Monday, June 10, 2013

10 junio 2012

Well, I am really tempted to write you a three word letter that says, "See you Wednesday!" but I am going try hard to think of something else to say. This week was awesome! We had Mitzi`s baptism on Friday night. Thespacebarinthisplacedoesn`tworkverywell. It was a really good baptismal service.Her family came andalso her boyfriend`s family who are all members. I baptized Mitzi and even thoughit was my last week in the mission whenI got into the font and started to say the prayer my mind blanked. I had to think for a little bit. Haha. She bore her testimony afterwards and itwas reallystrong. Her familyis also progressing really well including one of her sisters thatwas a bit reluctant at first. I am sure her sister will be baptizedthis month. Yesterday, I had my exit interview with PresidentValadez. It was a bit sooner than I expected but I am glad because it helped me a ton. I feel really relaxed and excited right now. I can`t wait to start my new life and keep learning and growing. I am so grateful for being to serve a mission. Thanks for sopporting me and helping me for all of this time. I feel like Heavenly Father just decided to take me and shape me more into the person that He knew I could be. I am thankful to Himforthat. I love the Savior and all that He has taught me in these two years and the people that I have taught.I know that He gives light to all things. So I hope youare all readyfor me to get back. Tomorrow Iwill goto the mission home and eat with Presidente Valadez. I think that I will haveto be at the airport at 5 on Wednesday. 
I love youa ton and I can`t wait to see you!!!

Love, ElderHubbard