Monday, January 9, 2012

9 Enero 2012

Hey Family!
So this is the one year of my life that I will be serving the Lord every single day. It`s going to be sweet.  This could have been the longest week of my mission minus the first one in the MTC. With my last p-day on Saturday, it just went on and on.  This week Elder Perea and I taught 23 lessons which is a record for me by far. They were all good lessons but Elder Perea and I are still getting used to teaching together and we practice a ton to get better.  The bummer is that we are not going to have our baptism this week because Fransisco couldn`t come to church yesterday.  We will just have to wait but he is still excited for it.
The most interesting man we found this week was one who lived in the middle of nowhere. We recieved a reference to go visit  Pablo so we did. It could have been the funniest lesson of the mission. First of all we get there and he is waiting outside for us with his goofy smile. Outside his house he had a garden of herbs which is kind of weird for Mexico. I asked him what he talked about with the other missionaries and I said that we were there to give him a Libro de Mormòn. He pretty much just ignored it and started going off about herbs. In like 5 minutes he brought out a jug of brown liquid that he had concocted and threw it down on the table. He then told us how it healed his eyes, that it has cured cancer, Parkinson`s, and Alzheimer`s. He didn`t want to hear anything about the gospel, he just wanted to have us promote his stuff and make him a millionaire. It was hilarious. He started bringing pieces of dead plants to me and explaining what they do. I wanted to laugh so hard. We just left after a while, and after him trying to convince us to take some to the people we visit. Oh and it was alcoholic too. I would best describe it as moonshine.  The secret to every cure in the world has been found in Topilejo by Pablo. Mind boggling.
This week was another holiday in Mexico. The Wisemen Day. When they come to give gifts to all of the girls and boys like Santa Claus. Someone asked me why they don`t exist in the U.S. and I said I think it`s because they don`t have VISAs.  Haha. I might be the funniest person I know.  For this day we had a family home evening. We invited a bunch of investigators and members but only the family from downstairs and Hermano Oscar and his family came. It was really fun though. Elder Perea and I taught a lesson about the Prodigal Son and then we played charades and ate Rosca. It`s the designated bread for the holiday.
Yesterday I lost my cell phone in a bus! But Hermana Katia called the number and some kid from the city has it and she was going to go pick it up today. We went to pick it up so hopefully that worked out. 
I love being Elder Perea`s companion. We laugh and yell a lot. I make fun of him for his accent and we practice English all of the time. His mom his a member and his dad isn`t. His mom is a nurse and he is the oldest in his family. It seems like I don`t teach him anything but I think he is learning. We worked so hard this week and I was tired every night. We planned well and contacted people a ton too. This week we just have to help investigators go to church.
This morning we went to pick a package up from Aunt Jenny`s family. Thank you so much! I feel loved.  The picture I sent of the meet are tacos al pastor, the family home evening, Rosca, and Mauro and I. 
Okay, I am out of time. Have a great week and I love you.
How are Elder Stockard and Elder Christiansen doing? I need American stamps!
Elder Hubbard

Tacos al pastor 

 Tyler and Mauro

 Wisemen Day FHE

 Rosca~holiday bread

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