Friday, July 29, 2011

Julio 29, 2011 Hola familia!

¿Cómo estáis vosotros? That is not a question that I will ever use in México unless I wanted to look stupid.  This has been another great week and I can´t believe that it is already Friday again and I only have about three weeks left here! Our flight itinerary should come within the next two weeks.  I can´t wait to find out when we are leaving.  I´m not gonna lie, I might be kind of sad when the time comes to leave the CCM.  I have learned so much while I have been here and grown a ton spiritually.
Last Friday, after P Day was over and we had class, we watched part of Elder Holland´s talk, None Were With Him.  You should send me a copy of this talk, it is one of the greats.  Christ walked that long path of the Atonement all by himself and now we don´t have to.  He will walk with us the entire way.
On Saturday morning, we had TRC which is the Teaching Resource Center.  Elder Herman and I taught three all spanish lessons.  These were to other missionaries acting like themselves and we had to teach them how to get personal revelation through the Book of Mormon.  Elder Herman and I used Moroni 7 about how if any thing is good it comes from Christ.  Many people have a hard time discerning between their own thoughts and the Spirit.  I believe as long as a thought persuades you to do good then it is inspired.
Sunday was pioneer day and I didn´t even realize it until it was about half way through. Haha.  Elder Herman and I had to demonstrate in priesthood meeting how to consecrate oil and administer to the sick.  I said the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting too.  It is getting normal to pray in Spanish and I do it by habit in my personal prayers too now.  A Gutamalen in the lunch room told me this week, Sí quiere hablar con el hombre, hable íngles pero sí quiere hablar con Dios, hable español.  If you don´t understand that use google translator or ask Chavo.  We had a sweet fireside Sunday night by President Stephen B. Allen who helped make a ton of the Church commercials.  We watched and talked about these commercials.  My favorite one was, When everything else tells you that you can´t, believe in that part of you that tells you that you can.  Afterwards I talked to Elder Special K for like an hour and half.  He is doing really good and I am glad he is here with me.  He is so normal.
Elder Beutler is now our new district leader and I am now the Junior companion.  It switches half way through.  We got another new district in our zone this week.  Districts come in together and leave together so we will never have new missionaries in our district.  I think we have five districts in our zone.  We just got a new 3rd Counselour in our Branch Presidency this week named Brother McDonald.  He was realeased a month ago as the mission president of Eugene, Oregon.  Spiritual giant.  He talked to us on Tuesday and said some really cool things.  One of them was Time flies so be the pilot.  We just let life pass us by sometimes.
On Tuesday an Elder in our district asked Elder Herman and I to give him a blessing.  I did the annointing and Herman the sealing.  He asked us to bless his eyes to be healed so he could do the work better once he gets to Mexico.  I could feel the love our district has for each other as we gave this blessing.  I have the best district in the CCM.  On Tuesday Elder Herman and I just finished up our last baptismal committment too! Finally. 
This morning we were able to go to the temple for the first time in a month. I was so happy.  It is so calm and peaceful there and I could feel the love of the Savior.  Afterwards we ate breakfast in the cafeteria again and I pounded down biscuits and gravy, an omelet, hashbrown, and bacon. Stud.  I love being here at the CCM being able to study the gospel one hundred percent of the time.  It is the best thing in the world.  I have no other worries.
Yesterday during personal study I read about Ammon again.  He is really the perfect example of what I need to do as a missionary.  It seems like they based preached my gospel on his example.
I am sorry that nothing is going on in the sports world right now.  July is like the apostasy of sports but football season will be here soon!  Thanks for the letters and the package this week.  I am demolishing the bread.  If you would like to send me more food I like trail mix, and dried mangos, and bread.  Oh and send me that ugly donut tie too please! I think I could get a good trade out of it.  I have been sick the last couple of days.  It is the same thing I had like a week and a half ago.  Just a bad cough and it´s hard to sleep with it.  Tuesday was the first time I got dear elders since friday.  So I had a ton of them.  Haha.  We don´t get them ever on Saturday and Sunday.
Sorry I am just rambling but I think of all these things to tell you through out the week and then I´m under pressure to get them all out in time.
I love you all.  It sounded like so much fun to have been together as a family this week or last or whenever it is.  I hope you are doing great.
Elder Hubbard