Tuesday, July 31, 2012

31 Julio 2012

Querido familia,
How`s life?! Just to start off, I would like to ask a special favor. Mom, could you please send the letters from Tommy, Kevin, Miles, and Had, and anything interesting from the Olympics to DearElder?? It gives me a lot more time to be able to read them.  So I can`t send any pictures this week because I am not smarter than the computer that I am using so I can`t get it to work. Hate it when that happens.
This was a tough week, but now it`s over and a new one has begun.  A wise man named President Chavez once said that if we aren`t able to conquer our weaknesses here in our missions, it will be a slim chance that we will be able to conquer them afterwards. So I have been trying to find my weaknesses and and overcome then.  If anybody wants to point any of them out to me, that would be great.
The best part of this week was probably Miguel Angel`s baptism. He is a little stud. The ward helped us a lot with his baptism too. We didn`t have to fill the font, make a program, clean up afterwards, or anything. We just showed up. It was really nice. I felt really good in his baptism. Elder Bunker baptized him and I confirmed him on Sunday. I think that was my first time ever. It was a really good experience. We are now working with Miguel Angel`s cousin who needs to be baptized and reactive his family as well.
We have really been able to work with the members lately. After La Comida, we always explain, demonstrate, practice, and evaluate with the members ways that they can share the gospel.  I was on exchanges in an area named Hidalgo with Elder Poston. He told me that he hadn`t really put it into practice. He is new to his area so we went to a members house. Elder Poston is really really good, and really sincere, I love him. He told the member that we were going to leave a pamphlet on their table to give away if they felt like it. But I wanted to show Elder Poston how to work with the members so we did all of the steps right there. While I was demonstrating how to give away a Book of Mormon, the member said that as he watched, he felt that he should give the Book to his friend and is going to do it. Remember, the words of Christ explain, but the Spirit shows us what we should do. It`s the best way to teach.  We have had little miracle all week doing this with the members.
On the same exchanges, Elder Poston and I got caught in a real life traffic jam. And it wasn`t caused by Bishop Wadsworth going down the road at 5 mph on his bailer. Haha. We waited forever. But the funny thing was that it was about 6 lanes of traffic that cut our micro off from the open highway. It was right there in front but we couldn`t see it. It reminded me of something that I heard once that in life we try to follow Celestial road signs but we get stuck in Telestial traffic jams. It is so true. Sometime we try to do the best, but we aren`t perfect and we come short. I have come short a ton of times in my life.
So that`s the story for this week. I know that Christ lives and that he can make up all of our shortcomings. The thing that I like that I have learned on my mission is how to repent. I know that when we start to repent, our view on the world, ourselves, and Heavenly Father changes. It is the best. I invite all of you to particpate of the relief that repentance brings.
Elder Hubbard
I heard that the USA sent only Jimmer to play in the Olympics instead of the whole team? True or false?