Monday, January 16, 2012

16 Enero 2012

¿Que Onda?
This week flew by and I had a ton of fun. So part of my area is another town kind of by the border of Morelos called Parres.  We never went there when Elder Leyva was here but I want to go so we went on Tuesday. It is tiny. There are like 10 total streets there and a ton of catholics. We only did some contacting there this week but more than half of the people accepted us.  There was an old guy that we saw in the street that I told Elder Perea not to contact but he wanted to anyways. Old people talk forever and never change. So we just chilled for about 30 minutes trying to get rid of him as he told us that he talks to God every night in is dreams. He says that he is JW, catholic, and evangalist. He was kind of goofy. We had a good lesson that day with a lady named Alejandra Guzman and they believe everything we teach. We helped them understand the Atonement, baptism, and they said they know that they are just catholic for tradition.
Wednesday was one of the best days of the mission. I don´t even know why. Elder Garcia and I went to a meeting for leaders in Taxqueña all morning. Another time Presidente Chávez just did his thing and tore it up. He taught us that we should have pure testimonies and not testimonies that are polluted by others like the rivers in DF. Another thing that he taught us is there is a time for everything and us as people need to be happy with doing the right things at the right time. For example right now I should be here and I shouldn´t want to be anywhere else. We just have to enjoy every part of life because it is over so fast and we will miss it.  Then Elder Garcia and I went to Topilejo to do work. We went to teach two contacts for the first time. The first one is a store owner that lived in the U.S. for a while named Samuel. He says he is catholic but just started bashing on it and knows it´s not true. Then we explained the Book of Mormon and the Restauration and he loved it.  After that we taught a guy named Uriel. When I saw him and his family for the first time I knew that we had to contact them. I just felt it. They went into their house and I knocked on the door and they accepted. Uriel said that we was going to be baptized when he was 16 but his parents wouldn´t let him. He is over 30 years old now with a family. We taught him the  Restoration too and invited him to be baptized. He accepted but didn´t want to set a date. It was so sweet.  He is pumped to ask God for the answer.  After every good lesson I get so happy for some reason.  It is the best feeling. I am like skipping down the sidewalk.
On Thursday we had the meeting again in the morning but it wasn´t as good. Then Elder Garcia and I went to Ajusco to do work. It was pretty boring over there. We only taught one lesson and then visited a sick lady. I stayed the night over there. Ajusco is just like scout camp. The house is like a war bunker. At least we had hot water this time.
Friday brought be a little bit of bad luck but it was pretty funny.  I contacted another taquero-the people that make and sell tacos. I am friends with four taqueros in Topilejo. That is almost all of them. Haha.  That night we were leaving Hermana Paola´s house to go to a Family Home Evening. We were walking and I was looking out into the distance at Mexico City below when something just blindsided me in the face. It didn´t really hurt but I looked and it was a barbed wire fence. It had hit me right in the forehead. Haha. It bled a ton and Hermana Paola was freaking out. She brought out cleaning alcohol and cotton balls and then we went to the branch presidents house because it was close. Elder Perea and I were just laughing a ton. The president´s mother in law cleaned me up. She isn´t a member. We had a FHE with them afterwards and we taught all about the Atonement. It was the first time ever that they listened to Elders and we have another appointment for this Saturday. 
On Saturday we had a sick lesson again. We have been teaching a lady named Elisabeth for like 2 months but not very many lessons. On Saturday we taught her husband, Lucio, for the first time. It was a really disorganized lesson about the Restoration but he loved it. He asked us what he has to do to become a member of the church.  He prayed at the end and it was really powerful.
Today we cleaned the house really well and then played some soccer. 
I love to be a missionary and teach all of these wonderful people. The baptisms are pretty slow right now but we are preparing a ton of people. I am just trying to be the best missionary that I can be and have a good attidude. I love Topilejo so much and I want to spend my whole mission here. We are starting to work with members really well and there are more faithful members here. I know that this work is God´s work. It is the stone cut out of the mountain without hands and nothing can stop it. So be part of it or get mowed over. I love you all and miss you all and hope that you will remember what is really important in life. Have a great week;)
Elder Hubbard

Map of Topilejo

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