Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Nevada Day!!!!!

I am getting worse and worse at knowing how to start letters off so I`ll skip it and get right to the good stuff. This was kind of a weird week and we didn`t really get to teach a ton of lessons.
On Monday after I wrote we had the Junta and then afterwards Elder Leyva bought me some tacos for his birthday. I love tacos. The good thing is that they are so different than Taco Bell that I will still like Taco Bell when I get back. What a relief huh? Taco Bell is about as far from Mexican food as you can get.
On Tuesday we were contacting in the morning and talked to a lady who said her mother in law wanted to talk to missionaries. We went to her house and nobody was there so we left. We were walking along later and recognized a lady from the bus that we could not find her house. We talked to her and realized that she was the same lady who we had been looking for earlier. I guess we are meant to talk to her. We set up an appointment for this Wednesday and I`m pumped.  We had an appointment that morning with a lady that was really interested in listening to us. She read the pamphlet about the Gospel and everything. But then she told us that her husband got really mad and we can no longer teach her. It was so sad.  We found another lady on the street who got excited to see missionaries and invited us in to teach their family. We were all excited thinking they were prepared when the husband started naming the religions he hated and included mormons. That was weird, and awkward. We finished our lessoned and left. That guy didn`t know what hit him. Hermano Oscar bought us some more tacos that night. Haha.
On Thursday I went to good old Ajusco. The land of the hills and the Catholics. Nothing wrong with that. I worked with Elder Garcia from Canab, Utah. He has been on his mission for 15 months. It was a lot of fun. We walked the entire day and finally got our first lesson at 6 ish. Then we got two more after that. One of them we explained to a lady why it was important to be baptized by someone that has the authority from God. The Spirit was really strong and I asked her if she would be baptized. She said yes but we didn`t put a date. Elder Garcia was really good to talk to and I learned to be more friendly to the people I teach.  I bought him some tacos that night because in Ajusco there are no members and they starve.  There is also no hot water in Ajusco so we have to fill up a 5 gallon bucket and use something called resistencia-resistence to heat the water up with electricity.
On Friday morning we had interviews with President Chàvez. I love that guy. You should here is voice, it`s so funny. Buenooo....Haha. He asked me how contacting was going, studying, and the companionship. It went really well and I`m ready for transfers in two weeks. I am excited for a change. Afterwards Elder Leyva and I went to San Pedro to get the baptismal font ready. We have to turn on all the boilers and clean all the bugs out of the font. It`s a lot of work. Hermana Katia brought us some Domino`s to eat. Mexicans eat their pizza with ketchup and salsa. Disgusting. We baptized Paula-72 year old, her daughter Irais, and grandson Gerardo. We have been teaching them since I got here and we finally baptized them. Paula has a ton of faith-a ton. Irais had to quit smoking which took a lot of work. And Gerardo is just nuts. Elder Leyva baptized Paula. She was under for like 5 seconds and he was using all of his back to get her up. Finally she came up and used the railing on the side of the font to pull herself all the way out gasping for air. It was scary slash hilarious. Haha. I baptized Irais with no problem but with Gerardo I couldn`t say his name right. After like the 5th time messing his name up he finally said it and starting going down into the water! I was like "Who does this kid think he is baptizing himself?!" Haha. I finally got it right after that.
On Saturday I helped confirm the son of the Branch President as a member of the Church. That was a first. The family downstairs gives us breakfast every morning and dinner every night. Breakfast is usually eggs with tortilla or bread and chorizo too. Dinner is usually bread with chocolate milk or a sandwich or leftovers. There is roughly 13 pesos in one dollar and we get 1200 pesos a month. I get my money out at an ATM with a debit card. We have to use most of our money for the bus, food, and things for the house.  Right now we have about 12 progressing investitagors. The closest think to a ward mission leader is Hermano Carlos. I sent pictures of him. He just comes with us random days and we get lessons with a member present.
That`s all for this week. Once again we changed our P-day for this Saturday to go to the pyramids since our ride couldn`t go on Saturday. It is going to be sweet! Halloween here is called Dia de Muerto and people loving hanging dead people repilicas from their houses. It`s just great. It sealed Halloween as the worst holiday ever invented.
I am so glad to be a missionary. I love studying and preaching the gospel and I will be blessed the rest of my life for it. I know that Jesus is the Christ and I cannot wait for Christmas music. I love you!
Elder Hubbard.