Monday, June 10, 2013

10 junio 2012

Well, I am really tempted to write you a three word letter that says, "See you Wednesday!" but I am going try hard to think of something else to say. This week was awesome! We had Mitzi`s baptism on Friday night. Thespacebarinthisplacedoesn`tworkverywell. It was a really good baptismal service.Her family came andalso her boyfriend`s family who are all members. I baptized Mitzi and even thoughit was my last week in the mission whenI got into the font and started to say the prayer my mind blanked. I had to think for a little bit. Haha. She bore her testimony afterwards and itwas reallystrong. Her familyis also progressing really well including one of her sisters thatwas a bit reluctant at first. I am sure her sister will be baptizedthis month. Yesterday, I had my exit interview with PresidentValadez. It was a bit sooner than I expected but I am glad because it helped me a ton. I feel really relaxed and excited right now. I can`t wait to start my new life and keep learning and growing. I am so grateful for being to serve a mission. Thanks for sopporting me and helping me for all of this time. I feel like Heavenly Father just decided to take me and shape me more into the person that He knew I could be. I am thankful to Himforthat. I love the Savior and all that He has taught me in these two years and the people that I have taught.I know that He gives light to all things. So I hope youare all readyfor me to get back. Tomorrow Iwill goto the mission home and eat with Presidente Valadez. I think that I will haveto be at the airport at 5 on Wednesday. 
I love youa ton and I can`t wait to see you!!!

Love, ElderHubbard


Monday, June 3, 2013

Just wanted to let everyone know that Tyler will be speaking on June 16. Our Sacrament meeting is at 1:00 p.m. Come listen to him!!

3 junio 2013

Que onda!!!
I have learned that I am not capable of watching Mormon Messages and writing a letter to you at the same time. Oprah calls that multi-tasking. That´s one thing that I haven´t learned on my mission. So it was another awesome week! We are taking half of our P-day today and another half tomorrow due to a Leadership Council that we are going to have tomorrow.
Elder Shirley and I are doing great. I watched him chase a nonexistant Chihuahua around the house at about 1 in the morning last night. Haha. Poor guy never sleeps good. It has been awesome having him as a last companion. Definitely a tender mercy of the Lord. And the good news is that I have converted him into a mamey smoothie addict also. 
We taught 23 lessons this week. It´s not as much as we would have liked but we had a few extra things that we had to do too. I went to Chinampas with Elder Beal once again to interview some people. He´s from my generation but won´t be flying home with us because his parents are flying in on Wednesday. I will be flying to L.A. with Elder Reid and Elder Herman though. We also gave a special training to a district in our zone that is struggling with la Obra de la Salvación. Most of them only teach about 12 lessons per week. So we set goals with them to increase the amount they teach every week and to also uplift and strengthen the members more. I love teaching a lot because we are not walking in the street all day, we get better at teaching, we find new people to teach, and we can strengthen whoever is in front of us. 
Mitzy is going great. She is going to be baptized this Friday and she already asked me to perform the ordinance. I am so glad that I could see her be baptized before I go. Her whole family went to church this week and are progressing really well.  Secretly, Elder Shirley and I have our own theme music for Mitzy. Haha.
Last night, our bishop invited his friend Monica and her kid, Gabriel over so we could meet them and teach them. Gabriel is a nine year old genius and Monica is really interested in the Restoration. So the area is running like a well oiled machine.
I love being a missionary and I love teaching. It´s so much fun. Tell the Bishop that I´ll do whatever he asks me when I get back! I´m still not the greatest teacher but I´m better than I was.
I have a ton that I have to do this week. Teach 30 lessons, have a baptism, a Leadership Council, interview some more people, and find new people to teach. It will be awesome. Churubusco has easily been one of my favorite wards. So that´s about all she wrote. I love  you  a ton! I´ll write again on Monday next week.  Paz.
Elder Hubbard

Happy Anniversary Aaron and Lynze.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

28 mayo 2013

That means Hubbards in Spanish. How was your week? It sounds like Mom and Dad are having fun in the land of the pápas.  I can´t believe you met Spencer Call! I let him live with us when he was homeless for a few months. Haha. Happy Birthday this week to Don Marcos!
We had a good week here in Churubusco. It seemed like it was a water park with all of the rain, but it was fun. We taught 25 lessons this week and now we want to go for 30. Teaching a lot is so much fun.
This week Stefano was baptized! It was a good day. The baptismal service was probably the simplest one that I have ever seen. Stefano was born in Chicago so we baptized a fellow American. This week we are going to work on getting him prepared to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood.
We taught the Ramirez Flores family this week about the law of the fast and the mom did it this weekend. She loved it and recieved a huge testimony of it. As a result, we are now teaching their daughter, who didn´t want to listen to us before.
Things are also going well with Mitzy. Elder Jeffery R. Holland did us a favor this week, and visited Mexico City. Mitzy went with the YSA and she loved it. Obviously. We are now teaching Mitzy´s mom and sisters and they went to church on Sunday. So we have a lot of work in Churubusco.
This week I woke up in the middle of the night and heard that Elder Shirley was making a lot of noise. I looked down at him and all of the sudden he rolled over and fell right off the bed onto the floor. Hahaha. Poor kid. He was alright though.
Next Tuesday I am going to go to try to find some souvenirs for all of you. I´ll see if I can find something but it´s not going to be as cool as the scripture case that Aaron got us. Ni modo.
I love you all a ton! It feels good to be an elder. (Oh, and somebody yelled nefitas at my companion and I this week on the subway.) Have a good week!
Elder Hubbs

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

21 mayo 2013

Thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes! I feel loved. 
 Elder Shirley and I had another great week. The Zone Conference might have been the best one that I have had in my whole mission. President Valadez talked about how to study the scriptures so we can teach them. He taught us how to study doctrine, principles, and how to apply them. I love it. 
Elder Shirley and I have a great work system right now in our area. We are teaching a lot of lessons with members present at the church. Stefano is going good for his baptism this Saturday. Mitzy is also going well for her baptism on June 1st. The Ramirez Flores family went to a baptismal service Sunday night and when they walked out they looked like they had just gotten their minds blown. Brother Ramirez said that it felt like someone was hugging him during all of the service and he took that as his answer. They are all ready for baptism. They just need to get divorced and married first. I am really banking on the Mexican government pulling through for us.
I renewed my temple recommend this week! I love having those interviews. 
The rainy season is starting once again, so we are no longer dying from the scorching sun as much. We had a total of four birthday cakes in two days. Impressive. Sister Mares and her family gave us three and Laura and Michel gave us one. Haha.
There`s a whole bunch of other stuff that happened this week and I wrote all in my journal so I can tell you when I get home. I love you and thanks for everything. 

Elder Hubbard

Monday, May 13, 2013

RETURN Travel Itinerary For HUBBARD/TYLER JAMES - 12June

It's official!! Tyler will really be coming home!! We would like to invite anyone who would like to be with us at the airport when Tyler arrives home.

CHURCH TRAVEL CWT                          DATE 10APRIL13
TELEPHONE: 801 240-5111                    HUBBARD/TYLER JAMES 219765-R
FAX      : 801-240-5115
SERVICE               DATE  FROM           TO             DEPART  ARRIVE
_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______
Q ECONOMY                   TERMINAL 1     TERMINAL 6
           NON SMOKING      SNACK                         NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         4:05 DURATION
Q ECONOMY                   TERMINAL 4
           NON SMOKING      FOOD FOR PURCHASE             NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         1:20 DURATION

13 mayo 2013

It was so good to talk to you yesterday! I am glad that Travis could be there too to say hi. I´m writing today because tomorrow we are going to have our Zone Conference.  President Valadez has to show a future mission president an example of a zone conference and we won the lottery pick. 
We had such a good week in our area. President Valadez has invited us to teach thirty lessons every week. This week we acomplished 22. Elder Shirley is a beast and has helped me a lot. As part of teaching, we have taught a lot of active members. Week after week. We also always ask them if they know anyone that could be interested in our message. We are starting to see a lot of results.
We met a new investigator this week named Mitzy. She is 21 and her boyfriend is a member of the church. We taught her for the first time Saturday night in the church. It was so sweet! We gave her a tour and then we taught her the Restoration in the chapel. We invited her to pray about it as Elder Shirley played some hymns on the piano. Afterwards she said that she felt an unexplainable feeling and she accepted a baptitsmal date.
We also had a sweet lesson with the Ramirez Flores family. It was the first time that we taught them in about two months and they are on fire like in NBA Jam on the Super Nintendo. We explained to them why they needed to be baptized in the right way, they went to church yesterday, and I did a little fist pump in the pew. I am committed to do everything I can to help them be baptized before I leave.
The other miracle that we had was Jazmín. She is an inactive member that wants to come back to church out of nowhere. She brought her son Estefeno also to church yesterday and he is a great kid. 12 years old. We are going to start teaching them tomorrow. 
Happy Mother´s Day mom! I love you a ton. And Happy Birthday Jeff. Someday I will meet you. Haha. Have a great week. I love you all. I´ll write on Tuesday next week.
Elder Hubbard