Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23 abril 2013

Dear Hubbard family,
Que hay. Sorry that I am writing kind of late today but Elder Lee and I went to the National Museum of Anthropology and to Wendy´s this morning. It was the biggest museum that I have ever been too. Elder Lee took some pictures. I am actually super tired now. The metro was packed.
This week flew by. It´s already the last week of the transfer.  We taught a lot of lessons in our area this week but we haven´t been able to help anybody accept a baptismal date. Maria del Socorro and Marisol went to church for the 4th time this week but they still don´t understand their need to be baptized. They are just really social and like going to our church.  We were teaching them on their 4th floor department on Sunday night when all of the sudden I got really dizzy. Then we all realized that it was a little earthquake. It felt so weird. It stopped so we finished our lesson. Haha.
Laura and Michel are still on fire. Laura received an assignment from the bishop to visit a sister this week and Michel is going to go to do baptisms at the temple today. I love to see them progressing. They are in Mosiah right now in the BM.
We had another zone conference this week. We have 40 missionaries in the zone right now. President Valadez is really good at making things more efficient. He talked to us about teaching by the Spirit and about teaching the doctrines of tithing and repentance better.
I keep trying to be a better missionary each day but I feel like I always come up short. It´s kind of frustrating.  I have been a missionary for so much time and I still mess up in just about everything just about every day. But I´m still trying. This week I finally got into the whole parting your hair thing. Word.
The pictures I got this week of Lucy Mae are so cute. Ánimo!
Elder Hubbard

Me at the National Museum of Anthropology