Monday, May 13, 2013

13 mayo 2013

It was so good to talk to you yesterday! I am glad that Travis could be there too to say hi. I´m writing today because tomorrow we are going to have our Zone Conference.  President Valadez has to show a future mission president an example of a zone conference and we won the lottery pick. 
We had such a good week in our area. President Valadez has invited us to teach thirty lessons every week. This week we acomplished 22. Elder Shirley is a beast and has helped me a lot. As part of teaching, we have taught a lot of active members. Week after week. We also always ask them if they know anyone that could be interested in our message. We are starting to see a lot of results.
We met a new investigator this week named Mitzy. She is 21 and her boyfriend is a member of the church. We taught her for the first time Saturday night in the church. It was so sweet! We gave her a tour and then we taught her the Restoration in the chapel. We invited her to pray about it as Elder Shirley played some hymns on the piano. Afterwards she said that she felt an unexplainable feeling and she accepted a baptitsmal date.
We also had a sweet lesson with the Ramirez Flores family. It was the first time that we taught them in about two months and they are on fire like in NBA Jam on the Super Nintendo. We explained to them why they needed to be baptized in the right way, they went to church yesterday, and I did a little fist pump in the pew. I am committed to do everything I can to help them be baptized before I leave.
The other miracle that we had was Jazmín. She is an inactive member that wants to come back to church out of nowhere. She brought her son Estefeno also to church yesterday and he is a great kid. 12 years old. We are going to start teaching them tomorrow. 
Happy Mother´s Day mom! I love you a ton. And Happy Birthday Jeff. Someday I will meet you. Haha. Have a great week. I love you all. I´ll write on Tuesday next week.
Elder Hubbard

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