Monday, December 26, 2011

26 Diciembre 2011

Merry Christmas!!
I hope that everybody had fun with their families this weekend remembering the birth of Jesus Christ.  The primary sent me some Christmas cards that I loved, especially the one that said, "I love baby Jesus!!!" Haha.
So we find out about transfers last night. Elder Leyva is going to a zone called Iztapala in the area Ejèrcito del Oriente. That place is ghetto, I feel kind of bad for him.  He is kind of bummed and hasn`t said much about it. I am staying in Topilejo and recieving a brand new missionary. I don`t know who it is yet but I will find out tomorrow. I am kind of nervous and don`t feel like I know anything to be able to teach him. I just got here! I am going to try my best to be a good example and show him a lot of love. This means I will be in Topilejo for three more months! I probably will serve my whole mission here. That is what the family downstairs wants. Haha.
We had our p-day on Saturday but we are just writing you today because we didn`t know we were supposed to on Saturday. It threw off my groove. This week was feeled with way to many days of activities and not teaching. I feeling like something is missing. I can`t wait for tomorrow to start working again.
I am just going to keep it short because I will write on Saturday again for p-day on New Years Eve. So write me before Saturday.  It was great talking to you this week and to kow that everything at home is good. I have such a good family. 
And Elder Stockard, good luck this week. The MTC is a lot of work but it get`s so much better in the field. Just study hard and be obedient.
Elder Hubbard
p.s. Somebody please drink so egg nog for me!! (Dad)
 Six month tie burning (He purchased a tie he didn't like to burn)

 President and Sister Chavez

 Topelijo (Tyler's home away from home!)

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