Tuesday, October 9, 2012

9 octubre 2012

I hope that everybody had as good of a week as I did!!! I am a pretty happy kid. I loved General Conference this weekend. We were able to listened to special witnesses of Jesus Christ that receive guidance for us. Elder Uchtdorf`s first talk might have changed my life forever even though I had to listen to it in Spanish. I am pretty sure that he wrote it just for me. I was thinking about it a lot this weekend. Here in DF, we often have to take taxis if we don`t have very much time to get somewhere. They take a large effect on me because inside they have taximeters. I think that`s what they are called. But anyways, growing up in Falabama, I didn`t really know much about taxis. The taximeters show how much the ride is going to cost and go up every now and then. I really don`t like them. Now when I get into any normal car I feel anxious too. I just want to get to where we are going to so we don`t have to pay more. Elder Uchtdorf`s talk made me realize that I live my whole life like I am riding in a taxi sometimes and I just want to get things finished. Over these past few days I have changed that mentality and am enjoying every single part, even if it`s hard. I am just going to to enjoy life, not always waiting for something.
One of the sisters talked in general conference also about, "First observe, then act." As we were on our way home last night we were chilling in a bus just waiting to get to the next place. Then Elder Rios said to me, "First observe, then act." I looked around but didn`t see anything. Then he told me that the girl across the aisle was crying. I looked over and it was true. It`s always pretty awkward when a young woman is crying and even more when it is in Spanish. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked what was wrong. She said that nothing and that she would fix it. We started talking about God`s plan for us and she told us that a boy hadn`t treated her very well. We told her that she was a daughter of God and that she is worth a lot to Him. At the end we had to go but she was smiling and said that she would go visit mormon.org. I felt really good to be able to help her and help her know that God loves her.
I am pretty sure that Elder Holland`s talk blew everyone`s mind as well. I imagined Christ asking me, "Elder Hubbard, Do you love me?" It has been in my mind a lot since then. On our way home another night, I kept thinking about that and felt that I do. It is a question that makes us have to act. I decided to contact the whole bus like I did a couple of months ago. This time it went a lot better and at least some people accepted pass along cards. Elder Rios had my back too, testifying with me. I really want to show the Lord that I love him.
Our friends also had a good experience at Conference. 10 of them went in total. Julian and Eva went to the first session on Saturday. After hearing Elder Nelsons talk about missionary work, Julian told us that he felt exactly the same way that the man did that found the missionaries on the bikes. He said that he respected us before the conference, but now he really admires us. I am sure that he felt the same way about the church too. It`s always nice when an apostle is throwing all of the missionaries on the bus. Julian and Eva accepted a baptismal date and seem really happy.
We had to cross the city to the temple this week because my companion had to go to the doctor. On the way back, we went with some sister missionaries from our mission in the metro. We decided to sing "I am a Child of God" to all of the people in the metro and invite them to listen to our message. It was a really cool experience even though only one person was kind of interested.
This week was so sick that I really did love every dad. I know that my Savior loves me and that I can be happy at whatever point in my life. I invite all of you to watch conference http://www.lds.org/general-conference/watch/2012/10?lang=eng&vid=1882749069001&cid=12, make some goals and plans, and let it change your life. My name is Elder Hubbard, I`m a chilango, I`m a güero, and I`m a mormon.
one love,
Elder Hubbard
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