Tuesday, February 26, 2013

26 febrero 2013

Hey familia!!!
I am loving my new area right now in Churubusco. (Choo roo boo scoh) Now you can pronounce it like a Chilanga, mom.  On Tuesday we had to go to the church to help supervise the transfers. We have to make sure that everyone knows where they are going and help them find their companion and then we annoy them until they go back to their areas to start working. The hardest people to get to go back to work are the sister missionaries. Haha. There were a ton of transfers, as always.
On Wednesday we had a Zone Training. We have 37 missionaries in our zone and 7 of them are sister missionaries. We started off with some announcements and then split them up into two groups. I took one of them and Elder Lee took the other. We taught and did a ton of practices. At the end, Presidente Valadez came out of nowhere with a sweet announcement. With all of the new missions in the world, our mission will be affected also. (But not until July 1st.) 3 of our 9 stakes in the mission will be going to other missions including 40 of our missionaries. The best mission in the world will be left with only 6 stakes. That´s a small mission.
The work in our area is really slow right now. We are just doing all we can to find new investigators. I have some ideas that we are going to use this week. We did find a new family of 4 this week but we need much more to be able to accomplish our baptismal goal.
One funny thing that went down was when we were teaching an old lady who is less active. Out of nowhere she just started praying to José Smith. Nooooo. I´m not gonna lie, I laughed a little, and then we taught her that we should only pray to our Heavenly Father. Haha.
So I know that the Lord is hastening His work and we should all see what we can do to help Him. The stone cut out of the mountain without hands is rolling full speed. But I know how it feels to see His work progressing so much and we feel stuck in our own challenges. Don´t believe it though. We are part of His work and glory.
I am going to get on the BYU website and sign up for some classes, Presidente Valadez said I should look at it. Love you!
Elder Hubbard