Friday, July 15, 2011

Julio 15, 2011

¡Qué tal familia!

How are you doing? I hope that your trip to Las Vegas to see Oliver was great.  How long will you be there for? 
This week seems like a blur and I don´t even know where to start writing from.  I remember on Friday night I didn´t write in my journal because some smart missionary burnt his popcorn and the whole building was cleared via fire alarm.  There are 200 missionaries in my building.  They are a lot like Helaman Halls at BYU.  I live on the fourth floor and my building is called the Joseph Standing building.  It is one of the farthest ones from the cafeteria and main building.  I remember that day that one teacher, Hermano Cragun taught us about faith in Alma 32.  He made it so simple and so powerful.  The key to getting any knowledge is to experiment on the principle.  He also said that when his testimony needs strength, he asks himself simple questions like Am I better or worse because of the church? and Am I happier or sadder because of the church?  The church does makes us happier and better people and I know that it is true.  He also said that the worst feeling he has ever had is guilt.  I think this is the worst feeling any body can have, physically or spiritually.
On Sunday Elder Herman and I were able to bless the sacrament in español!  It was a really cool experience.  The words have to be exact so I had to go through the prayers before hand to make sure I could say them correctly.  Even though the prayer was in another language and I didn´t understand all of the words, I could still feel the power and sincerity behind them.  For every Sunday all of us have to prepare a 5 minute talk in español about an assigned topic.  In Sacrament meeting they call us up to give them.  I haven´t been chosen yet.  Sunday is the day I allow myself to highlight scriptures in my new spanish ones.  I think I did like 50 last time.  We went on our temple walk that night and took a lot of pictures.  I am going to send them to you today or tomorrow.  We had a fireside that night by a guy who wanted us to view repentance as a good thing, not something to dread.  He said  all repentance means in Hebrew is to sigh and turn around.  We don´t have to experience a lot of pain because of the Atonement.  If we don´t repent, then we will have that pain.
On Wednesday our whole district made it a goal to not speak english so that´s what we did.  It was actually pretty funny.  We came up with some funny body language to get the message across.  Things are way more funny in spanish for some reason. Especially stories.  We fasted on Tuesday to get some help with it and I think we all did a great job.  It is so tiring to have to translate all that you need too. 
The gym is still closed so we´ve been playing some softball.  I think I have finally fixed my golf swing so I can actually hit it out of the infield now.  Me and the Hermanator found that if we go to the floor below ours after gym, we can have the showers all to ourselves.  Nice and warm.
Two of the members of our district left on Wednesday for Perú.  Elder Jones and Elder Dickson.  They are loved, but I´m not gonna lie it´s good to have some extra room in our packed classroom.  Haha.  We sungs God be with you till we meet again and they bore their testimonies the night before they left.  Good experience.
So Elder Herman and I now have 3 out of our 5 investigators committed to baptism.  Mom I wrote down, translated, and told your conversion story to help my investigator who´s family didn´t want her to join the church.  It was sweet.  You should write it down for me.  See, you are already a good missionary!  And Dad you should write down your stories about tithing.
I wish I had learned to floss well before I came to the MTC.  It´s so hard and my hands are so big and awkward.  I also wish I had learned the lyrics to every good song ever made so I could sing them when I felt like.  It is so quiet without music.  And sing sessions in the shower only go so far.  Haha. 
So here are a couple things I would like.  I feel needy asking for stuff every single week and thanks for putting up with me.  I enjoy your packages and I think I have enough food to last me for the rest of the MTC! Kay, the pocket watch isn´t cutting it for me so maybe you could go to walmart and get a calculator watch for me.  They have so much swag.  And it would also be nice to have a tiny spanish dictionary that I could carry around with me.
So the thirty minutes is up and I wish I could write more.  The last letter I sent you was a buzzer beater.  I barely hit send before it closed the program.  Haha.  I know that this Church is true and that Jesus is the Christ.  Because of the miracles that he worked on Earth, we can still have miracles in our lives today.  He loves us and wants to be happy.
I love you all! Keep writing me please.  Have a great week!
Les amo,
Elder Hubbard 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Pictures!

The top picture is Tyler and Elder Herman on Day 1 in their room. Tyler's bed is the top bunk and his desk is closest to the door.

Picture 2 is his district. Four of them are going to Mex City South. Six to Mex City West and two to Peru.

Picture 3 are zone leaders, Elder Marshall and Linsdley. Linsdley hasn't talked to Tyler since he scored on him in basketball.

Picture 4 is Tyler and his companero Elder Herman. Tyler thinks he felt awkward when he put his arm around him.

2nd Handwritten Letter


Dear Mom and Dad (and Shayla I guess)

I just read your Dearelder letters after probably the best day so far at the MTC. I am about to tear up right now, but it might be because I miss you guys. I am glad girls camp turned out fun. Your letters make me laugh! Could you tell Aaron I will write him this weekend. Dad, you gotta be careful with those logs and balancing. So I just wanted to send you a couple pictures. Mom, you are a great girls leader, however you say that, and the girls are lucky to have you. I knew you wouldn't sleep out at Fort Churchill though. I feel bad that I can't respond to all of your story's but know that I love them and they make me laugh. Shayla, I can't believe that dang Ricks college! Susio! But $24,000 sounds like straight cash homie! Remember I like drifit! Haha! How's the old people doing? Tell Ed I liked hearing from him and I hope he is enjoying himself. So here is my testimonio en espanol. I love you guys!!!

Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta y Thomas S. Monson es el profeta hoy. Yo se que el Libro de Morman ed rordadero. Y Dios nos ama y  contesta investras oranciones. Yo se que la Expiacion es real y Jesucristo se morio por nuestros pecados. Estoy agradecido por mi bien familia. Yo digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Les quiero!!  Elder Hubbard

Tyler's 1st handwritten letter


Dear Family,

I am just finishing my first day here at the MTC and it seems like I just dripped in here out of nowhere. As soon as you dropped me off I got all sorts of useful learning stuff. It was like 50 lbs of Spanish material and they already gave me a water purifier. I can't wait for that Mexican water!! My companion's name is Elder Herman and he's from West Haven, Utah. He's a really nice kid and we will be able to learn a lot from each other. Oh, Elder Cousineau pretty much attacked me as soon as I got through the doors and Kev sat by me at dinner. I saw a ton of my friends from school. Our district has 4 guys going to el cuidad de Mexico and are from Utah. We had the biggest group ever to come to the MTC with 520. So the rest of our day was spent learning how to pray in espanol and going to some new missionary orientations. I am so excited to be here and I love you all! Good luck to Little Man, Z and Chavo tomorrow!

Elder Hubbard


After tonight I will only be able to write letters on P-days, whenever that is. I got all of your Dear Elder letters today so it does work! Last night I already started dreaming with Spanish words in my head. It was mostly just, "Hola Elder!" repeated a thousand times.

I was made the Senior companion today which doesn't mean a whole lot, just some extra duties. I am glad that Little Man was supposed to be here today and send amor from his favorite uncle! And Aaron I know what Argentine food does to the stomach.

I have been crazy busy since I got here. My meals times are all early like a 60 year old farmer. We played softball this morning and met our branch presidency. I got to go to bed! Love you all!


Elder Hubbard

Please basketball shorts and shirts for ejercicio! y my slippers!