Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is conference. And Hermana Lulu with her 100 plus year old mom!! Hahahah
Can I just say I absolutely LOVE getting new pictures each week. It helps me to see a truly happy Ty Hub face! Sorry these didn't come with his letter. I had a little email glitch that I need CC Communications help with. Thank you Techies!

Monday, October 3, 2011


How´s life? This week was so great! It seemed like we did a ton of things
other than missionary work though which is kind of depressing. I think that
happens occasionally. On Wednesday we met with the zone leaders and they
checked the house that we found in Ajusco.  They said it was great so the
new missionaries have a place to live. Afterward we showed the First Vision
video to a 10 year old named Joselin. Her mom is a member. We found them one
day walking up the street and a taxi driver (her dad, nonmember) told us to
go to their house. We walked up the entire mountain and couldn´t find it but
when we came back down we stood at the beginning of the street for a little
bit and Joselin´s mom popped her head out the window and asked if we were
looking for her! Yes we were! Haha. Joselin is going to be baptized this
saturday and the new missionaries are going to teach the dad. Oh, and I
could actually understand the video in spanish which is a plus.  On Thursday
we had quite a few lessons but there is a party all week there and it´s
sickening.  On Friday we went to the mission offices and I had an interview
with Presidente Chavez! It was actually really uninteresting and I don´t
have much to say about it. He was just checking up on me. Afterwards we
worked in Ajusco and had a great lesson with this guy named Alfredo. We got
him to commit to stop drinking. It was a sweet lesson. On Saturday we went
to San Pedro to the stake center to watch conference! I have never been so
excited for conference in my life. It was like going home for two days.
Elder Vasquez and Elder Call are both missionaries in my district from
California.  We watched Conference together in the kitchen in English.  The
time flew by and I almost cried when it was over.  I know without a doubt
that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and if we listen to the words of the
general authorities we will not go astray.  My favorite talk might have been
Elder Hale´s about waiting on the Lord.  President Monson makes me laugh.
Elder Holland lays it down. Every talk was so powerful, and I can´t wait to
get the Liahona in a month.  Elder Vasquez is such a good friend. He is
older, like 24 because he is a convert. He is such a good example and we had
a great time watching conference together.  I got so pumped when I found out
they are building a second temple in Provo! That´s so tight. I can´t wait to
go!!  We had four investigators from Topilejo come to conference and they
all enjoyed it!! People here only go to the first session on Sunday. It was
packed the first session and then nobody. Haha.  I got another haircut this
week from Hermana Lulu´s sister Hermana Taide.  Free as well.  Oh! Elder
Leyva is now the district leader and we have a district of four people. Only
us and the new missionaries in Ajusco. We don´t know who they are yet
because transfers are today. We will be staying here.  What else?? This week
somebody fed us banana mixed with white rice on a tortilla, and it was
delicious. Well, that´s all I got. I think we will have three baptisms this
week and if they happen I will telll you about them.  I love you all and
thanks for your letters!! Have a great week and remember it´s always better
to look up.
Elder Hubbard