Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 Marzo 2012

Let the march madness begin! So Elder Perea and I changed are p-day so we could go to the temple today. So at three o´clock yesterday we were walking along with Esmeralda and Hermano Carlos to go teach a lesson when I got a phone call. Elder Carver, the zone leader, said that I had special changes and that I had to be in Taxqueña with all of my things at 6. What?! It was insane. I didn´t even have time to tell almost anybody goodbye. Only Esmeralda and Juana Garcia and her family.  Juana started crying. They told me this week that they want me to baptize them on the 17th! I hope I can go back and do it. Hermana Lulu cried too. It all happened really fast and I feel so weird being in another area not knowing anybody once again.  I am now in Leandro Valle in the zone of Ermita. Part my area is delegacion Iztapalapa and Iztacalco. But Leandro Valle is the name of the area. It is right in the middle of the city. Nothing like the buen Topilejo at all. All of the streets are numbered like in Salt Lake.  I am with Elder Guitierrez from Durango. He only has 8 weeks left on his mission. I am senior companion and district leader too. There are 6 elders in our district.  I am baffled right now. Haha so much for having a p-day today. I´ll go where He wants me to go.
So this was a great week of the mission. I am just going to give you some highlights because I don´t have a ton of time.  We were able to baptize and confirm Brian (9 years old), Eduardo (11 years old), and Fabian (15 years old) this thursday. A ton of people went to the baptism which is always good to see.  Eduardo started crying afterwards becuase he felt so good.  We didn´t have any hot water so they enjoyed a refreshing poler swim.
This week we also had a meeting with President Chávez of two zones. He told us who is going to be our new mission president in July. I don´t remember is name but he is from Puebla. I am going to miss President Chávez.
I am just trying to be a better person here on the mission and serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I am trying to learn a lot of patience and charity too. I am going to need it in these 8 weeks. My area seems like it is super good and I am excited and a little bit scared.  It´s like starting the mission all over again.
It´s a good thing that I know without a doubt that this message is true. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and He lives. His Church is on the earth today with prophets and apostles.
I love you all and pray for me!
Elder Hubbard

 Baptism of Brian, Eduardo and Fabian

Messed up shoe. I changed the soles this week.

 Exercise in the morning

 Taking the corn off the cob

The Hermana's!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey! I am not going to write until tomorrow because we changed our p-day so we can go to the temple to buy a few things. I will write tomorrow! I love you!