Monday, October 15, 2012

15 Octubre 2012

Sorry about that. Once again I forgot to tell you that transfers were coming up. Just so you know, the next transfers are the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Conste. So Elder Rios and I lasted a good six weeks together. I can say that in those six weeks we had 0 problems with each other. That is always good.  He will be returning to a ward that he has already been in and will be a good old normal missionary with no extra leadership responsibilities. He is a good companion and I am going to miss the little guy.  I am now going to be the senior companion here in Contreras.  It`s not a big change because we are both zone leaders and do equal work. My new companion is going to be Elder Jones. I know him a little bit but not a ton. I am really excited to work with him. His dad is a mission president in Texas and I think that he is from California. I`ll tell you more this next week.  The zone had a ton of transfers too and I am excited to be here. 
We had a good week here.  We were able to work in our area for four days straight which was a miracle. And I got to contact in the rain which is always fun. We started knocking doors because the missionary who I was with didn`t plan anything to do. So it started raining and we just kept on contacting. We were soaked when a nice lady let us in and we taught her and her daughter. It made me feel good.
Julian went to church again this week. He got there before we did and in Priesthood taught the whole quorum the doctrine of receiving Priesthood blessings. The guy is such a spiritual giant.  In Priesthood he also asked the procedures of a correct baptism. And he is already at the end of 2 Nephi.  To top it all off, out of nowhere he decided to quit drinking coke. I have never taught a man like him before. 
I`m not going to lie, that`s all I got for this week. Today I cleaned the house and wrote a few letters. (Heads up Mom and dad)  Oh and we found a Carl`s Junior so I put it on the tab. Sorry this letter is so short and that I couldn`t send pictures today. Thanks for writing to me. Hopefully the next letter will be more interesting!! Have a great week!!
con cariño,
Elder Hubbard