Friday, December 23, 2011

The time has come!!

Oliver is 6 months old today. He will be spending his first Christmas with us!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be talking to Tyler tomorrow. Aaron made a test call today to make sure we could get through. We will be talking to him from the sister's house that he lives over the top of. We are all very excited. Aaron, Lynze and Oliver surprised us by showing up last night instead of tonight. Mark and Bree surprised us by showing up tonight instead of in the morning. Tyler has been gone for six months. It's been a long six months and a short six months. Those mom's who have had son's on mission will understand what I am saying. Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 19, 2011

19 Diciembre 2011

Hey family!
It`s almost Christmas! This week we aren`t going to be able to work too much. We have a Christmas activity for the mission on Wednesday and Saturday is another p-day which means on Monday won`t be.
This week went by too fast to remember. The longer I am in Topilejo the faster the weeks go by. Transfers are in a week now and I will find out what is going to happen on Sunday.
On Tuesday a Jehovah`s Witness wanted to pick a fight with us. That is always kind of funny. He told us how he is chosen and better than every one else. He also said that we didn`t know that our church was true. Even though he didn`t listen and I doubt it made a difference in his life, I bore my testimony to him, and it made a difference in my life. I know without a doubt that this is the Restored church of Jesus Christ and I when I told him that I felt it in every part of me. I would tell anybody in the world that Jesus is the Christ and that is church is on the earth today because He loves us.  That night we taught the family of our friend who is inactive. They are all members and really good people. I think it was the best lesson that we have ever taught together. The Spirit was there the whole time and a lot of love too. I love the feeling I get after good lessons.
On Thursday Elder Garza came to Topilejo for intercambios. He is from the place where Tommy is going on his mission. And says it would be less dangerous and more relaxed there. Haha. We went to the offices to pick up my package! Thank you so much. I love getting packages from home. The best part were the pictures. I think I have about 1000 pictures of baby Oliver. Haha. He is such a good looking dude. When we got back Elder Garza and I taught this lady who live in England for like 7 years. She has an english accent and everything. She was studying for her doctorate. She is really nice and I hope things keep going good with her.  She told us how she felt that she wanted something but didn`t know what. We taught her about how Christ is the bread of life and she felt the Spirit.  We also taught a lady who`s brother just died and doesn`t know anything about the Plan of Salvation. She was so happy to hear God`s plan for us. We have so many good investigators! They just won`t come to Church.
On Friday we had a branch Christmas party. I had to sing with the priesthood holders. It was a lot of fun and we had a ton of investigators and references come. The food was pretty good too. They make a Christmas drink here like wassail but it has about 20 different kinds of fruit in it. It was so good.  I can officially say that I can eat almost any kind of spicy food and it wouldn`t face me. If food doesn`t have chile here than it doesn`t have any flavor. Probably still can`t eat that Asian viatnamese spicy food though. Bummer.
So this letter is really short but that is all I got.  And sorry I don`t have any new pictures. I have watched Joy to the World about 50 times this month. It still doesn`t feel like Christmas because it is not cold and I am not at home. How is BYU basketball doing? I can`t wait to talk to you this week! It will be so good. I hope I don`t cry...Haha. I love you and miss you and ton!
Elder Hubbard

We will be talking to Tyler on Saturday morning. We are all so excited! I cry every time I think about talking to him. I will have to try to keep myself under control! He has been gone six months on Thursday. It really has gone pretty quickly (most days anyway)!  Merry Christmas to all!