about bying an acre of land to live on. Haha.  I learned a lot about repentence this week. I decided that the Atonement is for the bad, the good, and the mediocre.  It really is for everybody and we have to share it with everybody. If you want to get started being good missionaries, just study Preach My Gospel everyday as if it were the Book of Mormon, and go with the missionaries to appointments. Going with the missionaries helps you see how other people respond to the message and lets you share your testimony.
Les amo un buen y que les vaya bien bonita!
Elder Hubbard