Saturday, December 31, 2011

31 Diciembre 2011

Happy 2012!!!
This has been such a great but fast year. Definitely one of my favorites. Minus the years when I used to be able to wear boots and suck my thumb. Those years are priceless.
For the new year I now have a new companion. He is from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuaha and started in the CCM on December 7. He is so cool and we have started out really well. 
On Tuesday morning we had our transfers. We always sing "To bring the world His truth" in spanish and in english. That fits because I have been singing that song since I was a little kid.  I love it even more now. I said goodbye to Elder Leyva and went with Elder Perea back to the house. He is nineteen, is really obedient, and wants to work hard so he is a perfect companion. I am really lucky. He is pretty funny because he never wants to eat. He buys two bags of Pringles every day or an apple and just munches on them all day. He never wants to eat La Comida so we got to work on that or he is going to offend somebody. Haha.  We moved all of his stuff in and taught a few lessons and contacted a bunch too. I don´t feel like I know anything to teach him but he is doing really well.  I will be happy to be in Topilejo another few months.
On Wednesday we taught 6 lessons. It was a really good day.  We taught Fransisco about the law of Chastity and he took it really well. He is already married so that will make life a lot easier for us to baptize him. His date is set for January 14th. I can´t wait, I love that guy so much. One of our lessons was with Alvaro and Taide. It was really good about the Plan of Salvation and they realized why we should not baptize little kids. Perfect. Just a little bit more and we can set a date with them.
On Thursday we had a class in Taxqueña for the people instructing and the new missionaries. It took all day but was so good. Presidente Chávez is such a beast at teaching. Every time I listen to him I just want to do every little thing I can to serve. We talked about the vision of our mission- to be, to do, and then to have. And then all of the parts of to be. If you´re lucky I will teach it to you someday.  He also talked to us how we are preparing for the rest of our lives and Satan is just waiting for us to leave our mission to eat us. He said now is the time to prepare for the rest of our lives. It is our first estate.  There are so many returned missionaries that don´t go to church it is sad.
Yesterday we taught Fransisco again and this time about praying to overcome temptation and then repentance. It is the first time that I feel happy about the way we taught repentance because Fransisco felt that he should change and he knows why. He always refers to the Church as "our religion" like he is already a member, I love it. The rest of the day we didn´t have much success. All of our appointments fell through but we contacted a bunch. And we ate chile rellenos which is always a plus.
Today the Elders from Ajusco ate breakfast with us and then we went and played basketball and fútbol for like 3 hours. It was so much fun and I am getting better at soccer. Elder Perea is a baller so he is going to teach me some moves. It´s starting to rain a little bit now. For New Years tonight we don´t have any plans. We can´t work so I think we might go to bed early. The rest of México will be shooting off their cannon balls and fireworks and partying. 
We started running this week in the morning and I feel about 6 billion times better.  My legs are a little sore and I am a little more tired than usual but I feel a lot better.  I feel a lot more excited to be a missionary again with Elder Perea.  We ran out of water yesterday, so if you smell something that would be me. The trucks take like a month in the dry season to deliver water. I think Hermana Lulu is going to give us some though.  Wells are so underrated.
So I am glad everybody had a good Christmas. It sounds like a lot of sewing machines were involved. Thank you so much for the ties and the shirt and the pants. Elder Leyva says thank you for the hymn book too. Happy New Year and be of good cheer.
I love you a ton!
Con cariño,
Elder Hubbard
 Elder Perea is my new companion! with Elder Leyva

This is Elder Perea, Malpica, and Garcia

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve phone call!!

Thought I should let everyone know it was wonderful talking to Tyler on Saturday!! There were seven of us here and we all got to have a turn visiting with him. He sounded like Tyler only with a slightly thicker tongue. He is already having difficulty remembering some English words. He would say something in Spanish and then try to remember the English word he wanted. That was funny. Oliver started fussing when I was holding him and talking so I said to Sam, "Grandpa come get Oliver." Tyler said, "Grandpa," and started laughing. He also got to hear Oliver for the first time. He said he was glad to know that he really existed. He wasn't sure. He was allotted 40 minutes to talk to us. We went over the limit just a little; 1 hour and 45 minutes later we hung up! The call quality was fantastic. There was no delay and he was very easy to hear. Although I miss him terribly, I know that he is where he needs to be at this time of his life and that we as a family have already been greatly blessed for his service. We just love him!

Monday, December 26, 2011

26 Diciembre 2011

Merry Christmas!!
I hope that everybody had fun with their families this weekend remembering the birth of Jesus Christ.  The primary sent me some Christmas cards that I loved, especially the one that said, "I love baby Jesus!!!" Haha.
So we find out about transfers last night. Elder Leyva is going to a zone called Iztapala in the area Ejèrcito del Oriente. That place is ghetto, I feel kind of bad for him.  He is kind of bummed and hasn`t said much about it. I am staying in Topilejo and recieving a brand new missionary. I don`t know who it is yet but I will find out tomorrow. I am kind of nervous and don`t feel like I know anything to be able to teach him. I just got here! I am going to try my best to be a good example and show him a lot of love. This means I will be in Topilejo for three more months! I probably will serve my whole mission here. That is what the family downstairs wants. Haha.
We had our p-day on Saturday but we are just writing you today because we didn`t know we were supposed to on Saturday. It threw off my groove. This week was feeled with way to many days of activities and not teaching. I feeling like something is missing. I can`t wait for tomorrow to start working again.
I am just going to keep it short because I will write on Saturday again for p-day on New Years Eve. So write me before Saturday.  It was great talking to you this week and to kow that everything at home is good. I have such a good family. 
And Elder Stockard, good luck this week. The MTC is a lot of work but it get`s so much better in the field. Just study hard and be obedient.
Elder Hubbard
p.s. Somebody please drink so egg nog for me!! (Dad)
 Six month tie burning (He purchased a tie he didn't like to burn)

 President and Sister Chavez

 Topelijo (Tyler's home away from home!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

The time has come!!

Oliver is 6 months old today. He will be spending his first Christmas with us!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be talking to Tyler tomorrow. Aaron made a test call today to make sure we could get through. We will be talking to him from the sister's house that he lives over the top of. We are all very excited. Aaron, Lynze and Oliver surprised us by showing up last night instead of tonight. Mark and Bree surprised us by showing up tonight instead of in the morning. Tyler has been gone for six months. It's been a long six months and a short six months. Those mom's who have had son's on mission will understand what I am saying. Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 19, 2011

19 Diciembre 2011

Hey family!
It`s almost Christmas! This week we aren`t going to be able to work too much. We have a Christmas activity for the mission on Wednesday and Saturday is another p-day which means on Monday won`t be.
This week went by too fast to remember. The longer I am in Topilejo the faster the weeks go by. Transfers are in a week now and I will find out what is going to happen on Sunday.
On Tuesday a Jehovah`s Witness wanted to pick a fight with us. That is always kind of funny. He told us how he is chosen and better than every one else. He also said that we didn`t know that our church was true. Even though he didn`t listen and I doubt it made a difference in his life, I bore my testimony to him, and it made a difference in my life. I know without a doubt that this is the Restored church of Jesus Christ and I when I told him that I felt it in every part of me. I would tell anybody in the world that Jesus is the Christ and that is church is on the earth today because He loves us.  That night we taught the family of our friend who is inactive. They are all members and really good people. I think it was the best lesson that we have ever taught together. The Spirit was there the whole time and a lot of love too. I love the feeling I get after good lessons.
On Thursday Elder Garza came to Topilejo for intercambios. He is from the place where Tommy is going on his mission. And says it would be less dangerous and more relaxed there. Haha. We went to the offices to pick up my package! Thank you so much. I love getting packages from home. The best part were the pictures. I think I have about 1000 pictures of baby Oliver. Haha. He is such a good looking dude. When we got back Elder Garza and I taught this lady who live in England for like 7 years. She has an english accent and everything. She was studying for her doctorate. She is really nice and I hope things keep going good with her.  She told us how she felt that she wanted something but didn`t know what. We taught her about how Christ is the bread of life and she felt the Spirit.  We also taught a lady who`s brother just died and doesn`t know anything about the Plan of Salvation. She was so happy to hear God`s plan for us. We have so many good investigators! They just won`t come to Church.
On Friday we had a branch Christmas party. I had to sing with the priesthood holders. It was a lot of fun and we had a ton of investigators and references come. The food was pretty good too. They make a Christmas drink here like wassail but it has about 20 different kinds of fruit in it. It was so good.  I can officially say that I can eat almost any kind of spicy food and it wouldn`t face me. If food doesn`t have chile here than it doesn`t have any flavor. Probably still can`t eat that Asian viatnamese spicy food though. Bummer.
So this letter is really short but that is all I got.  And sorry I don`t have any new pictures. I have watched Joy to the World about 50 times this month. It still doesn`t feel like Christmas because it is not cold and I am not at home. How is BYU basketball doing? I can`t wait to talk to you this week! It will be so good. I hope I don`t cry...Haha. I love you and miss you and ton!
Elder Hubbard

We will be talking to Tyler on Saturday morning. We are all so excited! I cry every time I think about talking to him. I will have to try to keep myself under control! He has been gone six months on Thursday. It really has gone pretty quickly (most days anyway)!  Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 16, 2011

More Hub Pictures~

 What a handsome missionary!! Notice the poinsettia's?

A LEGO Nativity!

I found these pictures in my email this evening. What a GREAT surprise!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Deciembre 2011

Hey family!
This was another good week in Mexico City. Time doesn`t really feel like it exists here. It still feels like it`s June and no time has passed in my mission. Topilejo is getting better but it`s seems like we haven`t been able to make any progress in the last couple of weeks. We have taught good lessons and found new people but we can`t seem to get them to go to church. I don`t know what we should do differently.
On Tuesday we were teaching Juana, Mauro`s aunt about the Restoration. It was going pretty rough and very effective. Then I said a prayer in my head to help us get better and help her feel our message. It got way better almost instantly. I think she felt the Spirit and committed to baptism on the 17th. But she didn`t come to church yesterday so that will have to change. She has only came one time. My stomach started feeling weird on Tuesday and I still don`t think it is back to normal. I ate salsa verde I think that messed it up. Mexico is rough on the stomach.
On Thursday we taught Mauro`s parents. His dad can`t read and his mom has already prayed and feels that the Church is right. When people can`t read we have to explain very simpily with pictures and we will use videos this week too. So the thing is they have to get married so they are going to talk about it and we are going back this week. Mauro`s dad looks way different than the first time I saw him. There is more light in his face and in his eyes. It`s the weirdest thing.  We also had a really good lesson with a lady named Alejandra. Ale-alejandra.  She told us about how she doesn`t think the cross is right to wear and worship because Christ died there. Her son was so pumped when we told them that Christ is going to come again. Haha. I love so many people here.  Then we found an old investigator that has already read the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. He knows and believes them but we asked them to pray to know if they are true and if he should be baptized. I think he could be bishop here one day.
On Friday we went to the temple! I love that place more than any other place in the world. I was walking up the stairs inside and felt just a relief come over me. It is so peaceful, I love it.  It was so beautiful too, inside and outside. Presidente Chàvez went with us and his wife along with like 70 missionaries. Elder Herman and Elder Reid were there too. It was a little different having it all in spanish but I understood all of it and went through for a guy from Spain born in 1660. Afterwards we took pictures and went to the temple store. I bought a bible for Mauro but on the metro some guy started begging me for it and I gave it to him and took his name and direction.  When we got back to Topi Town we taught Alvaro and Taide-the parents of the huge family. We taught them about how we can tell something is good if it has good fruits. We talked about the Book of Mormon and they are  going to read and pray about it. Alvaro went to church yesterday and for the first time ever our branch did well in fellowshipping them. I hope thinks go good with them this week.
On Saturday we taught a guy named Fransisco about the Word of Wisdom. He is the one who had open heart surgery and wants to get baptized. He said I used to be an alcohilic but I quit because of my pride. I used to smoke 20 cigarrettes a day but I quit because I my lungs started working. I used to drink tea but I quit because it makes my blood too thin. I used to drink 5 cups of coffee a day but I quit because I had to have heart surgery. Haha. He knows all the hard ships of not taking care of his body but now will see the blessings the Lord will give him by taking care of it. I am suprised he is still alive.  That night we were at Paula and Irais`s house when everything started moving. It wasn`t a ton because Topilejo is up high but there was definitely a temblor. I guess it was like 6.4 in some parts of Mexico City.  We heard the music stop during it next door and then start again right after, like nothing happened. The world will be in for a wake up call when Christ comes again.
This morning we went to a huge mall called Perisur. I found a backpack finally but no pillow. We went to walmart too for some shampoo. Thanks for all of your letters. I miss everyone a ton. I love you all and Merry Christmas!

Elder Hubbard

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Hubbard's!! What's going on with us.....

Tyler finished up his first year at BYU. He absolutely loved it. He received his mission call to serve in the Mexico City South Mission. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on June 22. He has been in a small town called Topelijo since August 22. He is having a fantastic time. 

Shayla graduated with her Associates of Science Degree in Nursing in April. She passed her Registered Nurse licensing Exam in May and worked at a nursing home in Fallon for the summer. She returned to BYU-Idaho in September where she is finishing her Bachelors degree and will graduate in April 2012.

Mark and Bree were married on August 7 at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno. We are very happy to have her in our family. Mark is finishing up his PhD. He will hopefully graduate in May. Bree is working on her Master’s degree. They work in the same lab at UNR.

Aaron, Lynze and Oliver are still living in Las Vegas. On June 23 our sweet Oliver Samuel entered this world. Aaron is still working for Outdoor Promotions as the director of sales and marketing and is starting graduate school in January at UNLV. Lynze loves being a stay at home mom!!

Sam and Shelly are still working at the junior high and are still adjusting to having no children at home. Shelly had to have her appendix out the end of March. That was not a lot of fun. We started serving in the Reno Temple on Saturday mornings and absolutely love our time there. Life is good! We are richly blessed by the Lord. We are grateful for our sweet little family.

Monday, December 5, 2011

La Cuidad de Mexico

Angel de Independencia

Today we went downtown. This is called the Angel de Independencia. It is right in the middle of everything. We went to Wendy`s for lunch. Thank you. I also bought ties with my missionaries from the chinese people. So cheap. Haha.  I found Elder McAllister from my district in the MTC there. He is in the West mission. It was so good to see him. Love ya.

Hey family!!!

How`s life? It`s already December! That`s nuts.  I have been in Topilejo since August. Since Shayla`s birthday. By now I am guessing the 4th addition of her Christmas list has already been given to mom and dad. Hahaha. Love you sis;) Some people have Christmas lights up here now and I have seen some other Christmas trees. It still feels like it`s the middle of summer. My face is so burnt and I had a sun spot on my hand that finally went away after a month. But don`t worry, I put sunscreen on every day.  Monday and Tuesday we had to leave our heater on all day with the door shut because it was freezing at night. But the sun still burns. It`s so weird.
On Monday night Elder Leyva and I taught the rest of the district in our meeting about having the faith to find people to teach and helping them.  The district meetings and the meetings with the zone leaders on Sunday nights are some of the best things about the mission.
On Tuesday Hermano Carlos went with us all day and we got a ton of lessons with a member present which is always good. Hermana Angeles` grandson was in a coma with chicken pox so we prayed and fasted for him. He got better but he is still in the hospital. (We live in Hermana Angeles` house.) He is a cute little kids like six years old. We were all pretty worried for him. 
In Mèxico, people have to have water brought to their house in big trucks called Pipas. They just unload the water into big tanks under the houses. On Wednesday, the drivers all thought they were funny and decided to go on strike. So nobody gets water! We saw like 60 year old ladies carrying two five gallon buckets each of water up the huge hills in Topilejo. Elder Leyva and I helped them and contacted them too.  The old ladies here are beasts. But the strike is over now so its all good. 
On Thursday we had to go to Correos de Mèxico to get my package! Thank you so much. Elder Leyva really likes his shirt and he loved Kristi`s jerkey. Tell her thank you.  I love the package though, definitely good to have some candy not covered in chili powder. Haha.  That night we taught Alvaro and Taide and their 5 sons and one daughter. It was our second lesson with them and we taught the Restoration. They accepted it really well. I hope they get baptized. It would help our branch out a ton.  Right now they are praying to know if Josè Smith was a prophet.  We also taught the boy`s we just baptized that night with their mom. We gave her a Book of Mormon and some reading to do.
Yesterday we didn`t have any investigators come to church. I was bummed! We went to pick them up and we didn`t find any. It was stake conference in San Pedro so that might have had a lot to do with it. Lazy bums. Presidente Chàvez was there and talked. I love that guy. His talk was straight power too.  He could be the best teacher I have ever met.  Then last night after the meeting with the zone leaders we watched the Christmas devotional. We watched the first part in spanish and the second part in english.  I miss the Christmas devotional at home with the family, the pellet stove, and cookies and hot chocolate.  Oh well.  Their talks were all great. I am so glad I get to spread the message of Christ with the people here and tell them that He lives, and loves them, and wants them to be healed of all their problems.  I liked how President Monson said, "Become more interested in people more than in things." I have prayed so much while I have been here to love the people and little by little I feel my love increase. The pure love of Christ is what makes people happy to live and we need to feel it for everyone.
For Christmas here some people believe in Santa Claus and other people have the Tres Magos. They are like the three kings and supposedly bring presents to the kids.  The family downstairs wants to do a gift exchange and I drew a 12 year old named Christian.  I don`t know what to get him.  You will have to call me at Christmas or Christmas Eve at our house. We can`t skype or anything cool like that. Our mission president is pretty strict if you haven`t noticed. We can`t even drink coke!  That would be enough to send some people home. Haha.
Alright that`s all she wrote for this week. We are going to the centro now to find some 30 peso ties. I had a dream I got robbed by two little kids last night so let`s hope that doesn`t happen. Haha. Actually I threw my cell phone in one of the kids face and ran from them. Anyways...awkward. I love you!
Elder Hubbard

Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh my doctrine for the week is Mosiah 27:14! More pics!

Elder Shirley from LOVELOCK!

28 Deciembre 2011! (He's confused!)

Buenas Dias!!
Where is love?! Last week I had like 18 emails to read and this week like 4! What am I supposed to do for an hour? This week went by so fast! I already have been on my mission for 5 months! That`s crazy.  I get to go to the temple on the 9th of December and I get to call home when I want around Christmas. When would be good? Who is going to be there? How much will I cry?
Last Monday ended with our Junta in San Pedro. Every Monday night we have a meeting with the district to motivate us and to improve on the things we need to work on. Elder Leyva is the district leader so he is in charge. I have to help him prepare and give it too since I am his companion.  I usually love them. The Elders in Ajusco are having a hard time with the members wanting them to baptize anybody which is just a little bit weird. So we talked about how we could help them change. Here is a quote that Elder Leyva shared with us from President Monson, "Let`s tie the children of God to the post of righteousness with the chains of love." This is true. You have to show people that you love and care about them before they will listen to you.
On Tuesday I went to Ajusco with Elder Garza. He talks about his girlfriend so much but he is pretty funny so I forgive him.  All we did was look for inactive members to teach but we didn`t have much luck.  We ate La Comida at the guy`s house who they just baptized. He told me that he was baptized because he promised God he would change if his wife recovered from a sickness. She did and he didn`t get baptized so she got sick again and the same thing happened. After one more time of her getting sick, him promising to change, and her getting better, he was baptized. The missionaries didn`t even have to do much work because he was prepared.
On Wednesday we taught Mauro`s aunt Juana. She was a little embarrassed at church on Sunday because she didn`t know answers to questions and said she didn`t think she would come anymore. We taught her how to use the scriptures and comforted her and now she still wants to be baptized. But she didn`t come to church yesterday so I`m a little worried.  We also went to another Hermana`s house to talk to her inactive husband and son. They have to work every Sunday. It`s always the case here. We do so much work just trying to reactivate the members and for it is working pretty well so far. The branch is more full every Sunday.
Thanksgiving doesn`t exist here but I said Happy Thanksgiving to everybody anyways. We just worked all day and we had La Comida in Parres. It is another town that we have, I don`t know if you knew that. We went there and nobody was there so we went back to our house and ate with Hermana Lulù. She never fails us.  It definitely wasn`t a normal Thanksgiving, but I was happy to be in Mèxico.  We watched Finding Faith in Christ with a new family after that. It is a farming family of 8. They have five sons between 15 and 22. It was a really spiritual lesson and I hope everything goes well with them. The parent`s names are Alvaro and Taide.  I felt kind of like I was in the Wadsworth`s home during the lesson. Haha. We met the zone leaders in La Joya that night to have intercambios and I went to Contreras with Elder Vial.
So on Friday I was there with him. Elder Vial is so fun to work with. I hope I am his companion some day.  We had to go to to baptismal interviews and we only had three lessons that day.  They were some good new investigators but I will probably never see them again. How sad.
On Saturday we had three baptisms! A while ago I told you about a lady named Erika. She was depressed and we gave her a blessing and she felt way better. We have been teaching their family and their kids got baptized! Erika and her husband Luis Armando aren`t married so we are still working with them. It is so difficult here to marry people! I hate it. The kids names are Luis Armando, Sebastian, and Tomas. They are 14, 9, and 8. I baptized Tomas and Hermano Carlos and Elder Leyva baptized the other two.  I love these kids so much. We have had some good lessons with them and they are always happy. Sebastian was saying, "I`ve been born again" afterwards. It was pretty funny.  I can see how much happier they are than when we first started going. After the baptism I couldn`t resist and took them to pizza since I knew they wouldn`t eat much that day. It was a great day.
Yesterday they all came to church to get confirmed and just kept smiling all day. It was the primary program which I loved. Little kids are nuts here too. They sang To Bring the Worlds His Truth which was the best.  Oh yesterday I met a missionary who just got here from Lovelock! Elder Shirley. Do you know his family? I took a picture with him and sent it to you.  It felt so weird to talk about Nevada with somebody that lived there. Haha.  I don`t realize how much spanish I know until I talk to the new missionaries and they are just lost.
No mom, we do not have to do laundry. Most people here do it by hand or in washing machines from the 18th century. The aztec calendar has a huge explanation that even I do not understand. I just do my own interpretation of it which includes tortillas, and the lady that washes our clothes in the center of it.  This morning I cooked for the first time in 5 months! We made pancakes downstairs out of a bag! They were so good. I don`t think anybody else really liked them though. Haha. But yeah, we never cook, and we don`t have a stove, or anyway to cook.  Every door here is like a metal gate and the house have high walls with barbed wire and broken glass on the tops of them.  We just pound on the gates with pesos or chap stick and we yell Buenas Tardes. Then they say, "¿Quien?" and we ask for the person and they say, "No hay nadie." Haha. That`s my life. I love it.
Thanks for everything and to those of you who did write to me, more blessings for you. I still haven`t gotten the package but I am not worried. In the future you should send me some peanut butter, and make sure you send pictures in the package!  I miss you, and thanks for everything.
Elder Hubbard

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Family,

 His house

Tyler's Aztec Calendar

How`s everything in the motherland this week?  I can`t can`t believe I`m not going to be in Fallon, Nevada for Thanksgiving this year. I`ll be chilling eating tortillas here and crying myself to sleep. That`s okay, I get to show my gratidude by being here. There is no holiday at all here in Mexico.
This week was good in Topilejo. Right now we have 10 people with baptismal dates. 6 of them are teenagers or children and 4 are adults. We have two families that want to be baptized but we`re having a hard time getting them married still so for this reason we only baptize the kids.  Elder Leyva and I didn`t have very many lessons or new investigators this week. We only had ten lessons.  We did find some really good people though. A guy that was taught by the missionaries in Mexico, and another lady who`s kids have drug problems that we are going to help. We have to make sure to finish our area here strong. 3 transfers is a while to be in one area and one of us will be here longer I think.  Once again the best part of my week was teaching a lady how to pray. She started crying afterwards and described the feelings of the Holy Ghost. That is always so cool to see. Another lady we taught named Juana - the aunt of Mauro- committed to being baptized on December 3, she is really good and came to church yesterday.  I have never given so many blessings in my life as I have here in Topilejo. Always for the sick and people can really feel the power and peace that blessings bring. People who aren`t members of our church want blessings all of the time.
My favorite thing to teach about in the mission so far is always the First Vision, and I also like teaching about temples and eternal families.
On Monday we got back from our District meeting at night and Mauro was downstairs with Hermana Lulu`s family. He gave us ties and thank you cards that were way nice. He thought we would both be getting transfered.  I`m having a hard time writing right now because Elder Call is distracting me. Okay I`m gonna pound this letter out now.
On Wednesday something kind of embarrassing happened to me so I`ll just tell Chavo and he can tell who he wants.
We got to have a service project finally. Elder Leyva and I always look for opportunities to serve the people here but most of the time they don`t let us. We sand and painted Paula y Ireis`s little stand to sell food. It was pretty fun and good to help somebody with physical needs.  That night we taught a family of five in their house. Everyone is going to be baptized eventually. I love their little kids, Armando, Sebastian, and Tomas. We have some good times playing fùtbol and learning the gospel.  They are supposed to get baptized this Saturday and the parents in a couple weeks after they get married.
Our house is just a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. We have a mini fridge with no food in it too. In the mornings it is so cold in the apartment during our studies. We only have an hour of personal study and one of companionship now since I finished my three first months. My bed is pretty bad and my pillow is a couch cushion. Tommy should bring a pillow to Mexico for sure, and all long sleeved shirts to block the sun.
My favorite scripture this week was Mosiah 18:30. It talks about how in the land of Mormon the people came to know their Redeemer. I came to know my Redeemer in the BOOK of Mormon and I will always remember it as a beautiful place. I know that it is true without a doubt. And that the Christ of whom it testifies is real.  Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love you a ton and miss you. Watch some football for me please.
Elder Hubbard

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey family!

 The Elders Tyler is serving in Mexico City with the last night at the MTC.

 Love that chocolate milk!

How`s life?? Yesterday we found out cambios at like 10 at night. The whole day was like waiting to be drafted in the NFL draft or something. I was pretty pumped and a little nervous. It ended up that Elder Leyva and I aren`t going anywhere. Land of the dogs, corn, hills, and drunks for another 6 weeks! Haha. I was a little suprised but it`s all good. I`ll serve where ever I am asked. So the next transfers are the 27 of December. Christmas in Topilejo.
This week was really good. Topilejo is starting to be a powerhouse of members.  My favorite lesson this week was probably on Tuesday with Mauro. We taught him about the plan of salvation and baptisms for the dead. He is going tomorrow to the temple with the branch! I`m so happy for him. He also told us he wants to serve a mission. I am so happy to see how happy he is and how strong of a member he is. It is so sweet.  We contacted a lady the other day named Juana and went to teach her. We found out that she is Mauro`s cousin and has seen the huge change in his life and how happy she is so she wants to listen to us too. That is how important our examples to others is.
On Wednesday we had intercambios. I stayed here in Topilejo and Elder Garcia from Ajusco came with me again. We had one lesson in the morning and then his head starting hurting. After La Comida we called the doctor who told him to sleep for the rest of the day and get some medicine. So I just chilled and read Jesus the Christ. He went to the doctor the day after and found out his brain is swollen so he got told to sleep for three days straight. It`s crazy. I hope he`s okay.
On Thursday we found another family. We gave a blessing to a lady like a month ago and we went back to teach her family. Her entire family listened to us teach the restoration. We told them that they could recieve an answer through the Spirit and then she explained how good she felt after the blessing we gave her. I know that the Spirit is real because investigators that haven`t heard of it, testify of it ever day.  Their family all went to church yesterday and things are looking good with them.  I want to baptize a family so bad!!!
On Friday I stayed in Topilejo on intercambios with Elder Vial, the zone leader. We did work. We put a baptismal date on a 21 year  old named Eduardo. He is the boyfriend of a less active member. Elder Vial is my favorite to work with. We had La Comida in a house where they just left us there and we pounded down some chicken nuggets. That sounded weird, but it was a fun day. Plus it was 11/11/11 which I have been waiting for for my entire life.
On Saturday Hermano Carlos got a car from his work and drove us around in it all day. Correction, it was a hug bug. Everybody drives those here. It`s pretty funny. We had a lesson with a couple and watched the Restoration with them. Then we invited them to be baptized on the 3 of December and they accepted. Elder Leyva and I are going to have a ton this cambio.
So I am here for another transfer. The only area of our mission not in the city. I don`t mind that though. I heard one day in Mexico City is like smoking a pack of cigarrettes. So nasty. The family of Hermana Lulu was so happy that we are staying. They are like the most giving people I have ever  met. Okay that`s all she wrote for this week. Love to the 775. Haha.
I love you all!
Elder Hubbard
ps. I am going to start sharing my favorite scripture from every week. This week it`s Moses 1:12-13.

Monday, November 7, 2011

More Pictures from Xochicalco!!

Good morning!!

This week was crazy!! On Tuesday we had zone conference but it was three zones so a ton of missionaries. Elder Beal, Elder Herman, and Elder Reid were all there. It was so nice to see them and hang out for a while. President Chavez spoke for most of the time- like 3 hours. Every companionship in our mission got cell phones which is going to be so much easier to find people with a lot less walking. He also asked every missionary to prepare an english 2 minute talk for our juntas, pray and sing in english always, and talk in english in our houses. He really wants the spanish speakers to learn english. Praying in english is ridiculously hard, I struggled with it this week. Also, I had to give a two minute talk last night at the District Leaders meeting last night and it was nothing short of embarrassing. Haha.
I`ve had some pretty weird stuff happen to me this week. I was teaching a lady outside her house in the doorway when a truck stopped behind me. I turned around to look who it was and some guy just took a picture of me and drove off. Haha. One day I looked in the area book that has all of the old investigators to find to teach. I found a lady and her address and went to go visit her with Elder Garza on intercambios. What I failed to read is she is pschysophrenic. We got there and things started good and ended ugly. It is an experience I will remember for sure. Haha. I learned that Satan is really destroying families in whatever way possible and almost all of them were being used in the family.  We had tons of blessings after that appointment, I think Heavenly Father felt sorry for us. We had 6 lessons and like 7 new investigators. Elder Leyva was impressed when he came back to Topilejo.
We had some good good lessons this week. I made a goal to start asking people to be baptized whenever possible. We set a date with a family of 5 this week. They came to church yesterday and loved it too. I love teaching families more than anything else. This Sunday we are going to have ask another family too.
The young man that I baptized, Brian, moved to another town here close called San Pedro. I found out where he lived and passed the reference to the missionaries there. They went and found him and like 8 cousins who all want to be baptized! I love it when I feel like I am doing some good.
On Saturday we went to Xochicalco by Cuernava, Morelos, Mèxico. It was one of the coolest things that I have seen in my life. It was just a bunch of pyramids and ruins on the top of a mountain. They were made about 700 dc. There was a part where you could whisper and a person could hear you on the highest pyramid because of the acoustics. There was also a staircase with 33 perfect steps, supposedly to represent the life of Christ. I felt like I was in a Book of Mormon video there. If there was one event I could see in history it would be when Christ came to the Americas.
Yesterday we had an investigator leave church because she thought we were Catholics, I guess we have some fixing up to do. We explained our church and everything to her. Haha.
Dad, there are no toilet seats here, you are right. And it`s really inconvinient when the soap slips from your fingers in the shower and falls into the toilet.  Transfers are a week from tomorrow. I don`t know what will happen but I am kind of ready for a change of scenery.
Sorry this letter is kind of lame but that`s all I can remember. I hope you have a good week, I love you and miss you tons.
Elder Hubbard

Email Chatting! I love it!

 I have been "Chatting" with Tyler this morning via email. I love it!! He emails each week from a borough called San Pedro Martir Tlalpan. I googled to see what information I could find. The following link has some interesting information. In Tyler's own words, "Yeah it`s a town like 30 min from Topilejo. Ghetto like always."

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Nevada Day!!!!!

I am getting worse and worse at knowing how to start letters off so I`ll skip it and get right to the good stuff. This was kind of a weird week and we didn`t really get to teach a ton of lessons.
On Monday after I wrote we had the Junta and then afterwards Elder Leyva bought me some tacos for his birthday. I love tacos. The good thing is that they are so different than Taco Bell that I will still like Taco Bell when I get back. What a relief huh? Taco Bell is about as far from Mexican food as you can get.
On Tuesday we were contacting in the morning and talked to a lady who said her mother in law wanted to talk to missionaries. We went to her house and nobody was there so we left. We were walking along later and recognized a lady from the bus that we could not find her house. We talked to her and realized that she was the same lady who we had been looking for earlier. I guess we are meant to talk to her. We set up an appointment for this Wednesday and I`m pumped.  We had an appointment that morning with a lady that was really interested in listening to us. She read the pamphlet about the Gospel and everything. But then she told us that her husband got really mad and we can no longer teach her. It was so sad.  We found another lady on the street who got excited to see missionaries and invited us in to teach their family. We were all excited thinking they were prepared when the husband started naming the religions he hated and included mormons. That was weird, and awkward. We finished our lessoned and left. That guy didn`t know what hit him. Hermano Oscar bought us some more tacos that night. Haha.
On Thursday I went to good old Ajusco. The land of the hills and the Catholics. Nothing wrong with that. I worked with Elder Garcia from Canab, Utah. He has been on his mission for 15 months. It was a lot of fun. We walked the entire day and finally got our first lesson at 6 ish. Then we got two more after that. One of them we explained to a lady why it was important to be baptized by someone that has the authority from God. The Spirit was really strong and I asked her if she would be baptized. She said yes but we didn`t put a date. Elder Garcia was really good to talk to and I learned to be more friendly to the people I teach.  I bought him some tacos that night because in Ajusco there are no members and they starve.  There is also no hot water in Ajusco so we have to fill up a 5 gallon bucket and use something called resistencia-resistence to heat the water up with electricity.
On Friday morning we had interviews with President Chàvez. I love that guy. You should here is voice, it`s so funny. Buenooo....Haha. He asked me how contacting was going, studying, and the companionship. It went really well and I`m ready for transfers in two weeks. I am excited for a change. Afterwards Elder Leyva and I went to San Pedro to get the baptismal font ready. We have to turn on all the boilers and clean all the bugs out of the font. It`s a lot of work. Hermana Katia brought us some Domino`s to eat. Mexicans eat their pizza with ketchup and salsa. Disgusting. We baptized Paula-72 year old, her daughter Irais, and grandson Gerardo. We have been teaching them since I got here and we finally baptized them. Paula has a ton of faith-a ton. Irais had to quit smoking which took a lot of work. And Gerardo is just nuts. Elder Leyva baptized Paula. She was under for like 5 seconds and he was using all of his back to get her up. Finally she came up and used the railing on the side of the font to pull herself all the way out gasping for air. It was scary slash hilarious. Haha. I baptized Irais with no problem but with Gerardo I couldn`t say his name right. After like the 5th time messing his name up he finally said it and starting going down into the water! I was like "Who does this kid think he is baptizing himself?!" Haha. I finally got it right after that.
On Saturday I helped confirm the son of the Branch President as a member of the Church. That was a first. The family downstairs gives us breakfast every morning and dinner every night. Breakfast is usually eggs with tortilla or bread and chorizo too. Dinner is usually bread with chocolate milk or a sandwich or leftovers. There is roughly 13 pesos in one dollar and we get 1200 pesos a month. I get my money out at an ATM with a debit card. We have to use most of our money for the bus, food, and things for the house.  Right now we have about 12 progressing investitagors. The closest think to a ward mission leader is Hermano Carlos. I sent pictures of him. He just comes with us random days and we get lessons with a member present.
That`s all for this week. Once again we changed our P-day for this Saturday to go to the pyramids since our ride couldn`t go on Saturday. It is going to be sweet! Halloween here is called Dia de Muerto and people loving hanging dead people repilicas from their houses. It`s just great. It sealed Halloween as the worst holiday ever invented.
I am so glad to be a missionary. I love studying and preaching the gospel and I will be blessed the rest of my life for it. I know that Jesus is the Christ and I cannot wait for Christmas music. I love you!
Elder Hubbard.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey family!!!

It was another week of pure sun, work, walking, and tacos. It feels good to be a missionary.  No baptisms, but I now have been gone for four months and each week is getting faster and faster.  I can`t even remember what happened this week, that is why I am rambling through this beautifully written introduction.  This week we got out the area book and started looking through old investigators there. There are a million names in the binder but not as many directions which makes things difficult. We know that there are people in there that are ready now to hear the gospel but we just have to find them. Tudesday we walked the entire morning and afternoon finding them. So far they`re all duds.  Every day 2 Nephi 28 and 29 are my life. We have a bible!! I don`t want anything else. I love seeing scriptures fulfilled. The best part about the mission is everday I have the oportunity to learn from other people`s mistakes. I get to see what kind of person I don`t want to be. I get to see that wickedness never was happiness. The best is when we can help other people realize that too. Yesterday Mauro got the Aaronic priesthood. I remembered the first time we taught him and I didn`t really think it would go anywhere. But the Gospel is for everybody and can make everyone happy. And he as he starts this path all by himself is starting to feel that happiness.  On Thursday night we met the zone leaders at a bus station called La Joya and I went with Elder Vial from Oregon to his area in Contreras. I woke up at like 3 in the morning and had a horrible stomach ache. When I woke up in the morning I was still sick. We called the doctor and we went to one of these shady pharmacies that you don`t need a prescription to go to and got some meds. It was just like dramamine and something else for my stomach. The doctor told me to drink watered down gatorade and not eat the whole day. After an hour I felt pretty good and we went out to work at 10 am.  We had 0 lessons. Okay we had 1 lesson. We walked and walked and I was dying. Haha. We had some really good contacts though who had been looking for the missionaries. Elder Vial was a lot of fun too. His first area was Topilejo.  We had a good time.  We met back up with Elder Leyva that night and I was hungry so I ate tacos. My stomach as been pretty good since but a little delicate.  We had another good lesson with the Zapetero Ramòn yesterday before church and they are coming to church with us next week. We didn`t have p-day today because this Saturday Elder Leyva and I are going to go to some pyramids in Morelos!! I can`t wait. Hermana Lulu`s brother is going to take us and we got permission from President Chavez and everything. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Read it. I love you all and have a good week. Sorry this letter was boring.
Elder Hubbard

Monday, October 17, 2011


Another week just flew by and I am here to write again. How is everybody? I hope good. Okay this Tuesday I got to go back to Ajusco for intercambios with Elder Garza. I like teaching with him a lot but I´m not gonna lie, I didn´t miss Ajusco and all of her hills.  I taught Elder Garza to pray in english a little bit and he taught me to say some dialect words here. Like Popocatepetl. It´s the big volcano here. I sound legit when I say it. On Wednesday we taught a fifteen year old investigator that we have been teaching for like a month and a half the commandments. Afterwards he needed help with math so I taught him with Elder Leyva. In spanish I taught him about cubic centimeters and how to find the volume of little wooden trucks. It was tons of fun. Haha. Dad should be so proud of me. I would teach a little part and then Elder Leyva would testify of what I said was true. Haha. He´s getting an A on his next test for sure.  Afterwards we got rained on. We always do but this one is worth mentioning. Umbrellas only go so far before they can´t handle it. The streets were rivers and we were completely soaked. It was great fun.  On Tuesday we went to Ajusco and interviewed Joselín-the little girl we found through the taxi driver and walking up her street and back down and her mom yelling at us-for baptism. She passed!! Haha. And then our zone leaders came to Topilejo to interview Mauro for baptism and he passed too!  So they both got baptized on Saturday in the same service. We spent the whole day trying to get the font ready and everything which is kind of difficult here. Mauro´s whole family came and they aren´t members. His mom wants to be baptized but hadn´t been able to listen to us as much or go to church.  We showed them the church and I think we will have more success in their family. Joselín´s dad also isn´t a member and he came and should get baptized soon.  I gave a little, unprepared talk on faith and repentance to start. Elder Leyva said it was good.  Elder Leyva baptized Mauro and Elder Garza baptized Joselín. It was such a good day.  Yesterday Mauro was confirmed in church with the Holy Gost and as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints with his mom and dad to watch. It was during ward conference and the Casa de Oración was packed. People here make a big deal out of ward conferance. Allll white shirts and ties, show up on time, and they show up. It´s amazing. There are more members here than I thought, they just have to come.  So Elder Leyva always goes to this Zapatero who fixes his shoes. We have been there a ton, and the last time we contacted him. He said we could come over Sunday morning. We went and had a lesson with with his wife and daughters. Three daughters. It was about the Plan de Salvación. He told us that his daughter just had surgery and he had promised God if she lived he would get closer to Him. And he said we are his answer! It was so sweet. I´m pumped.  It´s great to find people ready for the gospel. Yesterday I fasted to know how I could recieve personal revelation better for myself and investigtors. In a meeting with the zone leaders last night I realized I need to study Preach My Gosple more and that is my answer. It is the most important tool for me as a missionary.  Last night Elder Leyva said I talk in my sleep all the time. Sometimes in english, sometimes in spanish, sometimes neither. Haha. He probably thinks I am crazy. Poor Peruano.  My knees hurt a little bit more every day. I think it´s more standing on buses than anything. And the hills don´t help. We played basketball this morning and now they don´t feel so good either.  Oh on Saturday we had La Comida and the hermana gave us a full plate of pasta, (We eat something like spagghetti-o´s before most meals), and then a full plate of rice, and then a full plate of la comida. I had to pound it down. I hate it when people think we need 50000 calories to survive! Haha. I got a letter from Tommy this week and I am so pumped to have another bro in Mexico. Tell Tommy, Ryan, Stu, Hadley, Miles, and Travis that I love them. And get ready for that mission. That´s all I got for this week. I love you!
Elder Hubbard