Monday, February 20, 2012

20 Febrero 2012

Hey family!
How´s life? Mine is pretty good. Almost 8 months on the mish and only one left in the km 28 of Topilejo. 
This week could have been the best one of the whole mission. We just tore it up every day. It all started on Monday night. In our district meeting we talked about having a perfect transfer and all made the goal. We were able to invite a ton of people to come unto Christ and 6 or 7 accepted baptismal dates. It was so much fun.  3 of them are in a family. He fixes shoes in Topilejo and we have been friends with him for a long time. When Elder Leyva and I first taught him he cried because he had just promised God to be closer to Him if his daughter lived through an operation. This week we read a lot of Moroni 10 with them and invited them to be baptized on March 10 and accepted. It will be sweet.  Their names are Ramón, Gabriela, and Joselín.  
Then we were teaching a part member family that we found a few weeks ago in Parres. It was Jaquelín, Fabián and Eduardo. Eduardo is 12 years old and is going to be baptized on Thursday if everything works out. And his brother might too, it just depends on if he decides to go to school on sundays.  We are teaching their dad too who is not a member but we have a long way to go with him.  
I went to Ajusco with Elder Malpica this week. While I was there, Elder Perea and my boy Elder Reid were able to invite Esmeralda, the one from England-such a sick accent, to be baptized. She also accepted for March 10. Last week I asked Aaron what chapters from the Book of Mormon that he liked to give investigators to read. He told me Alma 7. So on Tuesday I gave that to her to read and when my companions went she was asking about baptism and how she could do it. Thanks Chavo.  We went to her house on Saturday again and did some more service. We just mobbed some long grass with machetes for about two hours. Haha. 
So yesterday we had six investigators at church. Easily a record for us. It was so good to see. Esmeralda came and Eduardo. An inactive family also came that we found and invited. We saw a ton of miracles and blessings this week and I felt so much joy to invite them to come unto Christ.  
Last night we talked to an Athiest on the way home. He doesn´t believe in God or anything. Just life, nothing more. I told him that I know that Christ lives. He had a ton of knowledge about the world but at the same time didn´t know anything. We are the most important creation of Our Heavenly Father. We have the potential to become like Him.  This is the time to prepare ourselves to live with Him again. Don´t wait til it´s too late. I know that this work is real and that Christ directs it. I know that Christ lives. I left a Book of Mormon in the back seat of that mans car because I knew he wouldn´t accept it. But through that Book of Mormon, even he can know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that He loves each and every one of us. This knowledge is priceless to anybody that knows it.
Elder Perea and I loving being companions and it will be good to to another week of work. I love you all and I pray for most of you. Haha. Just kidding. But seriously. Sometimes I forget. Thanks for your letters. Mom, you should send me some pictures of the family soon. Have a good week!
Elder Hubbard

 Elder Perea

 Topilejo! Beautiful Little Heaven!

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