Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

7 Mayo 2012

Hubbard family....
Life is good. This week was good. The area is good. Companion is good. Mexico is dirty. What more can I say? It´s sounds like home is crazier now. Shayla´s getting married in a month and a half! That is crazy. She is going to be married for a year before I get back. Stud.  She could be in a Taylor Swift music video. Que linda.
Bueno. So I´ll tell you a little about my week. We are still living with Elder Call and his companion. They are still stuck with their homeless swag and are gonna be for us another week. Which means I have to be the father figure for another week with curfews, allowances, and everything. Things are pretty cramped but I am actually enjoying it. Elder Call goes home in July and I am trying to help him not be trunky. Haha. Just kidding he´s not, I love the kid. I was hoping he would be home to go to Shayla´s wedding in my place but looks like she couldn´t wait that long. Hehe. We died of heat this week. The sun is a killer here. At like 4 or 5 o´clock is the worst.
I spend the majority of my time keeping Elder Rosales from finding the ladies. He enjoys talking to 13 year old girls the most, perferibly asians. Haha. He has a nice selection of cologne, ties, and he now wears cuff links. You got to love him. Muso.
So a few days after I got here Elder Gutierrez and I contacted a lady named Clara in the street. She is in her forties, Christian, and knows a ton about the bible. She has been to church like for times now. This week we were able to teach her some lessons that I really think that she felt and is able to know for herself that there is a true church. She accepted a baptismal date for June 2 too. She makes us think a lot, but if we always have the Spirit with us it goes well. We even watched Joseph Smith- the Prophet of the Restoration this week and she loved it. I loved it too. He sacrificied his entire life to be able to restore the truth.
We did some of my favorite things this week as a missionary. We filled out three baptismal forms. One for Marcela, another for Alejandro, and another for Arturo. Arturo is a gamer. I will tell you more about them next week. They are getting baptized this Sunday after church. I can´t wait. We have been a baptizing slump for too long.
Fabiola and Rodrigo are still going strong. The are set to get married this week because they have their birth certificate now.
So I have been enjoying this time as a missionary. Sometimes the time goes by so fast and others it goes by super slow. But I love it. I feel like my one goal when I get back is to be a completely better and different person than I was before. I have done good so far but I can do a lot better. I love studying the scriptures and I have realized that prayer really is the only way of knowing the will of Our Heavenly Father. This week we are going to focus on finding new investigators. This week we found 0! Lame.
Man, a guy just walked in this internet place and gave me a stomach ache. I think he dumped on a whole bottle of cologne before he left in the morning. Calm down.
I can´t wait for this Sunday to talk to you! We´ll see how many valient members of the Hubbard family show up to talk to talk to me. Maybe Jimmer will come too...I love you all. Portense bien y cuidense mucho. I ate my first poptart today in 10 months. True love. Provecho.
Elder Hubbard

ps 5 de Mayo is not legit.