Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 septiembre 2012

First week with the new companion down!!! Elder Rios is such a stud. Too much swag. He is about 5 foot 2, fighting out of Jalapa, Veracruz and has been on the mission for like 21 months. This should be his last area too. We have had a lot of fun so far and I have learned a lot. In the first 4 days with him we contacted about 90 people and a ton of them accepted. We also invited a lot of people that we have been teaching to be baptized and many of them accepted baptismal dates.
Lucìa was baptized this week at the young age of 82. Almost the age of President Monson. I think her parents were born before the Restoration. The crazy this is that Lucìa had 18 children!! What?!! Sadly, Elder Rios and I could not go to her baptismal service. We had a zone leaders meeting, so we left the ward mission leader in charge along with the two other missionaries that are serving in Barrio Contreras. They said that they baptized her sitting down in a chair and that she was crying with emotion. I wish I could have been there.  She is such a sweet old lady and I am glad that she accepted the Gospel.
What I have loved about my mission is seeing how much I learn and grow. I was such a bum before my mission sometimes and still am but getting better. I want to be a better leader and help all of the other elders better. I have all sorts of opportunities to learn. Good companions, leadership meetings, exchanges with the assistants, and a ton of experiences.  In our meeting with President Valadez this week he talked to us about developing leaders in the mission. He wants everybody to be able to be a strong leader.  I really felt like I had a wake up call this week and that I need to do better.  I am going to focus as much as possible in trying to help the district leaders and their companions. Elder Black told me if they are good, their district will be fine.  Speaking of Elder Black, I have had so many good examples to me as I have been here. Mom and dad are temple workers, my mission presidents, companions.  The Lord has definitely put a lot of time and effort into me so I hope that I can make them worth it.  I am really excited for this transfer and I already know that it is going to fly by.
Today we went to Perisur to buy Elderazo Rios some new shoes and to got to Gwalmarrr. (That´s how they say Wally world). Hehe. No pop tarts. Sad day. I am in about a 6 month slump.  That´s about all that I can put into words for this week. I love you all! And not to be rude, but it would be nice if SHAYLA, MARK, BREE, and ZZZZ would write me!!!!! Over and out.  
Elder Hubbard