Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Decimiembre 2012

Que hay. That was a long week!! So many things happened that I probably
won´t be able to tell you about to much. Reading mom´s letter, I think she
thought I would have to travel a long ways to my new area. But our mission
is one of the most tiny ones in all of the world and we never leave the
city. We took a taxi from Contreras to a huge stake center named
Churubusco, and then from there went in micro, or a little bus, to my area
in Xalpa, Iztapalapa. I am pretty close to where I was in my second area,
Leandro Valle. My new companion is Elder Herrera from Jalisco. He is a good
guy, a little dramatic, but a good guy. To each his own. He goes home in
June too.
The first few days I didn´t really feel too comfortable in my area. I think
sometimes my shyness comes back to me. The house we live in was super messy
when I got there, which doesn´t help either. But as I was with a new
companion, in a new area, with new investigators, and new super chilango
members, I remembered that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is infinite and
unchanging. The same things that have comforted me for my whole mission,
continue to do so now and more than ever.  It´s a good anchor that got me
through this week and now I feel just fine. Mom would be proud of me
because I went and bought cleaning supplies and just did work. It reminded
me of some of those BYU clean checks that Elder Special K and I dominated.
 A clean house always helps.
My area is straight city, except for some huge hills that jet out of
nowhere. There is one of them that has three crosses on top. The people
sing as they talk and use a ton of slang. That´s why I said they are super
chilango. We have some cool yellowish water too, and right now are without
electricity and hot water. There are a lot of upsides too. The stake center
here is the prettiest one that I have seen in DF. The members give us a lot
of referrals.  The area is small too, but with the hills, my legs will be
as big as ever. Haha. Oh and I am pretty sure our bishop is black. That
might be false doctrine though. My zone is really small now. In Contreras I
was in charge of 38 missionaries, and here in Paraíso, 14 missionaries.
Only three districts! I like it because I can focus on them more. I feel
like this zone hasn´t really started working with the members and less
actives very well so we are going to hit that hard.
We are teaching quite a few people here in Xalpa. One of them is Cristina,
who is scheduled to be baptized on Sunday. I shared with her Abraham
3:22-23 in our first lesson, and she started crying a ton. She said that it
was the third time that people have told her that she is escogido.  I am
trying to get to know the rest of the investigators, but we also are
teaching a guy named Xavier who accepted baptism this week.
So a lot more happened this week too. For example, Elder Herrera and I ate
outside yesterday because we couldn´t go inside with the hermana who was by
herself. So we just ate in the shade looking over the great DF. Just eating
some chicken and tortillas. Out of nowhere, about 5 dogs made a suprise
attack on us trying to get our chicken. I stood up and scared them off, but
it was pretty funny. Who do they think they are?! Haha.
Thanks for your letters this week. I love to here from you. Somebody told
me that I have a package in the offices too! So have a good week. Remember
that faith is important but faith in Jesus Christ lets us return to live
with God. Look to become more like him in this Christmas time. I love you!
Elder Hubbard