Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tyler's 1st handwritten letter


Dear Family,

I am just finishing my first day here at the MTC and it seems like I just dripped in here out of nowhere. As soon as you dropped me off I got all sorts of useful learning stuff. It was like 50 lbs of Spanish material and they already gave me a water purifier. I can't wait for that Mexican water!! My companion's name is Elder Herman and he's from West Haven, Utah. He's a really nice kid and we will be able to learn a lot from each other. Oh, Elder Cousineau pretty much attacked me as soon as I got through the doors and Kev sat by me at dinner. I saw a ton of my friends from school. Our district has 4 guys going to el cuidad de Mexico and are from Utah. We had the biggest group ever to come to the MTC with 520. So the rest of our day was spent learning how to pray in espanol and going to some new missionary orientations. I am so excited to be here and I love you all! Good luck to Little Man, Z and Chavo tomorrow!

Elder Hubbard


After tonight I will only be able to write letters on P-days, whenever that is. I got all of your Dear Elder letters today so it does work! Last night I already started dreaming with Spanish words in my head. It was mostly just, "Hola Elder!" repeated a thousand times.

I was made the Senior companion today which doesn't mean a whole lot, just some extra duties. I am glad that Little Man was supposed to be here today and send amor from his favorite uncle! And Aaron I know what Argentine food does to the stomach.

I have been crazy busy since I got here. My meals times are all early like a 60 year old farmer. We played softball this morning and met our branch presidency. I got to go to bed! Love you all!


Elder Hubbard

Please basketball shorts and shirts for ejercicio! y my slippers!

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