Wednesday, May 8, 2013

8 mayo 2013

Sorry for writing so late! It feels like I haven`t had a p-day for about
two weeks! But here I am finally. We had a leadership council yesterday so
we couldn`t write. The Leadership Councils in the mission are now composed
of zone leaders and sister trainers. That may or may not be how you say
that in English. It was a lot of fun. There are a ton of new zone leaders,
including Elder Chronister from Aaron`s ward in Vegas. I ate lunch with him
So week 1 with my cool companion from Lovelock was awesome. We taught 26
lessons. In most of them we taught active members of the church and tried
to strengthen them. We still aren`t really repping in the investigators
category but we`ll get there. People from Nevada are athletes in the
mission field.
We had a ton of stuff to do this week as zone leaders. A bunch of
paperwork. I think Elder Shirley was pretty tired. He sleep walks every
night! Scares the bejeebees out of me. The first night I saw him walk into
the kitchen and in the morning a banana was on the floor. Haha. But I
already found the trick. He is really obedient so I just tell him to go
back to sleep. He just says okay...Haha.
Laura and Michel, our recent converts, have signed up to give us La Comida
every day this week. Word.
It`s gonna be another crazy week! I am so excited to talk to you on Sunday!
Travis better be there too. I love you and miss you.
Elder Hubbard

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