Saturday, December 31, 2011

31 Diciembre 2011

Happy 2012!!!
This has been such a great but fast year. Definitely one of my favorites. Minus the years when I used to be able to wear boots and suck my thumb. Those years are priceless.
For the new year I now have a new companion. He is from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuaha and started in the CCM on December 7. He is so cool and we have started out really well. 
On Tuesday morning we had our transfers. We always sing "To bring the world His truth" in spanish and in english. That fits because I have been singing that song since I was a little kid.  I love it even more now. I said goodbye to Elder Leyva and went with Elder Perea back to the house. He is nineteen, is really obedient, and wants to work hard so he is a perfect companion. I am really lucky. He is pretty funny because he never wants to eat. He buys two bags of Pringles every day or an apple and just munches on them all day. He never wants to eat La Comida so we got to work on that or he is going to offend somebody. Haha.  We moved all of his stuff in and taught a few lessons and contacted a bunch too. I don´t feel like I know anything to teach him but he is doing really well.  I will be happy to be in Topilejo another few months.
On Wednesday we taught 6 lessons. It was a really good day.  We taught Fransisco about the law of Chastity and he took it really well. He is already married so that will make life a lot easier for us to baptize him. His date is set for January 14th. I can´t wait, I love that guy so much. One of our lessons was with Alvaro and Taide. It was really good about the Plan of Salvation and they realized why we should not baptize little kids. Perfect. Just a little bit more and we can set a date with them.
On Thursday we had a class in Taxqueña for the people instructing and the new missionaries. It took all day but was so good. Presidente Chávez is such a beast at teaching. Every time I listen to him I just want to do every little thing I can to serve. We talked about the vision of our mission- to be, to do, and then to have. And then all of the parts of to be. If you´re lucky I will teach it to you someday.  He also talked to us how we are preparing for the rest of our lives and Satan is just waiting for us to leave our mission to eat us. He said now is the time to prepare for the rest of our lives. It is our first estate.  There are so many returned missionaries that don´t go to church it is sad.
Yesterday we taught Fransisco again and this time about praying to overcome temptation and then repentance. It is the first time that I feel happy about the way we taught repentance because Fransisco felt that he should change and he knows why. He always refers to the Church as "our religion" like he is already a member, I love it. The rest of the day we didn´t have much success. All of our appointments fell through but we contacted a bunch. And we ate chile rellenos which is always a plus.
Today the Elders from Ajusco ate breakfast with us and then we went and played basketball and fútbol for like 3 hours. It was so much fun and I am getting better at soccer. Elder Perea is a baller so he is going to teach me some moves. It´s starting to rain a little bit now. For New Years tonight we don´t have any plans. We can´t work so I think we might go to bed early. The rest of México will be shooting off their cannon balls and fireworks and partying. 
We started running this week in the morning and I feel about 6 billion times better.  My legs are a little sore and I am a little more tired than usual but I feel a lot better.  I feel a lot more excited to be a missionary again with Elder Perea.  We ran out of water yesterday, so if you smell something that would be me. The trucks take like a month in the dry season to deliver water. I think Hermana Lulu is going to give us some though.  Wells are so underrated.
So I am glad everybody had a good Christmas. It sounds like a lot of sewing machines were involved. Thank you so much for the ties and the shirt and the pants. Elder Leyva says thank you for the hymn book too. Happy New Year and be of good cheer.
I love you a ton!
Con cariño,
Elder Hubbard
 Elder Perea is my new companion! with Elder Leyva

This is Elder Perea, Malpica, and Garcia

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